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Top 10 Best TV Series of December: Continuations


As 2019 approaches the end, it's time to spotlight the best TV shows of December, which will have new seasons at the end of the old year. There will not be as many of them as we would like, but they are all from the category of those that deserve the closest attention.

For obvious reasons, on the eve of Catholic Christmas and New Years, people usually have no time for television shows. Running around the shops, preparing for the holidays and other routine New Year's Eve chores and responsibilities eat up your free time under the net. But there is always time for such masterpieces as Vikings or Expansion. Moreover, our list of the best TV series of December is not limited to them alone.

Please note that the series in our top are ranked not according to the release schedule, but according to the KinoPoisk rating (or IMDb, in the absence of a CP rating). The release date is listed below, right under the heading.

1. The amazing Mrs. Maisel 8.5

Amazon Season 3 December 6

The adventures of Mrs. Maisel's former housewife continue. As we all know (or maybe we don’t know) Miriam Meisel left her husband not so long ago, as a result of which she climbed onto the stage of one of the local clubs and began to chop off the truth about her life from her shoulder.

Oddly enough, it was her ex-husband who tried to become a standup master, not she. Miriam only with the help of her culinary art promoted it forward (or backward, depending on the required) in the performance schedule. But after he left her for his secretary, the lady seriously decided to do this business herself.

The path to recognition was rather thorny. In the heat of speeches, she doesn't really like “filtering the bazaar”, sometimes without even thinking about what might follow. This was the reason for her several arrests, as well as the disgrace into which she fell, having shared from the stage everything she thinks about the life of one of the local stand-up masters.

But she is not the only one who puts a spoke in her wheels. Periodic "phase shifts" of her closest relatives, ex-husband, her masculine manager, and other personalities bring a lot of drama into her life, which is a pleasure to watch.

2. Vikings 8.3

History Channel, Season 6, December 4

The next in our rating of the best TV series of December is a pop masterpiece from the serious TV channel History, which, in order to attract an audience, is also not averse to filming spectacular, but very, very far from real history, franchises.

And all would be fine, but only after season 4, along with falling into the pit with Ragnar's snakes, the rating of the picture began to fail there, dragging a huge part of the audience with it. By all appearances, the audience is already fed up with the same type of Viking campaigns in the "civilized" lands. And in England they are celebrated a hundred times a season. And they are building France. Along the way, they manage to gnaw at in their native land.

Feeling that the viewers were already bored with the western direction, the creators of the multi-part tape decided to turn their gaze to the southeast, which we can assume from the trailer provided to our attention.

From there, the USAs will climb to Norway, led by Prophetic Oleg performed by Danila Kozlovsky. And, of course, they will be shocked. We hope this will give the franchise both fresh blood and viewership.

It remains to be seen where the Vikings will go next season. Really, into space?

3. Pure English Murders / Murders in Midsomer 7.9

ITV Season 21 December 1

Next in the top of the best TV series of December, one of the best long-playing detective films of our time. It's no joke, the first episode of the first season was shown back in 1998. This is the case when the rating of the film does not fall over time, despite the fact that it does not have a main storyline. Each episode is a new case and a new investigation. Moreover, no less interesting and intriguing than the previous one.

Even the replacement of the main characters of the series did not affect the rating of the picture. So, in the post of chief inspector Tom Barnaby in the 14th season was replaced by his cousin John Barnaby. Assistants and even a pathologist changed. But that didn't make the stories less interesting.

As well as the main spirit of the series. Because of what it looks to this day with great pleasure.

4. Fouda 7.8

Netflix Season 3, December 26

Another masterpiece of our list of the best TV series of December is a spy drama thriller from the Israelis, showing without any embellishment the struggle of Iranian special forces (here - the Mistaravim unit) with terrorists who have entrenched themselves in the country and sow confusion and chaos, wherever their militants appear.

At a time when other countries are really babysitting terrorists, approaching their destruction from the point of view of the law, the Israelis are fighting the invisible enemy by his own methods. Neither side bothers too much with whether it is possible to take hostages, whether it is not possible, etc. As well as murders. They are here - one on top of the other.

And, of course, revenge. Alternately, one side, then the other takes revenge on the opponent and, it would seem, this cycle of revenge in nature will never end. But, nevertheless, there is hope that this chaos, aka Fauda, will one day end.

Though, of course, shaky.

5. Space / Expansion 7.8

Amazon Season 4 December 13

According to the famous magazine "Fantastic World", this fantastic series is the only one that has not received a single negative assessment from critics. But, meanwhile, the Syfy TV channel, which earlier showed this series, refused to continue its production and screening, since the high cost of the project was too tough for him, even though his third season on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes received a rare 100%.

Where did the fourth season come from then? It's simple. The more ambitious and richer service Amazon decided to take over from Syfy, ordering Alcon Television and The Sean Daniel Company to adapt and shoot the next book in the Space series, written by Daniel Abraham and Ty Frank.

Well, the first two novels - Leviathan's Awakening and Caliban's War - have already been filmed. Next in line is the "Gate of Abaddon". This is a story about how a mysterious ring of unknown origin suddenly appeared on the outskirts of our system. Well, about fussing around him.

What is it like? Does it threaten the death of all mankind? Should we hit him with all the trunks? Will the common danger rally the warring colonies, Earth and Mars? And what about the protomolecule?

We will soon learn about everything first-hand.

6. Christmas in Blood Mountain IMDb 7.8

TVNorge Season 2 December 1

The only series whose first season really had the most direct relation to the time in which it was actually shown. The action took place just before Christmas. I remember that elderly uncle Konrad gathered his entire motley family on his eve in the family high-mountain estate.

The roads to the estate, as usual, were covered with snow, leaving all these brothers to stew in their own juice of ambition, greed, greed and other passions. There is also a murder that has every chance of becoming the last. An investigation is also taking place there, for everyone and everything she looks like another detective from Agatha Christie.

What will happen in the second season? Will the new story be somehow timed to coincide with Christmas (other than the show) this time? Let's wait and see.

7. You 7.3

Lifetime, Season 2, December 26

Our next December TV series is also very good. But, unfortunately for the fans, the Lifetime TV channel did not pull its continuation, as a result of which the show moved to Netflix, which turned up right there and then.

As we all remember (or - we don’t remember, a whole year has passed), in the first season it was about a simple maniac from the American outback named Joe, who had a strong crush on his next victim - named Beck.

No, he is not the kind of maniac who immediately strangles, rapes or shreds his victim into hundreds of pieces. He's just getting to know her. Then he seeks out everything about her that can only be found on the internet and social networks, then, on the basis of this, he is imbued with her trust and - voila, the goal is achieved! Love forever!

Who knows how many and what obstacles this strange guy removed on the way to his dream? Moreover, both inanimate and animate? At that time, I remember, there was plenty of thriller in the season. We look forward to the continuation of the Marlezon Ballet!

8. Lost in Space 6.5

Netflix Season 2, December 24

The next TV series in December is a remake of the 60s series of the same name. But someone might think that this story continues the story begun in 1999 in the feature film of the same name. Alas. That film, although it was interesting and advanced enough for its time, remained without a continuation.

This is a completely different story, in which only the main variables remained unchanged:

  • the Robinson family, consisting of mom, dad, two sisters and a brother;
  • a robot, which, unlike the movie, has a mysterious alien origin;
  • a crazy doctor who, unlike the movie, is a woman (and is he a man at all?);
  • a deserted planet with biological and other parameters similar to those on Earth, on which the Robinsons' ship J2 from a group of 24 colonists crashes.

The robot, of course, listens only to Will, the youngest of the Robinsons, and it can be good or bad. The doctor, as usual, is definitely evil, and so on. On the planet, the family of astronauts will have to survive in a series of unpleasant and catastrophic events, with which they successfully cope.

But my favorite robot is lost.

9. Tell Me Fairy Tale 6.5

CBS Season 2, December 5

The next in the list of the best TV series of December is a project in which there are a lot of stories, and they all resemble fairy tales of Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, hypertrophied in a new way.

Despite the fact that all stories are different, a number of the main characters in them are common. And in the end, all these stories merge into one single whole. Last time, for example, in one of the stories, which is a parody of "Three Little Pigs", there were three robbers in masks of three pigs. And in the next story - a rehash of "Little Red Riding Hood", one of the "pigs" appears as a bartender. And there are a lot of such interweaving, so you should not skip the episodes, otherwise everything will not be clear later.

We suspect that the new story in terms of confusion with the heroes will not differ much from the old one. We expect a different plot from the creators. And more interesting, if possible.

10. Runaways 6.3

Hulu Season 3 December 13

Next on our list of the best TV series of December is the continuation of another multi-part project from theMarvel Universe. This story is interesting because the confrontation here flares up not between states, races, species, policemen and bad guys, but between teenagers and their parents.

Rodoks are in a pride, doing good for good in reality, and secretly stealing children and sacrificing something. Their kids found out about this, and decided to rip the claws out of the house, since it was not part of their plans to live with such monsters under one roof.

In the future, it turns out that our "fugitives" did not try to "run away" very far and did not try, the victims were not victims, but feeds for bringing some alien into our world, parents (at least some) have long been not parents at all and children (at least some) are not children at all. The pun is three-story, but to put it more clearly, the synopsis will turn into an excellent spoiler, after which the series can no longer be watched.

All "fugitives" each have their own superpowers (where in the Marvel universe without them), to which the Rodoks will always find opposition, which is why all their skills often seem naive and simply unnecessary.

But fans of the Marvel universe will be interested.


Next week we will see the new series of December - premieres, among which this time there was a screen version of the famous fantasy cycle The Witcher Geralt by Andrzej Sapkowski, in whose universe the awesome role-playing gameThe Witcherand two subsequent continuation.

For now, let's say goodbye. Have a wonderful pre-New Year (and for whom - pre-Christmas) mood, excellent health and, as usual, more cool films and TV shows!

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