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Battlefield V Battle Royale Delayed, But Good News


Electronic Arts has decided to bring a new audience to the Battlefield 5 shooter by adding a Battle Royal mode called Firestorm. Well, like, he added. It turned out that the publisher took too much on himself and in August announced that the battle royale in Battlefield 5 will not be released simultaneously with the game. Today it became known that the popular mode will be released in March 2019. But even in this case, the game will have something to keep the gamers busy, and more specifically, the plan to support the shooter from DICE in the period from December to March 2019 is presented.

Months of updates are divided into chapters with unique titles. The developers plan to release a new portion of content almost every week.

Battlefield V Updates

First Chapter - Overture (December - January):

  • A separate chapter for the "Tide of War" mode, which takes place on the map "Panzerstorm". The map will offer classic Battlefield V gameplay on a giant plaza map. The focus has shifted to tank battles.
  • The last of five planned single player campaigns is The Last Tiger. The scenario of the campaign is based on documented facts and will tell about the crew of a German tank who questioned the ideology of the Third Reich.
  • A training ground will be added to the game. It will be useful primarily for beginners to practice their combat skills before entering multiplayer.
  • Adding the ability to customize the appearance of equipment. Hopefully DICE will do without the pink planes.
Battlefield V game

Chapter Two - Thunderbolt (January - March):

  • Adding new modes to the gameplay of Battlefield 5, some of which are focused on infantry battles, others on large-scale operations using vehicles.
  • A separate mode called "United Forces" has been released. Available: co-op for 4 players and unique missions against computer opponents.
  • The return of the "Assault" mode, beloved by the players in Bad Company, where one team had to mine the transmitters, the other - to protect them with all its might.
  • Introducing the updated Squad Capture to Battlefield V. Confrontation between 16 gamers and division of each team into two squads.
  • New challenges and unique rewards as you participate in the Lightning Strike Chapter.
Battlefield V battle royale

Third Chapter - Trial by Fire (March):

  • Release of the anticipated Firestorm Battle Royale and updated Tide of War missions, which this time will bring players to Greece. Battlefield V Firestorm at a Glance: The largest maps in the series' history, 64 players (16 squads) and ever-shrinking play space due to the ring of fire
  • A new map in Greece, taking place on the island of Crete. Large-scale battle, participation of aviation and a wide fleet of vehicles. In general, everything that fans love the series for.
  • As with previous chapters, all Trial by Fire participants will receive new challenges and valuable prizes

Battlefield V will be released on November 20 this year. And if you missed the open beta, you can read our beta impressions of the new part of the legendary shooter from DICE.

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