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A new player is emerging in the battle royale game - a mode called Firestorm in Battlefield V that takes the graphics and sound of Battle Royale projects to the next level. The release of the new "battle royale" in the world of Battlefield will take place next week and in honor of the soon release of the project Electronic Arts has presented a spectacular trailer with the first details of "Firestorm".

Battlefield V Firestorm Gameplay Trailer:

DICE wants to bring all the Battlefield fan favorites into battle royale, such as fully destructible environments, proprietary weapon mechanics, high-tech graphics, team play and a vast fleet of vehicles.

Here are all the known details on Firestorm in Battlefield V:

  • Players will fight on a map called Halvoy, which is ten times larger than the largest location in the series, Hamada
  • 17 types of vehicles, including ground, air and amphibious vehicles
  • One-of-a-kind armored vehicles on the map can be found in special bunkers and an alarm is triggered when they are opened
  • Ring of Fire destroys all buildings and equipment in its path
  • Equipment is divided by quality into three types: common, rare and epic
Battlefield V Blaze Curtain Battle Royale
  • If a player is critically wounded, he gets the opportunity to shoot back from enemies with a pistol and can be resurrected by partners
  • Equipment can be found on the ground, as well as locked boxes and safes, the opening of which will take a few seconds of real time
  • By capturing a supply point, you can gain access to a source of rare and epic equipment
  • Balloons will randomly land on the map, opening which you can find ammunition, an artillery strike, a V-1 rocket and a tank
  • Compared to the standard multiplayer in Firestorm, players have an increased amount of health and the ability to protect themselves with armor, which will need to be repaired with special plates.

Firestorm will be released for Battlefield V on March 25, 2019. Battle Royale is only available to owners of a licensed copy of Battlefield V and there are currently no rumors regarding the release of the mode on a free F2P basis separately from the main game.

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Author: Jake Pinkman