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What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games. Part 5


We are glad to share with you a new part of our collection, in which we tell you about the 100 best games on PC and consoles. Despite the weakening of the self-isolation regime, no one intends to completely remove quarantine measures, therefore, if you were looking for something to play in this difficult time and are looking for ways not to go crazy during self-isolation, today we present a couple of dozen more options for exciting leisure activities.

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Dragon Age: Origins

Where to play: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Ten years later, Dragon Age: Origins remains the most successful attempt to interrelate the turn-based RPG genre with modern game-building patterns, where a spectacular, cinematic presentation of the plot means little less than the quality of the script. Fortunately for us, unlike the later installments of the series in Origins, the developers, when adding a blockbuster gloss, did not forget to also pay primary attention to the main things: creating a truly non-linear story with colorful characters and dark fantasy surroundings. The result is a benchmark CRPG that can delight both experienced players and neophytes of the genre alike.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Dragon Age: Origins

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Play: PC, Xbox One

For the sake of one fantastically beautiful visual series, I would like to agitate to play Ori and the Will of the Wisps for everyone I meet: a friend, a boss at work, a grandmother and even a neighbor's cat. Before us is an example of an amazing synthesis of colorful, cartoonish stylization and the latest graphic technologies, which is why the visual is just asking for the big screens of cinemas. However, the picture is only half of Ori's charm, as the beautiful cover hides a heart-striking story and one of the best metroidvania games.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Ori and the Will of the Wisps


Play: PC

It would seem that another game in the Roguelike genre can really surprise, when in recent years we have seen literally dozens of games that exploit the concept of roguelikes: procedural world generation, emphasis on exploring locations and life without the right to respawn? Noita easily proves - how it can surprise you, taking the degree of interactivity to the extreme. In Noita, each pixel is a physically correct unit of the world, which, depending on the material, can have different properties: from electrical conductivity to the degree of flammability, which made it possible to create one of the most non-trivial sandboxes in the history of the industry.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Noita

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Where to play: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS2

Released at the dawn of the new millennium, Metal Gear Solid 2 holds a special place in the history of the gaming industry. Incredible cutscene staging, manic attention to detail, varied gameplay and, most importantly, a complex plot that, like a cunning puppeteer, played with the gamer, leading him by the nose on a false trail and breaking the 4th wall. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty can surprise. If we can call Hideo Kojima a genius, then first of all for the second part of Metal Gear Solid.

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Halo: Reach

Where to play: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Halo: Reach is one of the most emotional and epic goodbyes in the gaming industry. From the dark tone of the narrative to the final chords of the story that can knock a tear from the eyes of fans of the series, the developers from Bungie managed to convey the sadness that comes through inside of having to say goodbye to Halo without vulgarity. We also note that a responsible approach to the creation of a shooter manifested itself in the gameplay, which polished the already practically reference gameplay, bringing together the best solutions of all parts of the series.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Halo: Reach

Kentucky Route Zero

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch

Strange Kentucky Route Zero is one of those rare games, the description of which always wants to be accompanied by a cautious "but". There is a plot here, but it is no less abstract than the films of David Lynch, there are interesting characters, but their motives and actions will not be fully understood, there are options for answers in dialogues, but they almost do not affect anything. Still, the point-and-click adventure Kentucky Route Zero is an amazing gaming experience. Instead of typical gameplay and scenario, the developers relied on unusual visuals, metaphors in the storytelling and stunning sound design, which draws into the atmosphere of Kentucky infused with melancholy.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Kentucky Route Zero

Kerbal Space Program

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One

As with any critically acclaimed simulation game, Kerbal Space Program is hard to take as just another entertainment for a couple of nights. In fact, the developers at Squad managed to create a textbook on aerodynamics and physics of space bodies, while maintaining an accessible presentation of game mechanics and addictive gameplay. Therefore, we have no doubts that some of the future cosmonauts and engineers in space fields will begin their path to the profession, starting with the launch of space exploration operations in the Kerbal Space Program.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Kerbal Space Program

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Play: PC

Total War: Three Kingdoms is the red line that the developers at Creative Assembly summarize as the result of twenty years of development of the Total War series. The intricate jungle of diplomacy, the management of the Chinese state on a global map and fierce battles between thousands of armies in real time - "Three Kingdoms", like an excerpt from the best moments of the series, improves familiar mechanics. However, even taking into account all the gameplay merit, the strategy would hardly have made it to the top 100 best games of all time, if it were not for the emphasis on strong story campaigns that set Three Kingdoms apart from other releases in the Total War series.

What to play in quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Total War: Three Kingdoms


Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Regardless of whether you like the genre of construction simulations or avoid such games like fire, Frostpunk deserves the utmost attention. But we warn you right away - it won't be easy. Developers from 11 bit studios continue to experiment with gamers under the guise of video games, probing the boundaries of human morality. Should child labor or even cannibalism be allowed when the city is on the verge of mass starvation? And these are just the smallest questions a player will have to answer in Frostpunk.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Total War: Three Kingdoms

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Play: PC

Troika Games studio has earned a reputation as a forge of high-quality role-playing games, which have been awarded the status of classics of the genre by the gaming community almost from the release. The best example is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Over the past 15 years, thanks to a unique gameplay concept a la "vampire Deus Ex", the game has remained a unique phenomenon in the industry. We recommend that you do not miss it, because given the variety of game situations and skillfully written characters, we have doubts that the recently announced sequel to Bloodlines 2 will be able to come close to the greatness of the original.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Total War: Three Kingdoms


Play: PC, NSwitch

Dusk is the perfect cure for the blues for anyone nostalgic for the meaty shooters of the 90s, created according to the precepts of John Carmack: maximum dynamics and plot "no more difficult than in porn films." However, do not be fooled by the picture stylized as the first Quake and Blood. Dusk is not a primitive attempt to play on nostalgic feelings, but rather an apocalyptic meat grinder that combines all the best components of the genre and takes them to a qualitatively new level.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Dusk

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Play: NSwitch

RPG Tactics Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a completely heartless game. And this is not at all about the hardcore level of difficulty and the local combat system, forcing you to think over each move as if it is the most important decision in your life. This is nothing compared to the peaceful stages of the game, where we pay attention to our heroes and follow their personal lives. Forcing to spend as much time with the characters as possible, Fire Emblem: Three Houses deliberately hits the sore spot, dumping on the player countless intrigues and betrayals from their favorite heroes.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch, PS3, Xbox 360

The Assassins Creed series has already experienced more than a dozen new games within the franchise, each with unique features and increasingly departing from the canons laid down in the first game. It is a thankless task to choose one among the variety of releases, and even add to the list of the 100 best games, but we will take the risk of opting for Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. Yes, maybe a slightly more focused storyline would be nice for the game, but thanks to the romance of pirate everyday life, colorful characters like Blackbeard and the sense of a pioneer, it's hard not to succumb to the charm of Black Flag.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

Rayman Legends

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch, PS3, Xbox 360

2D platformers are one of the most treacherous genres, luring you with an often colorful, sometimes openly childish style, in order to crush your ego with devilishly difficult levels. A reverse example is Rayman Legends, which we advise everyone to try, including those who shy away from the genre like fire. Amazingly beautiful, full of humor and interesting game situations, Rayman Legends is made as a reference platformer, which at the same time has one of the best difficulty progressions in the genre.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Rayman Legends

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch, PS3, Xbox 360

Fighting Street Fighter 4 has postponed the release of several updated versions at once, each of which deserves a place in the top 100 best games on PC and consoles. Stylized graphics and a number of unique characters offering the freedom of tactics for victory, as before, cause genuine delight from the synergy of the work of gem designers, artists and programmers. But Capcom's main victory in Ultra Street Fighter 4 is its impeccably honed balance and combat mechanics, which is further evidenced by the impressive popularity of the game in esports arenas.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Ultra Street Fighter 4

Shovel Knight

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch

Shovel Knight, a 2D platformer about the adventures of the Shovel Knight, thanks to gameplay mechanics and visual style, is perceived as a child of two eras: modern and the days of the SNES. An experienced eye will easily notice the influences of Mega Man, the Zelda series, or even elements of Dark Souls in Shovel Knight, which is not at all a drawback. Assorted cult games allowed Yacht Club Games studio in Lopatny Knight to create the most diverse and addictive platformer, which rightly ranks among the best games in the genre.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Shovel Knight

Battlefield 4

Where to play: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360

The single player campaign in Battlefield 4 is disgusting, you want to forget it like a bad dream. However, this is a typical situation for almost editions of the Battlefield series, given that the single-coil mode serves as a warm-up before large-scale multiplayer battles. And it is the multiplayer part of Battlefield 4 that is excellent even more than 6 years after the release date. In all honesty, we will even express the opinion that, taking into account all the released additions, part 4 of the legendary shooter is one of the best multiplayer games of all time.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Battlefield 4

Diablo 3

Where to play: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch, PS3, Xbox 360

Diablo 3, despite the warm welcome among the critics, has earned a reputation from the first day of release as almost a disaster in the gaming community. From the legendary "Error 37", the in-game auction, simplified gameplay, to huge balance issues and little content. However, to Blizzard's credit, the developers quickly corrected their brainchild and, by the time the Reaper of Souls add-on was launched, brought the game closer to the standard of the hack-and-slash genre, which gave rise to another game drug.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Diablo 3


Where to play: PC, PS4, Xbox One, NSwitch, PS3, PS2

Okami's charming adventure, which tells about the heroic deeds of the goddess Amaterasu in the body of a she-wolf, is a project that made it into our top 10 best self-isolation games, but at the same time practically unknown to domestic gamers. We believe this is a big omission. With a captivating and full of humor storyline, inventive gameplay in the best traditions of The Legend of Zelda and fantastically beautiful visual style, Okami deserves the attention of any gamer, regardless of his taste.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Okami

Condemned:Criminal Origins

Play: PC, Xbox 360

Really memorable and chilling psychological thrillers today are quite rare guests in the gaming industry. Of course, one can lament the slow extinction of the genre, but there is another option for action - if you haven't had time yet, then familiarize yourself with the moss, already a little covered in old age, but still relevant thriller Condemned. Playing on human fears, Monolith's creation reveals human fears lurking behind the harsh neighborhoods and dark alleys of a big city. Perhaps the best game in Monolith history.

What to Play in Quarantine: Top 100 Games Part 5 . Condemned

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