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Best 90s Anime [Old School Anime]. Part two


We continue to tell you about the best old anime. In the 90s, it was time for him to experiment and break the mold for some genres. This is a continuation of our material about the best anime created in the nineties.

Only Yesterday

A joint film by Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, which tells the story of Taeko, a 27-year-old girl, who is going on summer vacation to her native village, where she will help her relatives collect saffron.


During the trip, she plunges into her childhood memories, and realizes that many moments of her life have not yet been made out by her. This 90s anime is about how a person tries to understand themselves while traveling.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a real cult anime that has gone beyond the genre of sorceress girls and has attracted a considerable male audience. Without a doubt, the franchise is another part of what defined the 90s for anime. She became the driving force behind the popularity of the genre.


Usagi Tsukino is the eponymous Sailor Moon, princess of the Kingdom of the Moon and future queen of Crystal Tokyo. The series tells about the struggle of Sailor Moon and her minions, named after other planets, in the name of protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial and even interdimensional invaders. Various arcs tell of Sailor Moon and her battle against evil, and she also encounters a mysterious hero in a tuxedo and mask, who helps her every time.

Sailor Moon was an inspiring series for young girls because it introduced viewers to female characters who did their jobs just as well as the shinen characters. The show is also noticeably comedic, which makes watching 200 episodes feel like a moment has passed.

Serial Experiments Lain

This intelligent cyberpunk thriller that you can imagine doesn't revolve around corporate conspiracies or sexy cyborgs - just a young girl who finds blurry lines of reality when she discovers the NAVI terminal. A deeply philosophical story plunged her and viewers into an otherworldly, intelligent and global communication network - almost like the Internet as we know it today.


Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

If you like any anime set in space, you must love Outlaw Star. The fantasy genre was introduced to the series when it debuted in January 1998 and fans continue to re-watch the show due to its interstellar adventures.


Outlaw Star was one of the first space westerns to hit the anime industry in the 90s. The action takes place in a futuristic world, at a time when spaceships can move faster than the speed of light. The ensuing space exploration has led hundreds of people to explore star systems for treasure, and Gene Starwind is one of those guys. He and his crew fly the Outlaw Star and spend their time in search of the Galactic Line, a secret location rumored to contain immense power and wealth.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Another classic of the "fairy girls" genre. Young Sakura Kinomoto finds in her basement a set of Clow Cards, once created by the mighty wizard Reed Clow. When she tried to open them, they all scattered around her city. The keeper of these cards appears in front of her and tells that she must collect all the cards. They enter into a contract that gives her magical power.



Trigun set the stage for action anime today to be what it is. This is a 90s anime from MadHouse.


It talks about shooter Vash Hurricane, who is on the run after being accused of destroying the city. The main character does not remember whether he really did it because of his amnesia, but this does not prevent his pursuers. Our hero and his new comrades are trying to find out his mysterious past and the cause of amnesia. Plus, he's just adorable, and despite the tragedy of his past, Vash hasn't managed to lose his twisted sense of humor and firm belief that he will never take the life of another.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion is as cult anime as it is controversial. You can either love it or not digest it. Whichever option you choose, it's hard to deny its importance to anime culture. It sparked a new wave of interest in anime in the West, and also significantly influenced the genre of fur, which by the 90s began to become obsolete.


We have written about this anime more than once, but we will tell you about it again. The action takes place in Tokyo 3 in the post-apocalyptic era following the massive destruction known as Second Impact. Humanity opposes angels - strange creatures who came from nowhere, and are trying to destroy people without clear reasons. Evas are used to fight them - giant robots piloted by 14-year-olds. The protagonist Ikari Shinji is a new pilot who is closed in himself and cannot fulfill his duty.

We have written about Eve more than once in separate materials and different tops. In any case, we believe that Evangelion, like Sailor Moon [and a few more titles that we'll talk about below], defined the anime of the nineties.

Dragon Ball Z

After the original Dragon Ball made in the 80s, there is no denying that [although the sequel was technically released in 1989] even those who hadn't watched the anime knew about Dragon Ball Z in the 90s. In this sequel, the battle for the seven mystical dragon balls serves as the backdrop for Goku and his friends, who defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats.


We watched as Goku becomes the strongest person and takes on his most powerful form.

Ghost in the Shell

The second cyberpunk classic from Mamoru Oshi, which immersed us in the android's reflection on who she is. Motoko Kusanagi, also known as "Major," an employee of Special Section 9. She was tasked with capturing a hacker who is killing people.


This gorgeous animation from Production IG asks many questions, the most prominent of which is: if a human mind is implanted into a mechanical body, is it human or not?

This anime did in the 90s what Akira did in the 80s and is a cult classic today.


This is one of the best dark fantasy. The series tells the story of Guts as a wandering mercenary who knew only death and suffering. This man becomes a hitman after his adoptive father sells him to a notorious rapist, and he joins a bloodthirsty gang called the Hawk Gang. He hunts a certain Griffith to avenge the death of his comrades.


Macross Plus

This is the OVA of the original Macross, which develops in parallel with the plot of the first series. 2040, the galaxy is thriving with multiple colonies and advanced technology, and AI is close to perfection. Fighter pilots Isamu Dyson and Gould Bowman battle for air superiority and Project Supernova. Isamu and Gould were once childhood friends, but after an accident seven years ago, they went their own ways. Against this background, a concert of the new virtual idol Sharon Apple is to be held in the colony.


Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

In the world of Ruruni Kenshin, although much of the rest of the world [in particular the West] has passed into the "modern era", Japan remains almost like a fly in amber, in the twilight of its feudal structure. This setting houses our protagonist Kenshin Himura, a mysterious sword-wielding assassin turned pacifist. He can be a little silly one minute and the next as serious as a stone. This is another beloved anime from the 90s.


Yu Yu Hakusho

The protagonist of this anime is the bully Yusuke Urameshi, who is hit by a car while rescuing a little boy from the wheels. After death, he is told that because of his good deed, he will be brought back to life and given the power of a spiritual detective who must hunt demons. His first task is to return the treasures stolen from the world of the dead. This is a very peculiar senen, but everyone's favorite.


Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is an amazing story about space, jazz and bounty hunters, spiced with the atmosphere of the wild west. We follow the adventures of the team of bounty hunters from the Bebop ship. They are constantly trying to make money by catching the next bastard, but they have difficulty. Against this background, each character has a personal drama. The main character of the anime is an adventurer Spike Spiegel, who has a dark past associated with the mafia.



And the last cool anime title of the 90s is, of course, Pokemon, who raised a new generation of otaku in their time. The adventures of Brock Misty and Ash, the desire to capture all the Pokemon and the confrontation with the R team are what still warm the hearts of children of those times today.


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