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There are a lot of anime coming out today. So much so that it is simply impossible for everyone to follow him and it is much easier to die from an overdose of titles. Moreover, many of them are not of the highest quality. Previously, anime didn't come out as often. But the quality bar for titles was much higher. We decided to make a series of stories "Old School Anime" dedicated to anime of the past decades. And today we will talk about the best anime of the 70s. To understand what has shaped today's anime, we need to delve into the classics. The anime of the 70s was characterized by the heyday of the fur genre and stories about the conquest of space. These paintings are considered classics today.

Cutie Honey

Revolutionary for its time, Cutie Honey is the first title to feature a female character in a boy-oriented series. The series is still considered to be the progenitor of the future anime genre of girls sorceresses. This is one of the first anime in which her character loses all her clothes during transformation scenes, which is now one of the main cliches of the genre. Although nudity or vulgar scenes were added to appeal to a male audience, the anime also had good fight scenes for its time.


The anime tells about the android girl Hani Kisaragi. She finds out that she is an android when her father is killed by the Panther Claw organization, which is trying to find a secret device hidden inside her. It can create jewelry and therefore be profitable. To defend herself, Hani can transform into seven different forms to counter opponents.


When God created the Earth, demons appeared on it, and he decided to destroy them. However, his son, Satan, was against it, as he believed that demons were not guilty of what they are and not worthy of destruction. He defends them and wins. However, later Satan will fall asleep in anticipation of the final battle. During this time, people appear on Earth, and Satan begins to hate them, as before the God of the devils, because they walk on the earth that he once defended. Upon awakening, he transforms into a male Ryo Asuka to test humanity and expose its weaknesses before destroying it.


However, he inadvertently turns the guy Akira Fudo into a human demon and, as a result, he leads humanity to protect the Earth.

Alps no Shoujo Heidi

Heidi draws inspiration from Swiss writer Johanna Spiri's original 1880 Years of Wandering and Learning Heidi, and is one of Hayao Miyazaki's first projects to enter the industry.


After the death of Heidi's parents, her aunt Dette becomes her guardian for five years, until she is offered a job in the city. As a guardian, Dette cannot take this position, so she sends Heidi to her grandfather, who does not have the best reputation. There are even rumors that he may have killed a man. As a result, he lives in isolation in the Swiss Alps with his dog Josef.

Despite all the cruelty, the girl and her adventurism change him. Heidi continues to grow up in the Alps until her aunt takes her to Frankfurt to be the companion of a wealthy, crippled girl, Clara. Heidi and Clara become good friends, but Heidi soon begins to yearn for the Alps.

Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z is the most popular mech series of its time, which laid the foundation for the genre for the next few years. He created the mech's narrative paths, for example, that a boy finds a robot and begins to pilot it, fighting evil. It's a cult series, and even Guillermo del Toro admits that Masinger Z was a big influence on his film Pacific Rim.


The series focuses on the giant robot Mazinger Z, created after Professor Juzu Kabuto stumbled upon the great Mycenaean Empire, which used giant metal titans to defeat its enemies. Kabuto's boss, Dr. Hell, goes mad with power and kills all the scientists in his laboratories except Kabuto, who manages to escape and create Masinger Z to protect the world from Dr. Hell’s newly created army of robots. This robot is piloted by the grandson of Professor Kobuto Koji.

Rose of Versailles

The Rose of Versailles is still one of the most popular franchises of all time, as one of the most famous shoujo in Japan. The series is well known for its yuri elements, and the historical aspects of the series have even been used as a teaching tool in schools around the world. The title is also credited with creating a trend towards more serious and complex adult shoujo anime stories.


Oscar was born a woman, but grew up as a man. She learned to fight when she was very young. Her skills have caught the attention of the Royal Guard of France, and so she is tasked with becoming the personal bodyguard of Queen Marie Antoinette and her family. Throughout the anime, France is changing. Oscar begins to question her loyalty as soon as she begins to hear the cry of the poor, who rightfully blame the Queen and thus the French Revolution begins.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Mazones are a race of aliens that resemble living plants. Once upon a time, they already flew to earth and the ancient Maya captured them in their culture. In the distant future, they return, but only in order to enslave humanity.


The Earth Government makes no attempt to resist. As a result, Captain Harlock becomes a star pirate, and on his ship "Arcadia", together with the faithful team, begins a war against the invaders.

Space Battleship Yamato

If not for Yamato, we would never have seen Evangelion and Gundam, as the creators of the series were heavily inspired by this anime.


The plot tells about an old battleship from the Second World War Yamato, which was turned into a spaceship for battles in deep space. The ship and its crew are in search of a device that can rid the Earth's surface of radiation from meteor bombs dropped by an alien race. The team has one year to find the mysterious device before humanity disappears.

Galaxy Express 999

Humanity has colonized almost the entire galaxy, and it is linked by a network of galactic railways.

People who do not want to die can buy mechatels with which they can become immortal. However, only the richest can afford them. Among the poor strata of society, there is a legend about the galactic express 999, which takes people to the planet in the Andromeda galaxy, where mechatels are distributed for free. However, no one knows if those who sit on it really get to their destination.


Tetsuro Hoshino and his mother are trying to get to the metropolis in order to earn money there for a ticket for an express train, but on the way, mother is killed by the Count of Mecha. The boy escapes, but almost freezes to death. A woman named Mathel saves him from death and gives him the same express ticket. She accompanies him on a journey through many other planets where robbery reigns.

Lupine III

The character Lupine III was created after Kazuhiko Kato read Maurice LeBlanc's early thief novels about Arsene Lupine. Lupine III was the grandson of LeBlanc's character, who decides to follow in his grandfather's footsteps. Lupine's main enemy is ICPO officer Koichi Zenigata, who was a descendant of the famous fictional detective Heiji Zenigata.


Lupine himself is the third charming and gallant, committing daring robberies in cooperation with other characters Jigenu, Goemonu and Fujiko. Jigenu is a professional marksman, Goemonu is a skilled swordsman, and Fujiko is a thief, because of whom Lupine often loses loot.

Mobile Suit Gundam

The series that started a phenomenon that still exists in Japan. Gundam changed the fur genre, creating a more serious storyline but with common characters that fans could associate with.


The very first episode begins in 2079 during the one-year war between Zeon and the Federation of the Earth. Zeon wants to secede from the Federation of Earth and therefore starts a civil war using his new technology - mobile suits. Most of humanity is destroyed when the war comes to an end. The Earth Federation attempts to retrieve Zeon's secret weapon from their military base, but the operation fails. As a result, a new weapon, the Gundam, is discovered by a young lad who decides to end the war himself. He repels enemy forces despite heavy casualties.

Nobody's Boy: Remi

This anime is a classic masterpiece and is based on the novel "Without a Family" by Hector Malo. The plot tells the story of a boy, Richard Milligan, who is kidnapped by his uncle to become the heir of the family wealth, and the boy is thrown away as trash. The child is found by the family of a bricklayer, and takes to live with him, giving him a new name Remy. When a boy turns 8 years old, difficult times come in the family, because the father of the family is injured and he has a lot of debt.


Remy is sold to actor Vitalis to keep track of his dogs. There is a relationship between them, like between a father and a son. Going through various hardships, the two of them are sent to Paris to find out the truth about Remy's origins.

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