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10 psychological anime


From time to time, there is one anime that throws you into a stupor with its complex plot. You read Wikis, fan forums, and you watch plot theories on YouTube. In today's article, we decided to tell you about 10 psychological anime that will blow your mind the first time you watch it. You will be discouraged, you may not immediately understand the plot, but you will definitely enjoy it.


The anime "Monster" has one of the most complex and tricky plots. With its brilliant attention to detail, it never overlooks a single detail that matters to the plot. With the story of a former surgeon stalking a patient who killed his past superiors, the anime constantly tries to confuse you. Does the killer really exist or is he a figment of the protagonist's imagination? This and other intrigues will keep you until the very end.


Paranoia Agent

We can safely say that any anime of Satoshi Kon is reasonably called complex and psychological [except perhaps for the "Tokyo Godfathers"]. What is just Perfect Blue, which we wrote about more than once. No less excellent work is the social commentary wrapped in the detective thriller Paranoia Agent. This anime captures and tackles the themes of loneliness, depression, judgment and false salvation. There are so many characters in anime, and each is faced with a moral dilemma, which is a critical commentary on our daily life. As a result, not finding a way out of situations that are pouring on their heads - paranoia becomes their lifeline.



Paprika was Cohn's last feature film and flirted with the theme of dreams and how deep they are and how they can drive people crazy. Paprika even inspired Christopher Nolan for Inception, and he borrowed some of the scenes from there. Other parts of this picture, such as the parade, can be called cult.


Serial Experiments Lain

Snobs like to describe it as "too difficult and deep for you." Experiments Lane is one of the most experimental anime of the 2000s, both visually and story-wise. Thanks to the complex, superbly written storyline about the computer network, you will have to go back to re-watch the anime in order to understand the whole picture. Serial Experiments Lain offers a psychologically challenging journey not often found today.


Revolutionary Girl Utena

"Utena" is not the anime it seems, since at first glance at the cover it is easy to confuse it with a typical shoujo about sorceress girls. But this is a delusion. The magic or fantasy element is just a gimmick to take the story further. In a toga, Kunihiko Ikuhara twists you into the whirlpool of his crazy fantasies about a girl who dreams of becoming a prince.



Texhnolyze can rightfully be called a psychological anime about nihilism. According to the plot, humanity was overtaken by stagnation in development against the background of a post-apocalyptic situation, and people do not have enough resources to survive. This is a very complex anime that doesn't care about its audience. We can rightfully say that you will have to keep up with its plot, because if you miss important details, you will remain sitting thinking: what have I just watched?


Ghost in The Shell

Classics of cyberpunk and creativity of Mamoru Oshii. It tells us the story of Major Motoko Kusanagi, who is a cyborg. By right, this anime can be called a philosophical story from a dark future, where the main question is how much a machine that looks like a person, behaves like a person and moves like a person, is worthy of being considered.


The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy's narrative structure is the hardest part of the anime, even more than the plot. The end of the anime is pretty simple, but how to understand how everything came to it is already more difficult. It has a well-developed plot that looks more like a labyrinth with a very unusual narrative structure. Each frame of the series is executed to perfection. Every little detail plays a role in the twisted narrative. The anime uses many absurd images to create an almost surreal viewing experience.


Death Parade

“Welcome to the afterlife. Sit down in the bar and let's play a game "- with these words he greets the recently deceased in the Death parade anime. Everyone here is playing a game that determines whether they get a second chance at life or a one-way ticket to hell. Whether it's bowling or ice hockey, the results are the same: each player's true self is revealed in the game. An excellent psychological anime that reveals the true face of human nature.


Boogiepop Phantom

This is a recent anime that confuses you from the first episodes, but does not let you come off. Only after half of the series will you fully understand what is happening here. The surreal look and feel is challenging for a large audience, but the anime is very artistic and even if you're not a fan of the style, the complexity and plot twists should be more than enough for you to appreciate it.



Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a psychological anime that is impossible not to mention on this list, but it is too famous to be included in the main collection. It is considered the spiritual inspiration behind many of the series we talked about above, and is synonymous with the phrase "psychological anime". This is a story about a deep depression that cannot be overcome. Classics not only of fur, but also of anime in general.


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