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10 impressive game records


The love of competition and the desire to be the best of the best is what really unites all people on the planet. Of course, not everyone achieves mastery in various disciplines, many do not even try to prove something to someone, but let's admit, few things bring as much joy as winning a difficult competition. It is the euphoria from achieving victory in sometimes even absurd in their essence competitions that makes gamers stop setting new and, most importantly, impressive game records. Today we will tell you about ten such records in games that will clearly prove that nothing is impossible.

1. Simultaneous passage of three games in the Mega Man series

The series of two-dimensional platformers Mega Man originated in a time when all games in the genre did not forgive mistakes and brought gamers to gritting teeth with an overwhelming level of difficulty. In such conditions, passing the same Mega Man X in 45 minutes will already be an impressive achievement, which you will not be ashamed to tell your own grandchildren about in 30 years. But the gamer under the nickname agwawaf was not enough and he decided to set a truly insane record. p>

The player displayed three games in the series on the monitor image: Mega Man X, X2 and X3 and played them simultaneously in 45 minutes. The situation was further complicated by the fact that the actions of the game character in all three games were controlled from one controller, so agwawaf had to calculate all movements with mathematical precision and take into account several variables at once when pressing the keys: in one game to dodge flying projectiles, in another to jump on moving platforms, and fight bosses in the third.

2. Longest free fall gaming session

A resident of the Netherlands, Jesse Merkerk has two favorite hobbies - skydiving and video games, but he has always had one problem - these two types of entertainment cannot be enjoyed at the same time! Or is it possible? Quite, after all, Jesse Merkirk decided on an interesting undertaking - to spend the longest playing session while in free fall in a wind tunnel. He chose Super Mario Galaxy 2 as his game and hovered in zero gravity for 18 minutes 52 seconds.

If you suddenly think that absurdity is the only thing that makes this achievement remarkable, then do not forget to take into account that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is exclusive for Nintendo Wii, where the character was moved using the controller's strokes. It is this moment that makes the record even more difficult, since any wave of the hand could easily knock Jesse off balance and send him into a protracted twist.

10 impressive game records

3. Dark Souls Walkthrough on Musical Instruments

Another game record, which seems to mock the attempts of game developers to make life difficult for players in every possible way. The series of souls games is undeniably difficult, a real test of strength for hardcore players, but what can you say about a gamer under the nickname bearzly, who not only accepts the challenge of the developers, but complicates it several times over. For example, musical instruments are played, including a guitar, a drum, and even a dance mat.

4. The Legend of Zelda Okarina of Time Walkthrough in Five Years

Not impressive, is it? To complete a game in a few years that an ordinary person will need a couple of dozen hours to play is no longer a record, but rather an “anti-record”. Everything is so, if not for one "but": gamer Terry Garrett passed The Legend of Zelda Okarina of Time in five years, being a completely blind person.

To complete the walkthrough Terry Garrett had to go for a few tricks:

  • Put two speakers in front of the screen to navigate by sound when exploring the world and battling enemies
  • Install a mod that allows you to save at any time
  • I used the help of subscribers of my YouTube channel: if Terry had problems with a certain game piece, for example, a puzzle, he listened to the audio recordings of the passage sent to him, compared the sounds and based on them he himself repeated all the movements in the game

5. The most expensive collection of games in history

Gaming is a rather expensive hobby, especially if you have a solid gaming experience, do not encourage piracy and prefer gaming on consoles. In this case, perhaps, if you calculate the total cost of your own collection of games, you will be surprised at what financial investments computer entertainment cost you. But even in this case, you are infinitely far from Michael Thomasson, who got into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of not only the largest game collection (12,000 discs and cartridges), but also the most expensive, which is estimated at 750 thousand dollars.

10 impressive game records

6. Longest marathon in a dance game

The Just Dance series of projects provides an opportunity to combine business with pleasure: listening to music, learning new dance moves and at the same time losing weight by several hundred calories. Real cardio workout and best online dance choreography coach. And when you consider how grueling hours of dancing can be, it's hard to believe the in-game record of a girl named Carrie Svideki who danced non-stop in Just Dance 4 for 49 hours. How Kerry dealt with hunger and other human needs is history is silent. Perhaps it's for the best.

10 impressive game records

7. Incredibly difficult level in Super Mario Maker

When games stop bringing a really difficult challenge, it's time to take on the game editor and build an almost impassable obstacle course yourself. This is exactly what the player Alex Tan did, who for 11 hours worked on creating an obscenely difficult level. Probably the hardest level in Super Mario history. But the game record would not have been so impressive if Alex had not decided to go through the location on his own. In general, after 39 hours, the level still succumbed to it.

8. Longest Street Fighter Winning Streak

Fighting in the last century moved from the category of simple entertainment to a real discipline of e-sports, and as in any sport, there are real champions in the field of fighting games. The most famous of them is Ryan Hart, who set the absolute playing record in Street Fighter, having completed a streak of 260 victories over other players. Floyd Mayweather from the world of fighting games.

10 impressive game records

9. Portal 2 fast track without portals

As can be understood from other examples in the article, to impress with a game record is not enough just to complete the game in a short period of time. Real speedrunner professionals make big sacrifices and do really crazy things. How do you, for example, reject the fundamental game mechanics, without which at first glance it is impossible to complete the game? In the case of Portal 2, the player under the nickname icy, oddly enough, refused to use portals and completed the playthrough in 48 minutes and 47 seconds. Of course, it was not without the use of bugs and exploits.

10 impressive game records

10. Longest Playable Game in Civilization 2

Perhaps you are familiar with the feeling when the game is so good that in no case you want to finish the passage and there is only one desire - to stretch the pleasure to the maximum. The Lycerius player knows the value of this statement like no one else, because he holds the record for the longest game in Civilization 2. As a true fan of the game, he did not give up the game in the first few hours, forming futuristic megacities out of primitive communities and continued the game for 12 years. When Lycerus decided it was time to set a game record, his civilization survived until 3991, survived a protracted nuclear war and suffered global warming.

10 impressive game records

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