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E3 canceled, Horizon: Zero Dawn release date on PC, Doom Eternal has problems on Stadia - game news digest # 3.02. Part two


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Press F to Salute: E3 2020 Officially Canceled

Immediately after the recent information that E3 has lost its creative leaders, rumors began to circulate that the exhibition would be canceled altogether. And so it happened. Yesterday, show organizers, the Entertainment Software Association [ESA], announced the official cancellation of E3. The blame for everything, as it is not difficult to guess, is the coronavirus.

In their press release, they report that they made a joint difficult decision with exhibitors, sponsors and co-organizers to cancel the exhibition, which was to be held in Los Angeles from June 9-11.


ESA will refund all attendees and visitors and will consider online announcements.

The exhibition will return in 2021, in its new updated format, which will bring together both developers and the media with the public. Now the organizing committee will have more time to think over all the nuances of their updated event.

But we are not here for the sake of promises, but for the sake of leaks, right? Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer was told by three of his sources that Warner Bros. They were going to hold their own conference and present three new games at E3: the new Batman, the same Harry Potter RPG that we talked about many times, and they also wanted to announce a new game from Rocksteady.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming To PC This Summer

PlayStation Worldwide Studios President Hermen Hulst has officially confirmed Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming to PC this summer on the PlayStation Blog.


Hulst also shared information that Sony intends to release other games from its internal studios on PC in the future. However, they do not plan to release their exclusives on PC and on the new PS at the same time. In addition, he once again confirmed that the company is focusing on the release of single story games.

The game page has already appeared on Steam, but it contains screenshots taken from the PS4 Pro. The game will be available with The Frozen Wilds expansion, as well as many weapon and clothing sets.

Doom Eternal won't have 4K on Stadia

Bethesda has released Doom Eternal launch information. Among the abundance of information, there you can find an inconspicuous line informing that the maximum resolution of the game on Stadia will be 1080p.

The problem is that in 2019, Marty Stratton of id Software, told from the stage of a conference on Stadia that on the Google platform the game will run in real 4K with HDR at a stable 60fps.


Now it has become clear that this is not true and the maximum game on the Google cloud platform is 1080p, which scales up to 4K or to "fake 4K".

The community was not very enthusiastic about this, because according to users, the performance characteristics of the game on Stadia are the same in terms of power as the version for the Xbox One X. However, the power of the console is 6 teraflops, when Google said that the power of their platform was 10.7 teraflops.

Whether the version on Stadia will be the same as on the X One X or better - we'll find out after the release.

A library has been opened in Minecraft, which stores journalistic publications banned by censorship in different countries

In honor of World Day Against Cyber Censorship, which takes place on March 12, a library is being opened in Minecraft, where you can find publications of journalists prohibited by censorship in different countries. The library includes materials from 5 countries with strict censorship: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, USA, Mexico and Vietnam.

From the USA segment, the library will contain materials from the website, which was blocked at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office by Roskomnadzor. At the time of release, the library itself will have over 200 investigations and materials, which are distributed to the corresponding sections in the library.

The initiators of the idea of the union of journalists "reporters without borders" say that their map will help the residents of these countries find out the real political situation in their country and understand how important freedom of journalism is. Minecraft, in their opinion, is an ideal playground that is accessible to everyone and convenient for future generations.

The blockworks team, consisting of 24 people, was involved in creating the map itself in Minecraft. The library covers 300 square meters, and its construction took 12.5 million cubes. You can download the map with the library here. You can also visit it on a separate server here.

Wishlist Added to Epic Games Store

The brainchild of Tim Sweeney continues to grow up. Now the store has a wishlist, although it does not yet have many of the usual functions. To add a game to your wishlist, you need to click on the heart next to the price tag on the game page.


Now you can sort games by price, discounts, alphabet and date added. The studio plans to add a filter, smart search, as well as e-mail notifications notifying about discounts, the start of pre-orders, etc. There is no update date yet.

Following the store development map, which was in the public domain, the wishlist was supposed to appear in it back in October 2019.

Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima are planning a new joint project

WIERD magazine has a column where celebrities answer the questions people most often ask about them on Google. Norman Reedus is a recent guest of this column. He revealed that he is planning a new joint project with Kojima.

More specifically, to the query "Why Norman Reedus Death Stranding?" the actor replied that Guillermo del Toro called him with the words that one person would call him now, and he [Reedus] should agree to everything so that he would not offer him.

They later met at San Diego Comic Con. Later, when they were working on another game, Kojima showed him his past work and Reedus realized that he was a real genius. They made Death Stranding and are now in talks to create another game.

We assume that we will see the revival of either the Silent Hill series itself, or the very Silent Hills. We have many reasons to think so, because Konami has confirmed that they want to revive the franchise, and according to anonymous sources, at least 2 games are waiting for us. Plus, the new game has been hinted at by Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito, and it's also suggested that the relationship between Kojima and Konami has improved.

This was all the news for the weekend. Stay tuned next week ... In the next digests ...

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