Worms 2020, all about the series based on The Last of Us, E3 has lost its leaders - gaming news digest number 3.02. Part one (Topic)

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Worms 2020, all about the series based on The Last of Us, E3 has lost its leaders - gaming news digest number 3.02. Part one


Worms 2020, everything about the series based on The Last of Us, E3 has lost its leaders - game news digest number 3.02. Part one

Worms 2020 teaser from Team17 has appeared on the web

The franchise about the howling worms Worms has gone through a long stage of evolution and managed to visit both 2D and 3D universes. The creators of the Team17 series have released a teaser for a new stage in the game's life. Details of what will await us this time is a minimum. We know the game will be released this year. This is good.

The creators of the game, perhaps, hint to us that a new format awaits us. Recall that the last part of the series was released in 2016 with the subtitle WMD In many ways, it was similar in format to the first parts of the series.

HBO to air series based on The Last Of Us

It is revealed that HBO will partner with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions [Sony's new film studio] to release a series based on The Last Of Us. The scriptwriters and producers of the series are the creative director of The Last Of Us Neil Druckmann and the writer of the Chernobyl series Craig Mazin.

The series is also executive produced by Naughty Dog President Evan Wells and Carolyn Strauss, who previously produced Chernobyl and Game of Thrones.

According to the show's press release, Druckmann is a skilled storyteller and writer, and he will definitely bring every aspect of the game to the screen with the love it deserves.

Meisin and Druckmann have already begun commenting on the show and answering fan questions. So, Mazin confirmed that Ellie will remain the lesbian that she was in the game. To be more precise, in the Q & A series, one of the fans asked the scriptwriter to keep gay men in the series, to which he replied that he was giving the floor.


Recall that hints of Ellie's homosexuality were still in the DLC for the first part of Left Behind, and in the trailer for the second game, we were shown how an adult Ellie was kissing another girl. Plus, the co-writer of the second part, Halle Gross, spoke about it.


Neil Druckmann, by March 8, spoke about several female characters that will be in the series. Besides Ellie herself, we will see her friend Riley from the aforementioned DLC; the head of "Cicad" Marlene; Joel's girlfriend Tess; Maria is the wife of Tommy [Joel's brother] and also a secret character. Fans assume that this is Anna - Ellie's mother.

In the future, we will be told more about the film adaptation and its characters.

E3's creative leaders left - no reasons given

Last year, the E3 organizers decided to make the exhibition popular and entertaining: to attract bloggers and stars who will make a show for visitors, to develop new stands and a program. However, things are not going well so far, as the exhibition has lost its creative leaders.

E3 should have been developed by iam8bit, which sells game souvenirs and accessories in the store of the same name. But they refused to participate in the organization of the updated exhibition for unknown reasons.

In their twitter, they wrote that they would not cooperate with the organizers of E3, refusing with "mixed feelings".


The comments that received from both sides did not shed light on the situation. iam8bit wishes the organizers from ESA every success, and they say that they are now being helped by other organizations like Mat + Lo, GES, Dolaher Events and Double Forte, previously involved in past exhibitions.

This is not the first disturbing news about E3 2020. So, earlier Jeff Keely refused to participate in the event for the first time in 25 years, Sony will not come to it again, and due to the coronavirus epidemic and the state of emergency in Los Angeles, the exhibition may not take place at all.

[According to the latest information, ESA canceled the exhibition. We will tell you new details in the next part of the digest]

The Korean esportsman donated 25 thousand dollars to the fight against coronavirus. + New list of canceled events

Speaking of coronavirus, now we already have a traditional section dedicated to the new global pandemic and its impact on the gaming industry.

South Korean League of Legends e-sportsman Lee Sang Hyuk, better known as Freak, recently became a co-owner of his team. He announced this week that he has donated KRW 30 million to the fight against coronavirus. This is almost 25 thousand US dollars.

He was supported by all the players on his team, who, according to their tweet, also made a donation.


In addition, it has become known that SXSW 2020, Minecraft Festival has also been canceled. SXSW 2020 is an event about movies, games and music. Traditionally, they choose the best game of the last year. However, for the first time in 34 years of its existence, the festival was canceled. The organizers are thinking of fully digitalizing it.


Also at SXSW 2020, a special panel dedicated to Sonic was to be held. However, it will be presented in a new format in April.

From 2010 to 2016, Majong hosted the MainCon event dedicated to Maincraft. The studio recently announced that it is resurrecting it in a new format as Minecraft Festival. But literally a week later, it was postponed due to the epidemic for an indefinite period. According to initial plans, it was supposed to take place in September in Florida, but the organizer is not sure if the epidemic will still rage or not. Therefore, he does not want to plan anything.

Black Mesa Launch Trailer

Finally, after 15 years of development, the Crowbar Collective studio is releasing a full-fledged version of the remake of the first Half Life - Black Mesa. In honor of this, the studio has prepared a release trailer for the game.

During the recent beta test, the team fixed a lot of bugs and errors, tweaked the balance, and also introduced improvements such as: advanced intelligence of Vortigaunts, location design, clearer puzzles.

The game can be purchased on Steam for 419 rubles.

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