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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 90s. Part 2


The first part of our Top 100 Best Films of the 90s was loved by many. This means that they will certainly appreciate the sequel, in which we will tell about the next 35 paintings, looking at which you can also laugh well. And although in the 90s the times of Adriano Celentano, Pierre Richard and Jean Paul Belmondo passed, they were replaced by James Belushi, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen and other "funny personalities", which are more than enough here.

Only the eternal Jackie Chan remains unchanged. But we will analyze its phenomenon separately and a little later. In the meantime, let's continue from where we "stumbled" last time.

36. Beautiful Life / How to Deal with Business (1990) 7.66

Here James Belushi flashed in all its glory. Together with Charles Grodin, they created an amazing comedy duet.

Without waiting a couple of days before his release from the prison, Jimmy Dvorsky escapes from it to attend a baseball game. Most importantly, he manages to pull it off without anyone suspecting anything.

In the wild, he becomes the proud owner of the organizer of the moneybags and snob Spencer Barnes, and has a great time in his mansion, paying with his credit cards, while Spencer Barnes himself is experiencing not the best moments of his life, because without an organizer he is like a lost. >

But the main kneading will begin when the two finally meet. Yes, and imperceptibly still somehow need to return to prison ...

37. Detroit - City of Rock (1999) 7.65

First of all, the film will be of interest to fans of hard rock and the Kiss band, in particular.


The main attractions of the film are three things:

  • Actor Edward Furlong, who played in the famous "Terminator 2" by John Connor.
  • Actually, the Kiss group itself.
  • A pink-colored Soviet-made Niva car that brought pizza to a church monastery, from where a gang of tomboy rescued their friend.

The film tells about the misadventures of youngsters who decided to go to a concert of their favorite band. And they all went wrong at once. Either my mother burned the tickets, then the car was stolen, then a showdown with pop fans along the way happened, then some other problems appeared.

Sometimes, in places, even funny. Although, for today's smartphones youth, jokes will seem as flat as Mother Earth for ancient people.

38. Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco (1996) 7.64

The adventures of the little animals, namely the Siamese cat Sassie and the dogs Shadow and Chance, continue.


And if in the first part they wandered along the road from the ranch to the city, then here they managed to get lost and get lost in the middle of the huge city of San Francisco.

The animals are speaking, and they generously spice up their adventures with cheerful dialogues and amazing conclusions, which are also not too lazy to express them aloud.

It will be fun. For family use.

39. Drunken Master 2 (1994) 7.63

Jackie Chan again, and his drunken style. And this time, his hero Wong-Fei Hung finds himself involved in a showdown between bandyugans who trade valuable domestic relics on the international black market and people who want to return these relics to their place.


Jackie grimaces again, for a long time posing as a drunken master who fights superbly, only putting his collar well. The fights are beautiful, but not too relevant anymore. Jackie's antics don't seem too serious in the days of the Carrier-style massacre, the Borns and Ethan Hunts who have lost their memory.

And after the hero of Brad Pitt in Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" laid the master of martial arts Bruce Lee, one might say, "one left", Chinese kung fu ceased to be a serious form of martial arts altogether.< / em>

40. Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness (1992) 7.63

In the third part of the franchise, comedy moments have increased significantly. Getting involved with the book of the dead, the Necronomicon, was a rash move. Here is Bruce Kembel's hero and paid the price.

This time he was thrown into the past, where he will take over the leadership in protecting the castle of the XIII century from the hordes of the countless host of the dead.

Although, by and large, he brought on local trouble with the dead. Having confused the words that should have been uttered when you take the book of the dead in your hands, he awakened the forces of darkness, and now he has to clean up this mess.

By the way, the film has two endings, which can be found in ourspecial material.

41. Only You (1994) 7.62

A fortune-teller, in her youth, guessed a loved one to one friend, who will be called Damon Bradley. But the years go by, Damon is not there, but I want to get married.


Only on the eve of the wedding, she heard a dude on the phone, who called himself the coveted name and surname. Having found out from him some information about where he was going, she, just like she was in a wedding dress, rushes after him across half the world.

Of course. The groom is played by the future "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. Why not hit on for this!

42. My cousin Vinnie (1992) 7.62

Two idiots get into trouble, as a result of which they find themselves behind bars on charges of murder that they did not commit.


Having found out about their problems, my mother dispatched a lawyer to help them - a relative named Vinnie (Joe Pesci), who does not understand a thing in criminal procedural nonsense, but has fake lawyer crusts.

But he will have to quickly learn during the trial, because if he fails, the boys face the electric chair.

43. Monster (1994) 7.61

Some maniac wanders around the city and wets women, having previously thoroughly raped them. And the police immediately find a suspect.


It turned out to be a local idiot Loris, very much like the French Pierre Richard. He always gets into such funny and curious troubles that at the time of his stomach tear. But in appearance it looks like he is the most that neither is, eavesdropping on the whole head of a maniac.

Hilarious, and more! There would be someone to watch and who to hunt ...

44. Between an angel and a demon (1995) 7.61

The film is remotely reminiscent of Wasabi, but in fact the plot is not so straightforward.


A former accomplice calls the hero of Gerard Depardieu to France from distant Hong Kong and insists that he urgently fly and rescue his little son from trouble, after whom the entire local mafia runs and hunts.

There is nowhere to go. Must go. But how to get a Chinese woman across the border? Of course, having agreed with the awkward church servant, whose role went to Christian Clavier.

The duet of these two came out very excellent. There will be plenty of laughter.

45. Mister Destiny (1990) 7.61

James Belushi again. And this time he appears in a film very similar to "The Family Man", in which Nicolas Cage once played well.


The hero of Belushi reproaches himself with all his might for the fact that once, in his senior year, ruined the final game of baseball without hitting the decisive ball. Allegedly, if not for this incident, his life would be much better now.

And the mysterious Mister Fate showed him the life in which he would have had to live if he then hit off this ill-fated ball. But after taking a sip of this "heavenly" life, our hero strongly doubted that he liked it.

46. Mouse Hunt (1997) 7.61

The soul of a mischievous old man - the owner of a local abandoned factory, has gone to heaven. But I never reached them.

Instead, she somehow “reincarnated” into a local mouse, which his two sons, who decided to profitably sell the mansion that they inherited, cannot catch, beat, soak, poison.

One of the funniest comedies of the 90s. Those who have never watched it have lost a lot of good mood.

47. The Addams Family (1991) 7.61

The Addams family is not an easy family. This is a bunch of infernal witch relatives who live not only by their own rules and canons, but also with their own gags.


And one day, an allegedly distant lost relative penetrates into this closed-type family, who with all his might will strive to get the Addams gold. But the local kids are not asleep and will bring the swindler out into the open.


48. The Addams Family Values (1993) 7.60

As you understand from the name, after the first part, the Addams family values are still in place. But this does not mean that someone will not want to lay their paws on them in the future.


Like the new nanny hired by Gomez and Martisha for their newly born baby. This insidious person is plotting not only to rid the Addams family of its family values, but also to embroil the relatives themselves so that they themselves can kill each other.

Only petty Wendsei and Puxley know what the newly minted "naughty" is up to. But no one listens to them, and for their excessive curiosity and long language, they are exiled to a distant children's camp.

49. Steep turns (1993) 7.59

It's funny, while vacationing somewhere in a Jamaican resort, to think that local athletes can participate in such winter sports as bobsleigh. Well, where in this paradise, tropical and evergreen corner can you find snow, and even more so - ice? Where and what to train on?


It turned out there is something. An enterprising coach, played well by Dean Kandy, assembles a team from local imperfections, puts them in a cart with wheels and drills in such a way that, in the end, it is not a shame to show up with her at the Olympic Games.

But the path to the Olympics will be difficult, long and very funny.

50. The Butterfly Effect (1995) 7.59

No, this is not the "Butterfly Effect" in which the hero of Ashton Kucher began to read his diary like stung, and then went back in time to "fix everything."


Everything here is filmed in the original Spanish style. And the plot is purely Spanish. Only in Spain can maman take away his own offspring and leave him to be raised by an aunt who has an affair with one, then another, then, in fact, with a son, who was taken to her for education.

Aunties like that in Spain.

51. Greed (1994) 7.58

Another interesting case of a huge inheritance and a large number of applicants for it.


Old fart Joe McTeague is already at the age when it’s about time for the next world. But he has not yet played enough with distant relatives who twist around him like electrons around an atom in the hope that the elderly millionaire will notice them and will not forget to indicate in his will.

But the old man, it seems, is not eager to share, hinting that everything will go to a young nurse, who each of his relatives is ready to strangle out of greed.

52. Diamond Cop (1999) 7.58

During the robbery, an incident occurred, and the thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) hides a huge stolen diamond in a building under construction so that the police would not seize the value upon capture.


He bravely endured all the years of imprisonment. After all, all the time he was imprisoned, he was warmed by the thought that, having got out of prison, he would become the owner of enormous wealth. But what was his surprise when the building under construction, in which he hid the diamond, turned over the years of his imprisonment into the office of the local police.

What to do? We'll have to become a policeman for a while ...

53. Death Becomes Her (1992) 7.58

Two friends "do not spill water" all their lives tried to fool the same man, because he is a master of makeup and can prolong the visual youth of his lady of the heart indefinitely.

But sooner or later, and aging makes itself felt. In pursuit of eternal youth, the friends turn to a local sorceress, who gives them the elixir of immortality. And now, it would seem, the goal has been achieved. But even then they urgently needed the same makeup master.

But now to cover up the cadaveric spots.

54. Finding Lola (1997) 7.56

This is the opposite version of the film, which is in our top of the best comedies of the nineties at 41 positions. If there was a woman chasing a narrowed man, then on the contrary, a man is trying hard to find a woman.


Once, in one of the local nightclubs, he witnessed how a certain young lady, hiding her face under a mask, performed the Macarena dance in a delightful way. Since then he cannot think of anything but her. And so, instead of doing business, he climbs all over Los Angeles in search of this dancer that drove him crazy.

And - in the literal sense of the word. The guy is now having seizures of quiet insanity because of her.

55. Hotheads (1991) 7.56

There was once a film about military pilots "Top Gun" ("Best Shooter") with the participation of Tom Cruise, who broke all popularity records. It is no wonder that Hollywood immediately filmed other popular action blockbusters of that time with an excellent parody.

In it, with the greatest cynicism and pretentiousness, all the most popular techniques of militants of the 90s are ridiculed. And the main role in this "theater of the absurd" was entrusted to play one of the top actors of the 90s - Charlie Sheen.

And he coped with the task at all 7.56 by KinoPoisk.

56. Aliens (1993) 7.56

No, this masterpiece of French cinema is not about aliens, but about not the most ordinary people, whom fate, coincidence of circumstances and witchcraft (how could it be without it!) were abandoned in our time from the Middle Ages.


The heroes of Jean Reno and Christian Clavier are a medieval count and his servant, respectively. And they will break a lot of firewood in the present, until, finally, they find a way to go back in time.

They will also find their descendants here, and not all of our heroes will be happy with the direction in which their family tree has degraded after centuries.

57. Twin Dragons (1991) 7.56

Jackie Chan again. And the film is interesting because, coming out almost at the same time as "Double Impact", in which, as you know, Van Damme starred, he turned out to be like two peas in a pod similar to his competitor.


Both here and there, the stars perform two roles at once in parallel - both themselves and their twin brother, who were separated by fate in childhood - the villainess. In both films, brothers meet in adulthood to fight the forces of evil.

But if the project with Van Damme was more serious (as far as it can be called), then the project with Jackie Chan is simply teeming with naive Chinese jokes and gags.

58. Hotheads 2 (1993) 7.55

With this - everything is clear. Again Charlie Shin, and again parodies of action movies of the 90s.


Only if there Charlie parodied, basically, the hero of Tom Cruise from "Top Gun", then he returns in the guise of Rimbaud himself.

Although, "Terminator 2" and many other well-known projects at that time also got it.

59. Major Payne (1995) 7.54

An excellent comedy with Wayans' older brother Damon, who starred in such cool films of the time as The Last Boy Scout (31st place in our top), Bulletproof, etc.

A retired major who is deeply depressed without his favorite work (and his favorite thing is to blame enemies of the state to the right and left) is invited to work at a military educational institution for petty assholes (as Major Payne himself put it).

And then he will come off on his young charges as soon as he can.

60. The Habit to Marry (1991) 7.54

The film is one of the best love stories of the time, and is in no way inferior to such a masterpiece of the 90s as "Pretty Woman".


Millionaire Charles Pearl (Alec Baldwin) has a habit of marrying, moreover, to the same lady. As he does not swear or break with his lady of the heart Vicky Anderson (Kim Basinger), but he still cannot get far from her.

Kim Besinger, by the way, was nominated for the Golden Raspberry for the worst female role for her role in this film, which did not prevent the film from occupying the highest popularity ratings to this day, and the actress herself received an Oscar in 1998 Best Supporting Actress.

Probably, the jury was simply envious of the then popularity of the beautiful Kim. Nothing happens to anyone.

61. Beauties (1998) 7.53

Not all nerds manage to get out of their "nerd sludge". But Cecile Bussy did it well.


And a new friend helped her in this, with the help of whom Cessile managed to open her eyes to the whole big world from which she was constantly hiding behind the covers of books.

Fool, and nothing more! After all, in this world you can play so nicely!

62. Oscar (1991) 7.52

While Charlie Sheen was tied up to appear in parodies of action films, Sylvester Stallone agreed to star in a kind of parody of mafia thrillers.


On his father's deathbed, the hero of Sylvester Stallone - Oscar - vows to tie up with mafia affairs at all costs and from now on engage only in legal business.

But the essence of any mafia clan is such that a ticket to it can be obtained only one way. In the opposite direction, it is only possible to go forward with your feet on a gurney. But Oscar does his best to resist the established traditions.

Sylvester Stallone was nominated for a Golden Raspberry for his role in this film. As well as the director of the film himself - John Landis. But the opinions of the members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation once again did not coincide with the views of the audience, who really liked the picture.

63. The Dangers of Love (1996) 7.52

This is a film about the side effects of the first love that happens in adolescence with everyone you meet and cross.


And especially these side effects are striking in relation to the youthful love of Santi and Diana. As soon as they find themselves close to each other, all sorts of things begin to happen to them, which greatly complicate the life of both one and the other.

Maybe it's time to try to stop resisting?

64. Zorro Mask (1998) 7.51

This time, the people's avenger Zorro returned to the big screens in the person of Antonio Banderas.

And he will do good with the greatest agility, skill, fervor and humor, which was taught to him by the previous Zorro, whose role, oddly enough, went to Anthony Hopkins.

It turned out, as it should be, in the style of "chug-bang - ours won." But to cheer up once, it will. It is always pleasant when evil gets what it deserves.

Let, at least, and only on the screen.

65. Mr. Cool (1996) 7.51

Jackie Chan again with his masterful fighting dance antics.


This time, the greatest and consummate martial artist turns out to be a TV host of a culinary show, who accidentally falls into a cassette with a recording of lewdness inflicted by local mafiosi.

Mafiosi, of course, are trying with all their might to get dirt on themselves back. But the cook turns out to be too slippery, quick and pugnacious.

66. Strange Couple 2 (1998) 7.50

The film is a sequel to the little-known first film, shot back in 1967.


But you can watch it separately from the first. Here and so it is clear what's what. Once the main characters were friends, until fate forced them to live together side by side. Here their friendship came to an end. After all, they are two opposites. One is almost a slob, and the second is so correct and neat that lightning strikes do not just slip between them.

But they will have to get closer again, since the daughter of one is marrying the son of another. Wondering how their relationship will affect the newlyweds and their wedding?

Probably not very good. And that's - to put it mildly.

67. Remove Periscope (1996) 7.47

This time the Hollywood filmmakers decided to make a parody of films about submariners. Indeed, they filmed about the pilots, about the landowners - too, but what about the sailors?


With the sailors it turned out, judging by the rating, a little worse, but not much. And the tale will be about the sea wolf - Tom George, who cannot curry favor in order to become the captain of his submarine.

But, fate smiled at him. At least, as it turned out, and a rather crooked grin. He was finally given his own submarine, but it turned out to be a diesel wreck almost from the Second World War, manned by a crew of some losers, with a lady-gunner to boot.

A woman on a ship is not good. But, as it turned out, this saying does not apply to rusty submarines and their under-crew.

68. Manhattan Murder Mysterious (1993) 7.46

As a rule, all murders are mysterious at first. And so that they are not, states have their own police, in which there are detectives (or, in USA, investigators).


Although this was not needed here. Everything was sorted out, albeit not without risk to life, by a curious neighbor named Carol.

Having conceived murder - know! The neighbor's eye does not sleep!

69. No Feelings (1998) 7.45

It was the turn of the youngest of the Wayans - Marlon. He plays a chronically penniless college student who is willing to go to great lengths to earn money.

And even to experience the effects of experimental drugs by a local professor on your ass. After injecting such, as it turned out, some of the person's senses are either turned off altogether, or become hypersensitive.

Or, for example, a chocolate eye starts to itch with all its might. Side effects have not been canceled either.

70. Bullets Over Broadway (1994) 7.45

This time, Woody Allen himself decided to stage a kind of parody of mafia films. The main role went to John Cusack.


The film has an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and a bunch of nominations, including for director and script. So the film cannot be but interesting.

What happens when a director wants to make a film, but he has no money for it? The director is looking for sponsors for his project.

And what happens to the mafia, whose pockets are full of money and who want their girlfriend to star in a movie? That's right, they are looking for a poor director suitable for such a case.

And now two loneliness met. But now the director has a choice - to shoot a deliberately disastrous film with a beauty who does not know a damn about cinema, or to give up his idea.

Although, judging by the intentions of the bandit, the second point disappears.


That's all for now with the best comedies of the 90s. Expect more in a couple of weeks, but for now - enjoy everyone watching and, as usual, more cool films and TV series.

And remember! We have a selection of films for every taste and color. That is why no one ever leaves us without a good film!

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