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Hitman from the Animal Kingdom: Untitled Goose Game Review


Can you imagine that you have a power so powerful that allows you to commit great crimes, but go unpunished? A power that helps you to catch up with the Predator in stealth, quietly hunting its victims, not even suspecting what danger they face. And the goose from Untitled Goose possesses this crushing power. He will slowly tilt his head forward towards the poor teenager in order to attack him, and after the shket is scared to lie on his shoulder blades, he will begin to giggle maliciously. Yes, this goose is a piece of shit, but you will love it. Our Untitled Goose Game review will give you a reason.

Ha-ha-ha-ha, bastard!

For many people who are not familiar with video games, the stealth genre is hardly associated with blood and stabbing. Alas, most modern stealth games focus on cinematic carnage, giving us control of hitmen or stealthy assassins with a blade hidden up their sleeve. Even in the same Metal Gear Solid 5, you could score on stealth, take bigger guns and go shoot enemies like Rambo, attacking head-on. But Untitled Goose gives us something different. Not revolutionary, but at least like a breath of fresh air.

The game became a phenomenon back in 2017, when the team behind Firewatch posted a pre-alpha gameplay in which a goose bullies a poor gardener, whose blood pressure must have jumped to maximum after being attacked by this evil creature. It was then that we first realized: geese are freaks. They are arrogant and mean, they spend every day committing local terrorist attacks, playing on human good nature.


Now let's move on to the gameplay. You are a goose and an inveterate freak. You like to hurt people just because you are a goose. You show your violent desire to destroy in a remote English province, where you have to move from one location to another. They are all related, but in order to move to a new part of the farm, you must complete all the items from your malicious goose list: steal keys, spoil the crop, peck or push.


Beak is our everything

Like a goose, we can crouch, flap our wings, grab things and drag them, and gag, which scares people especially well when they try to sip a cup of tea on the patio or throw a dart in a pub. House House has done an admirable job of coming up with dozens of things for the goose with its disabilities, although most of them fit into the form of traditional stealth genre.


For example, I sneak into a protected area and sneak unnoticed with a bucket in my beak. I am waiting for the character to complete his infinitely looping procedure so that I can throw the bucket on his head at the right moment - this leads to the activation of the script I need to help me go ahead.


For comparison, in Hitman we have to experiment to understand how this or that hidden action will help you achieve your goal, for example, spill oil behind you so that a person slips on it and hits his head straight into boiling oil. Everything in Untitled Goose is very similar, only without blood, but with a touch of British humor like Mr. Bean.

In many ways the game resembles quests from the end of the twentieth century - very charming and funny in their concept, but rather cruel and challenge you.

Metal Goose Solid

Most of the game really feels like Hitman. Even the biggest asshole, like our goose, must sometimes hide in bushes or boxes in order to meanly attack people. This is no exaggeration when comparing the game to Hitman or Metal Gear Solid, just goose-based shenanigans replacing all these monstrous murders. Slowly sneaking up on an unsuspecting person holding an item or using strategic positioning to lure them into a trap.


There is an insidious joy in getting more and more angry reactions from people in a small town. And that's good, because being an asshole in games is fun [remember Bully]. Especially when the immersion is level. For example, gaggle is needed to distract / attract attention or frighten. But I used it in a special way.

If you get close enough to a person, the goose's gaze will stop on him. It happens that people notice you and also look back. Every time I performed some manic goose joke - I picked someone's expensive rose, broke a fence, forced the second person to cut the first person's rose in half, stole glasses from a blind man, knocked a schoolboy down, then forced the person to look at me, waited , and then published one, mocking ha-ha-ha, maliciously taunting the defeated enemy.


Of course, it is much more interesting to pass this puzzle with friends, since you will laugh for a very long time from local gags. Plus, a friend can always be helpful when you can't figure out how to solve a puzzle. And they are here, despite all the absurdity of the game - not stupid.


Video games allowed me to be a god, a superhero, a military man, and so on. But I did not think that I would return again to the times of 2013-2014, which became famous for the release of stoned simulators, such as a simulator of a surgeon, bread, goat, etc. Now gamedev has taken it to the next level, giving me a weird goose control experience without calling it a simulator, which would be out of place in 2019.

And so I got control of a feathered asshole armed with a checklist of fun, ridiculous tasks to complete. This is one of the funniest games I've had all year.


House House has designed a lovely little town, small stages that connect into an open world reminiscent, foolishly, of Dark Souls. Every time I feel like I've come a long way, I open a side gate that takes me back to one of the key play centers or arteries.

The goals are usually creative and enjoyable. But the real magic of the game lies in short, endlessly fun interactions. The only downside to this harsh goose adventure is that it is very short. You can complete the game in 2-5 hours, taking into account bonus tasks. It's a wonderful and fleeting experience, one of the funniest this year.

If you are too lazy to play, but really want to appreciate this masterpiece, you can watch


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