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What to play this weekend? Untitled Goose Game, River City Girls, Rebel Cops


There are many good indie games on the incentive every day, and not all of them get noticed. Especially for those who do not know what to play on the weekend or on a free evening, we have compiled a selection and mini-review of several good indie games that will help you spend a couple of relaxed evenings.

Untitled Goose Game

We wrote in detail about the asshole goose in our review on Untitled Goose Game. However, in short, we are playing as a goose. A very angry goose. It is not known whether this goose is offended by the world because, being a duckling, everyone called him ugly, but at heart he is a swan, but we know for sure - the goose is either a dead asshole, or part of the Defeat project and is a subordinate of Tyler Durden.

We have a list of our goose cases that we need to complete, moving forward from location to location on the streets of an English provincial town. Things are very tricky, for example, to lock a small brat in a telephone booth, break people 's personal items, pour water on a gardener, drown his radio, make one person hit another.


Our goose is competent to drag objects, walk bent over, flap its wings and gag maliciously. The game works on the principle, I'm not afraid of this word, Hitman. We will have to monitor and memorize how the NPCs move, and in time to apply this or that action in order to activate the script. For example, when the gardener clogs the sign “geese do not appear” [huh, how naive], you need to catch the moment so that he hit himself on the fingers with a hammer, fell and with his body opened a closed door for us through which we will pass in order to continue to do evil.

Alas, the game is rather short and a little buggy, but it returns during the stoned simulators of the early tenths.

Pixel Shinobi Nine Demons of Mamoru

At first it seemed to me that Pixel Shinobi Nine Demons of Mamoru is such a pixel analogue of Mark of the Ninja. We also play as a blade and shadow worker in the eastern setting, but everything turned out to be much more difficult and interesting.


First , the game boasts a huge and very complex combat system of the level of a good fighting game. By pumping the hero, you open up more and more tactical and combat combinations that will have to be learned in order to complete the game with pleasure.

Secondly , a bunch of consumables to create your own fighting style. These are grenades, and shurikens, hooks and much, much more. Consider the game itself - an interesting experiment for those who are tired of simple action platformers.

The game is fast, dynamic with a sufficient amount of violence, plus, if you like to study mechanics or a combat system, then the more it will come to you. True, there are disadvantages to the controls in the game, but the emphasis on exploring locations takes its toll.

River City Girls

You may remember, but it was in the SNES era, or Dendy, if you like, this series of games known as the Nekketse universe. This is a set of sports games where, in principle, one could simply beat the opponent, regardless of the rules of the game. River City Girls is just a reincarnation of this universe, meeting you with a pleasant school beat'am up atmosphere, made in the style of that time.


According to the batch, we play as two girls [there is a cooperative in the game], going to the rescue of their guys, who were maliciously kidnapped. The plot is presented like a manga, but with amazing voice acting of the characters' voices.

From any other beat'am up, where you just need to knead the muzzles of opponents moving along the rectum, River City Girls is distinguished by the fact that it has elements of metroidvania: you can walk back and forth, visit different locations, floors and open on them something new. There is also a pumping of perks, new techniques, plus you still have access to a store with consumable items.

In general, such elements in River City Girls are a breath of fresh air, because the beat'am up genre itself is quite old, which came to us from the distant arcade era and today you can hardly surprise anyone with it. But metroidvania, plus pumping within the framework of the game, makes it interesting both for new players and for oldfagof who are eager for a beautiful carnage. To remove the eternal respawn of enemies from the game - there would be no price for the game. But the grafon, the elements listed above, and the local humor are worth it.


Let's move from fun metroidvania to purebred metroidvania with souls-like notes. The difficulty of this game begins with the pronunciation of its name ... But seriously in Blasphemous, as in a platformer a la Dark Souls, there is no super difficulty as such, because the emphasis is shifted to exploring the world.

We run through the gloomy world of sinners in search of redemption, picking up relics, improvements, prayers [local analogue of magic] and delving into lore. And he is rather pretentious here, as if Dante Alighieri reincarnated as an independent indie developer and started writing a story about some strange world where everything is very dark, pretentious and not clear.


Yes, just like in Dark Souls, when you start playing, you don't understand at all what is happening here, why and how. The plot is presented narratively through the design of locations, snippets of dialogue and conversations with some biblical creatures. The world lives by its own rules. But from the first minutes of the game, you will learn that there is some kind of Miracle in this world that turns some into monsters, and brings others to heaven. The game is complex and cool, taking a long time to figure it out, but you want to do it.

An important point and a significant disadvantage is that the exit button is hidden even deeper than the Blasphemous plot, and at first I just exited by closing the game manually. So, to exit: go to the map, from there to the settings and only there you can return to the main menu to exit.

Rebel Cops

And the last Rebel Cops game for today is the illegitimate child This Is the police and the turn-based strategy genre. We play as a group of fair cops in a small town that is rotten according to the classics: mired in corruption, corruption and dependent on crime bosses.

We are trying to prevent them through missions where everything needs to be cleaned up. The game has the ability to go through stealth, but for the most part, open firefights are much interesting, plus not so dangerous as to be afraid to join them. Sometimes it is quite easy to drive the enemy into a trap and shoot them, after which you feel the genuine greatness of your cop genius.


However, carrying on your shoulders the burden of the guardians of the law, delaying enemies, you get more experience and points from this than when you kill. And here one-shot works both for you and for opponents.

But there is also a strange thing. The game seems to be tending to realism, where you always have to buy cartridges, count everything, put on armor on your people so that they are not killed, and try to arrest enemies, even though you are free to arrange a massacre. There are moments that look so ridiculous that they hurt your eyes. For example, arresting an opponent, he does not remain tied up, but disappears. That is, if you pass stealthily, the enemy cannot notice the tied comrade and raise the alarm or try to free him. Yes, it makes it easier to walk through, but on the other hand does not fit into the concept.

Therefore, Rebel Cops is a special gift for those who miss turn-based tactics, where thinking how to neutralize the enemy is much more interesting than killing.

That's all, we hope these five fresh September games will keep you busy when you wonder what to play

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