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The best TV series of February: New seasons


It's time to look into the future and find out which of the multi-part projects will delight us with new seasons at the end of winter 2020. Let's refresh our memory and discuss the best TV shows of February, remembering what they said and how it all began. And there are a lot of cool and expected projects awaiting us, and the first place among them (according to the KinoPoisk rating) is a comedy long-playing tape ...

1. Brooklyn 9-9 (NBC) 8.23

Season 7 February 6

The brave detectives from the Brooklyn District 9-9 of the New York Police Department continue their difficult service of protecting local neighborhoods from criminals of all colors, genders and stripes. Detectives Terry Jeffords, Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Rosa Diaz (Hitchcock and Scully are not counted), as in previous seasons, are ready to kick ass to the underworld wholesale and retail.

And it's okay that some of the characters are now married, and some, such as Gina Linetti, dropped out of the race for criminals. The intensity of passions and humorous idiocy from season to season only increases, which puts the project on the same shelf with such pillars of the comedy genre as The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley and makes it not only the best TV series in February, but also the best multi-part project for the whole history of television series in general.

By the way, last fall, NBC decided to renew the project for an 8th season. So, with your loved ones, as they say, do not part. NBC won't let you do that.

2. Better Call Saul (AMC) 8.12

Season 5 February 23

Next on the list of the best TV series in February is the spin-off of everyone's favorite serial blockbuster Breaking Bad. While fans of the project wait from season to season and episode to episode for Better Call Saul's plot to finally come to an intersection with all the revered central project, attorney Jimmy McGill continues to deal with his affairs further, becoming stuck in the past. successful that the future, it seems, and not to be seen.

Are there any references to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman coming this season? Only the creators of the series know. Although, even without these two, watching the endless ordeals of Saul Goodman (which means something like "radiant kind-hearted peasant") is a sheer pleasure. The project clearly shows that even with an extraordinary mind in your bowler hat, it is not as easy to break into people in today's America as you would like. And considering that you were so fiercely unlucky with your brother ...

In general, we are watching the continuation of the adventures of the hero Bob Odenkirk. The first and second episodes of Season 5 will air on February 23 and 24. The rest of the episodes will appear on screens one at a time.

By the way, the series has already been renewed for the 6th season, so it is likely that we will meet with White and Pinkman only in the future. And that is not a fact.

3. Alien Among Friends / Homeland (Showtime) 08.08

Season 8 February 9

It seemed to many that with the death of Brody in the third season, the series would die. But the project not only survived, it gained such momentum that it cannot be stopped. The star of "Romeo + Juliet" and "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" Claire Danes pulled the series on herself like a real locomotive, which fans of the show are very, very happy.

On the third place of our top best TV series in February, the eighth season of the adventures of CIA operative Carrie Matheson, who, as we all remember, had a hard time in USA dungeons. No pills were given to her and she had a real hole in her memory. But, judging by the trailer, our "girl" skips and rejoins operational work. Now - in Afghanistan.

After lengthy meetings and debates by the Showtime TV channel, it was decided to close the Homeland project after the 8th season, so this season will be the final one. Finally, Claire has been tortured, some will say. But to retire and live on with such memories, given that her psyche is not to hell anyway ...

Although, who knows. Maybe no one is going to leave her alive ...

4. March 8 Starz

Season 5 February 16

Next on our list of the best TV shows in February is the continuation of the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's literary cycle Outlander. The project tells the story of Scotland of an alternative reality, since in our world, as everyone knows, there are no magical powers that can transfer a person to the past (and back to the future).

In this "universe" the laws of the ancient magic called "Faerie" are still valid. As a person endowed with the gift of witchcraft, anyone here can travel between time layers up and down. The main thing is to find a special place called "cromlech", of which there are many on the British island.

Accidentally falling into one of these cromlechs, the main character of the series, Claire Randal, finds herself from 1945 in the year of that reality 1743, where she gets stuck. Here she meets the Scotsman Jamie Fraser, with whom they will develop love, family relationships and major adventures.

During the Second World War, Claire was a physician at the front, and at this time, ordinary people perceive her medical abilities as a fortune-telling. She was accused of being a witch, they tried to burn her at the stake, she returned to her time, then came back, swam to the New World, in general, did a lot of useful things for the good of the past, due to which the future changed a little for the better. It will be interesting.

The cable TV channel last yearStarz extended the project for two seasons at once - the 6th and 7th. Each of them will consist of 12 episodes. And if you consider that the cycle, together with the unpublished "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone" already consists of 9 novels, it is likely that the TV channel will continue the series further. Unless, of course, ratings do not fall. In the meantime, they are at the level.

5. Just kidding (Showtime) 7.96

Season 2 February 9

Jim Carrey himself starred in the next TV series in February. He played a kind of mentally abnormal hero - Jeff Picchirillo, who has a spring in his head for years, ready to break and smash everything to hell.

Jeff has been leading a family show for many years - a children's puppet show akin to Sesame Street, acting in it as the main host - Mr. Pickles. In the given reality of the Earth, this program, like the named analogue from our universe, is known all over the world. The rights to the show have been sold to many foreign countries, everything in the family of tycoons is on ointment and promoted, it would seem, for years and decades to come. But here's one caveat. Jeff's wife suddenly decides to leave him, complaining that he is a rag and a worthless bastard.

Keeping in mind that the show is based on its central host Mr. Pickles, everyone tries their best to cheer up and support Jeff, acting more on his nerves than helping to improve his "mental environment."

Over the years, Jeff has become so accustomed to his positive character that he automatically tries to stay positive and find good even in the worst. But a lump of troubles and aggravating circumstances accumulates by leaps and bounds, in the end threatening to rip off Mr. Pickles' roof, which, in turn, will fill up the whole show and the entire media company combined.

Well, will Jeff be long enough? At the end of the first season, it became clear that even iron, when heated strongly, begins to melt and flow. What, interestingly, will be in the second?

6. Narco: Mexico (Netflix) 7.90

Season 2 February 13

Next in our list of the best February TV series is the continuation of the spin-off of the once sensational series "Narco" - "Narco: Mexico". If in the previous "Barygs" it was told about the exploits of Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellin Colombian cocaine cartel, then the second part is by and large not connected with him (although he will also appear briefly here) and will tell about what happened in parallel to the previous series in Mexico.

The meaning is still the same - the struggle of local drug dealers with competitors and the recently formed Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Here the main confrontation flares up between the hero of Diego Luna - Miguel Angel Felix Galliardo and his "team" and the local anti-drug department and competitors.

Enrique (Kiki) Camarena performed by Michael Pena is very good. His character, disillusioned with serving in the ranks of human rights bodies in the States, moves to Mexico, where he believes he has more opportunities to live a decent life and feed his family.

It turns out, unfortunately, not quite the way he would like it. Serving in a corrupt and corrupt Mexican law enforcement system from top to bottom, there is little choice. Either play the well-known general adjusted and planned game without sticking your nose out of the grass, or even get out of the way before your own ones sew you. Never ask questions and never dig more than you are allowed to. Otherwise ...

Otherwise, dear DEA agent, play your game. But here's how the card will fit.

Watching the second season. The third has not yet been extended, but all the prerequisites for this are available.

7. My Brilliant Friend (HBO) 7.79

Season 2 February 10

Few of them have been filming really solid and, most importantly, plausible dramatic multi-episodes lately. Our next best TV series in February is one of those. It is based on the famous cycle of the famous Italian writer Ellena Ferrante "Neopolitan Novels".

The tale in it will be about a rival friendship, and in some places - friendly rivalry, two girls, girls, and later - as it should be by the laws of nature - the women of Rafaella (Leela) Cerullo and Elena (Lena) Greco. The story begins in the distant 50s of the last century. Then in the vicinity of Naples life was very hard. The post-war devastation and the economic situation did not favor the entire population of Italy, without exception, to live happily ever after.

Families Greco and Cerullo were just the kind to whom life was given with great pressure. And the girls grew up, as they say, as it happened. They graduated from junior school, but only Lena could enter the senior one. But here's what's interesting. While Lena succeeded with great difficulty, Leela mastered any sciences and disciplines effortlessly. Moreover, it was the same in life.

But it is not at all clear who gave which of them more stimulus in life. And it's not a fact that we will find out the truth at the very end. There are four books in the Neapolitan novels cycle. And if we consider that each season is staged one novel, there are a couple more ahead of us. Looking forward to it.

8. Strike Back (Cinemax) 7.63

Season 8 February 14

Despite the fact that after the 5th season the cast has completely changed, the missions of 20 of the British military intelligence department did not become less interesting. In this February series, we will once again plunge into the espionage games of the special services and the fuss of terrorist groups constantly trying to buy some gizmos that can make a rustle so that mom does not cry.

But the rustle always remains “not done”, so mom doesn't care about it. But there is a case for Thomas McAlister, Samuel Wyatt and other honest company, which, by the way, is half of the women (how tolerant, but implausible). They, as always, breastfeed to defend democracy and the entire British kingdom, so much so that at the same time they manage to save the rest of the world.

Let's not pay attention to the excessive bulging towards USA. Now in her direction who just does not push. Let's just follow what is happening and be happy for the heroes. For the fact that they again saved the world from another third world war.

Despite the cliched plots, the series was shot on a large scale, sparing no expense, and therefore everything looks very good. But, unfortunately, seasons 6 and 7 were far from the "first five books" in terms of the number of views. Therefore, the management of the Cinemax cable network, which once gave us such high-quality and expensive products as Banshee, Knickerbroker Hospital and Mercenary Quarry, decided to completely cover this long-running project in favor of something different and more original .

So, we are watching the 8th season, because it is the final one. This means it will be very interesting.

9. The Sinner (USA network) 7.46

Season 3 February 6

Despite the fact that our next series in February is called "The Sinner", we said goodbye to the "sinner" in it at the end of the first season. There, as we remember, the main character, while relaxing on the beach, attacked a young man, stabbing him like a sieve with a knife.

The case was entrusted to lead a kind of detective played by Bill Pullman - Harry Ambrose, who himself, at times, is not all right with the cuckoo. He, of course, opened that case. After him, there was already the second season in which Ambrose dealt with the case of a petty asshole who killed his family. As you understand, there was no smell of a sinner there.

How, in all likelihood, she will not smell in the future 3rd season. Although, judging by the trailer, there will be plenty of male sinners in it.

10. High Delivery (HBO) 7.19

Season 2 February 7

The adventures of Dude, the weed supplier and his clients continue. In the next season of the next February TV series, there will be new routes and new stories from the life of ordinary average marijuana smokers. Yes, exactly from the life of the customers, because this is not a story about a courier, but about his clientele.

All Dude's clients (yes, the grass carrier here, as in "Big Lebowski", is called with one simple and succinct word "Dude"), completely with one or another mental gadgets and disorders. It so happens that they impose their society on the Dude, but most often the conversation is about themselves, about their problems and how they solve them.

So the project is more like a kind of collection of separate stories about different people who are connected by only two things, namely, the eavesdropping of the cuckoo and a courier nicknamed the Dude. In some places it will be interesting. And sometimes even funny.

11. Good Girls (NBC) 7.14

Season 3 February 16

The next best NBC series in February will tell us stories about three ordinary girlfriends to whom life smiled little.

When need pushes them against the wall at all, they decide - pan or go! Am I a trembling creature or have I the right? They decide that although they are trembling creatures and they do not have the right to rob a supermarket with a toy gun, they will try. And, actually, they tried it. And then they tried it again. And more.

Things are getting more dangerous. Girls are bolder. The police are fiercer. How long will this edge walk last, and isn't it time to stop?

Probably it's time. But after.

12. Telephone Operators (Netflix) 7.10

Season 5 February 14

The heroine of Blanca Suarez is Lydia Aguilar, firstly, she is not Lydia Aguilar, and secondly, she was not going to become a telephone operator at all. She is a petty thief who just wanted to steal the necessary amount so that she and her friend could get away from Europe to hell. For example, to Brazil. After all, not only Ostap Bender strove in those years in Rio de Janeiro.


But their "escape from the continent" was prevented by their former boss, who had to be killed. But before his death, this goat shot at his girlfriend, and the rushing police accused the only survivor of the murder of both - Lydia.

The police inspector immediately guessed a thief in Lydia and, in exchange for freedom, sent the poor girl to rob the safe of the director of the newly opened telephone communication center of state importance. How to get there? Of course, getting a job as a telephone operator.

At that time, the girl did not yet know that she would meet her first love there, find there an occupation for her dreams, her future husband, getting rid of the police inspector, and a lot of problems on her head.

Well, the actress Blanqui Suarez did not know that she would find such an expensive and long-lasting role in this project. It's no joke, season 5, and the series is just accelerating.

13. When the Heart Calls (Hallmark) 6.72

Season 7 February 23

This is a story about love and worldly squabbles in the spirit of "Doctor Quinn: Women Doctor". In places beautiful, in places dramatic with exacerbations.


The only difference is that the action here takes place not in the middle of the 19th, but at the beginning of the 20th century, and the main character is not a doctor, but a teacher. The story is set in a remote mining town where Elizabeth Thatcher comes to teach children.

Comes and stays there for 7 whole seasons. Happiness to her in family life!

14. Holy Lies (Facebook Watch) 6.46

Season 2 February 20

Our list of the best TV series in February also includes a feed from the fresh steaming service Facebook Watch. It does not shine with a special rating, 14th place, after all, but this is also a kind of success.


The story here is about the girl Minnow Bly, who grew up and was brought up in a sect from her childhood according to her dubious canons. It was because of such doubts that the girl was later deprived of both arms here. But regardless of the camp way of life, here they can not only cut off the hands of those who doubt the foundations of the cult, but also send the leader of the cult to the forefathers.

And so it happened. And the armless Minnow Bly is clearly aware of what has happened. But he is not going to share his views and information on this matter with either sectarians or FBI agents. For now, at least. To be honest, life as a youngster suits her.

OK for now.

15. New Agent MacGyver (CBS) 5.40

Season 4 February 7

Despite the fact that the casting specialists set out to find an actor for the "position" of the next Angus "Mac" MacGyver who was as close as possible in appearance to everyone's beloved Richard Dean Andersen, young Lucas Till did not manage to surpass him even approximately. And although he managed to get into the top 15 best TV series in February, this is probably not his merit, but the fact that the most significant premieres in February are expected to be small.


The series tells about the secret unit "Phoenix", which deals with the most hopeless and laborious cases. And the most special thing here is he - Agent McGwiver, who in a matter of seconds will be able to find a way out of this hopeless situation, and if there are no funds for this, he will build them from everything that is at hand.

That's how it is. And it is presented, it seems, artistically, but the plot is so stupid, and the "improvised means" created by the gallant agent are so idiotic, laborious and unrealistic that you are simply amazed. And the means for their creation, for some reason, are always at hand. Likewise, MacGyver himself always gets stuck in situevins where there are plenty of available tools. Well, how would they throw him naked in the middle of the desert. Although, I probably would have built something from scorpions.

But if you are not used to thinking about the background and accept everything that happens on the screen at face value, you will be fine. Welcome to the 4th and most likely final season.

Hopefully, "Stargate" with Lucas Till in the title role will not dare to restart. It would be a complete disaster.

News especially for fans of the Star Wars universe

Especially for its newly opened streaming service Disney + and in honor of the tenth anniversary of the project, the Walt Disney Company decided to release an additional season of the already closed animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". If we had placed animation projects among the best TV series of February, then clonic wars with a KinoPoisk rating of 7.31 would have taken 10th place in the current list, thereby displacing the idiotic MacGyver with its homemade bells and whistles from the top in general.

Season 7 starts on February 17 and will consist of 12 episodes. What will be discussed there is still unknown. Most likely, the creators will just smoothly draw the line and lead us to the events that took place in the third episode of the main Skywalker saga - "Revenge of the Sith".

All fans of the Galaxy Far, Far Away - enjoy your viewing!


That's all. We will get acquainted with the best TV series of February - we will get acquainted with the premieres a little later. In the meantime, we will wait for "Brooklyn" and wonder what will happen in the continuation of the adventures of poor Saul Goodman.

All the best and more worthwhile movies and TV shows!

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