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AMD will compensate anyone affected by processor misadvanced


A number of users who have purchased specific AMD processors may be eligible for a cash payment from the company of the same name. AMD will pay compensation in the amount of $ 300 to everyone who has purchased some of the proprietary Bulldozer chipsets.

Error cost - $ 300

AMD did not run any contests or giveaways where it selected the lucky ones to give them a cash prize. The company, in the literal sense, pays for the incorrect information that sounded in the advertisement of branded processors. The payment is made for each individual chip, so if a consumer bought several of them, he can count on $ 300 for each purchase. Moreover, if someone bought from one to five processors, he does not need to present documents to prove the fact of purchase. You will need to confirm your purchase if you have purchased more than five individual units of the product.


Compensation payments for each AMD processor, about which false information was sounded, were the result of the lawsuit. The final decision on cash payments to consumers will be approved only in the first months of next year, and from that moment, within the next 60 days, everyone who made a claim for compensation should receive them.

Anyone who has purchased AMD processors on the company's website or at retail outlets located in California can qualify for payments. After all, it was in the court of this state that the case was considered. The compensation amount of $ 300 per chipset is the maximum and can be reduced if too many buyers apply for it. According to the court decision, the total amount AMD must pay to its consumers is clearly fixed and cannot exceed $ 12.1 million.

Who counts the core better

The controversy and further litigation occurred over the information that users heard in the commercial about the FX-8000/9000 chip models, manufactured on the Bulldozer microarchitecture. In the advertisement, the manufacturer called these processors for PCs and other desktop devices eight-core. Principal users, in turn, did not agree with AMD, believing that the above models are quad-core. There are four "dual-core modules" in the processors of this line. However, each module is not intended for separate processes, since resources for them, such as the coprocessor, cache, and a number of other components are shared. The manufacturer decided that one such module can be considered as two full-fledged cores, but consumers decided differently.

As a result, the dispute resulted in a class action lawsuit, while the key issue of the court case was the definition of what is still considered the processor core. According to AMD, users understand the meaning of the processor core in the same way as the company, but the court disagreed with the company, deciding in favor of the buyers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman