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Six free programs to fix all Windows 10 problems


The latest Microsoft operating system for PCs is. The uniqueness of this platform lies in the constant development of the ideas embedded in it. The popularity of this base has already become evident. Up to 34% of all PCs in the world run on Windows 10.

Despite the fact that the system is already in its 4th year, it still has a lot of problems and errors that require careful work on them. This is evidenced by the huge number of official fixes. However, there are other free ways to improve system stability without waiting for it to be done for you.

Before using each of the utilities presented, you must install the latest official system updates.

And now you can go directly to the analysis of programs.

IOBit Driver Booster


The good thing about Windows 10 is that it can help find and update drivers for all devices. But sometimes, in order to find the right driver, or even understand which device needs an update, built-in capabilities are not enough.

Driver Booster application will help to solve the problem. It will not only help you identify computer devices with outdated drivers, but also update them yourself.

It is very easy to manage the activities of the program, because there are only three tabs in it:

  • Outdated will find devices that are running on old drivers;
  • UpToDate , which gives control over automatic updates;
  • Action Center may help you find other programs from IOBit.

In addition to searching and downloading updated drivers, Driver Booster creates a backup restore point during installation. So if problems appear after the update, it will be possible to return everything back.

FixWin 10


A multifunctional program with a wide range of troubleshooting tools for Windows 10. It has six important sections that contain groups of typical errors and shortcomings of an individual operating system component. Each such section has at least 10 options inside for correction. They vary from small jambs, like a non-updating trash can icon (depending on the presence or absence of content in it), to restoring the availability of the system registry.

For the most experienced users, there is a “Additional Fixes” tab that allows you to more efficiently configure the system to suit your requirements.

The program has a user-friendly interface. So, if you need to reboot after fixes, a neat window pops up, politely warning you about this need.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4


The program came from the pen of the creators of FixWin10. This is The Windows Club. Both utilities are also related by a proprietary pleasant interface that is understandable even for inexperienced users. The similarities end there.

FixWin 10 focuses on troubleshooting Windows 10 problems, while Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 is designed to manage system functions, up to and including uninstallation. Changes are made through the Windows 10 Settings application, as well as the registry editor.

For safe operation, the creation of system restore points is used. To do this, the program provides a special button in the lower left corner. The program will offer to mark the changes that you may have to cancel. It remains only to click the "Apply" button

More than 200 Windows 10 settings available for editing in this program with a few steps.

Windows Repair


Build Windows Repair "all-in-one" fixes dozens of numerous problems. It should be run in safe mode, for reassurance. To start the mode, the utility has a special restart button.

The activity of the program affects the parameters of access to individual files, registry extensions. Separate functions patch the DNS and Winsock caches. The positive impact is on Windows Update. The disk check utilities and System File Checker start working in automatic mode.

For advanced users, there is a special "Repairs" mode that has many different functions to ensure the operation of the system. If you feel that your knowledge is enough to work in it, then it is worth giving it a try.

Missed Features Installer


Ho Despite the criticism, Windows 10 is a great platform to work with and is used by most users. But many fans of Windows 8.1 or the seventh version of the Microsoft system were upset by the company's transition to the top ten. Up to 40% of PCs all over the world still use old versions of systems and speak unflatteringly about developers' announcements that they will soon stop servicing and supporting their previous offspring.

For those, the Missing Features Installer will come in handy, which will help to return some old chips to the new system. Haters of Windows 10 Start will love the ability to bring back the old Start menu, old games from XP, Vista 7, such as the legendary 3D Pinball, can also be transferred.

The program can also block the operation of Windows Update and integrated Windows telemetry, but this can harm the entire system. Treat this feature carefully.

O & O ShutUp10


A big and not yet resolved issue with Windows 10 is its privacy issue. The situation has made serious progress since the system was launched in 2015, and the main issues of tracking and data collection still remain and need to be addressed.

There are different opinions about the dangers and benefits of collecting personal data. Supporters say that this allows for more effective development of the platform, opponents speak aloud about violation of personal space. For the latter, we have created programs that significantly increase the confidentiality of work in Windows 10. One of these is O & O ShutUp10.

Nine sections of settings for protecting data from transmission, including unique ones that are absent in the platform itself. Each block has an explanation. You will always know what exactly you will block. The program works like a switch.

Among other attributes, the program can choose the privacy settings by itself. blocking some functions, may interfere with the work of the whole

In conclusion

There are many more programs that can fix almost any problem that occurs in the operation of Windows 10. You should not limit yourself only to those presented in the list. Each of them fixes only its own sector of problems and for complete success, you need to use a set of measures.

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Author: Jake Pinkman