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How to update the drivers on your computer yourself


Let's take a closer look at how to independently update the drivers on your computer. We will also find out why you need to update drivers on your computer at all.

There is nothing fancy about updating drivers. The process itself is very simple, no special knowledge is required.

Usually, the installed operating system is quite capable of handling this task. However, it is much more efficient to update manually.

What are called drivers? Why do they need to be updated?

Drivers are small pieces of software that make the operating system better recognize certain devices: smartphones, printers, webcams, computer mice.

This also applies to computer components. Developers are constantly releasing new versions of programs. By downloading them, users receive functional improvements.

Sometimes problems arise: a stable application starts to close on its own, freeze, and work incorrectly. It is in such cases that you need to update the drivers of old versions with fresh ones, which are better adapted for the new software.

Simple and reliable methods for updating drivers

Let's try to figure out a few simple ways to update drivers of current versions that do not need to install additional programs on a PC. This requires a stable working Internet and some of your time:

One of the most reliable methods is to download and install the drivers from the computer manufacturer's website.


You need to go to the support menu and select the section with drivers. The software updates page will open, where you need to specify your Windows version, system bit and the full name of the devices for which you are going to update the drivers. A few clicks and you're done.

Another excellent (free) service with updated driver versions is DriverPack Solution.


The site is very easy to use. Everything is clear on an intuitive level. You just need to download DriverPack Online, click on the button to install all the necessary drivers.

After starting, the analyzer will scan your computer, a window will open in which all necessary updates will be marked with checkboxes.

It is important to know: remove the daws from unnecessary software and drivers that you are not going to download. Otherwise, they will be installed along with the required driver updates. Before any action, you must create a system restore point!

Thanks to this simple instruction, you can not only install all the necessary drivers, but also update them. If, for example, a disc with them is lost.

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Author: Jake Pinkman