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Back up device drivers. Program

Request text: Hello, is there a way to save the drivers in order to restore them after reinstalling the operating system?

Backing up device drivers is useful if you do not have at hand the disks that were bundled with PC hardware, or if you do not have the opportunity to download the latest drivers from the equipment manufacturers' websites, or maybe the system has so much old hardware, drivers for which are already difficult to find. However, there is a more weighty reason for creating a backup copy of the drivers - the case when the system has already been reinstalled, and the driver for the network card is missing for some reason. In this case, you can either look for another computer with Internet access (if this computer is nearby) or use a previously prepared external network card and also a previously downloaded driver for it. However, it is much more practical to make a backup copy of the drivers before reinstalling the system, you can use the DriverMax program to do this. You can download the program from the official website. It should be noted that DriverMax provides an opportunity not only to create backup copies of drivers, but also to use other useful services, but for this you need to create your own account.

Program installation:

Installing the program is quite simple. At the beginning, you are greeted by the installation wizard, click "Next", then you must accept the terms of the license agreement, if you agree with them, click "I accept the agreement", then select the folder for installing the program, click "Next", select the folder for store shortcuts, click "Next" again, then you can create a desktop icon (create a desktop icon) and in the quick launch bar (create a Quick Launch icon). Check the appropriate boxes and click Next, then click Install. At the end of the installation, a window will appear that notifies you that DriverMax will identify the installed drivers for devices. Fig. 1. Driver identification Figure: 1. Driver identification

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Author: Jake Pinkman