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Bracelet-microphone jammer, smart monitor stand and other unusual gadgets that have appeared recently


In this review, our readers will be able to familiarize themselves with products from several developers that are striking in their unusualness. First, there will be information about a bracelet that can jam any microphones. Then we will talk about two devices from Xiaomi: a smart monitor stand and an electric razor with five blades. Finally, we will discuss a new model of Nike sneakers, the lacing of which can be controlled via Bluetooth.

American engineers have created a jamming bracelet

Scientists at the University of Chicago are known for their ingenuity. Either they build a nuclear reactor under a sports ground, or they make an important medical discovery. Recently, a group of researchers at this institution developed an electronic bracelet that can jam all microphones in the vicinity.

For this, the device was equipped with 24 speakers that emit ultrasonic signals. Any microphones, including those built into smart speakers, mistake them for static noise, drowning out any speech that the owner of the product does not want to make public.

Around the world, the number of smart speakers and microphones, including voice assistants, is increasing every year. Researchers have found that a quarter of the US population relies on such products. They are often in their house.

Thus, users trust all the secrets of their privacy to such tech giants as Amazon and Google, which develop most of the voice assistants.

The creators of the "silence" bracelet assure that their device will help prevent the publicity of any secrets, including commercial ones. Now there is only one copy of the product, but the cost of the device does not exceed $ 20. Low production costs will allow you to quickly establish a serial production of the product.

The developers hope that soon eavesdroppers will not be able to learn other people's secrets. Their bracelet will help with this.

Xiaomi smart stand can sterilize things

Xiaomi specialists have developed a smart stand for a monitor or laptop. In addition to its direct purpose, it is capable of performing a number of unusual functions.


The accessory was named Lego S6 Pro. It is well suited to accommodate a PC monitor, laptop or all-in-one. The stand also received a solid shelf where you can store a smartphone, stylus or any other thing. There is also a 4.5-inch monitor that can give advice on maintaining human health. It will also help connect the user with colleagues.

Stationery is conveniently placed on the sides of the console. There are special pockets for this.

The stand is also equipped with a USB port for charging various devices. Its main advantage is the presence of ultraviolet lamps, which, by illuminating the lower space, are able to disinfect all the objects there. This takes no more than 10 minutes, the whole process takes place automatically, after which the lamps turn off by themselves.


In light of the events taking place in China due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Lego S6 Pro is a topical device. It will sell for $ 142 in that country.

Powerful shaver

Another useful product from Xiaomi is the Mijia Electric Shaver. It features a powerful motor and five blades for a close shave.


The device received a black plastic case. For control, there is only one button that provides activation. The razor's moveable head features five omnidirectional ultra-fine mesh blades. It promotes a snug fit of the surface of the device to the face and repeats its contours.

The manufacturer claims that the shaver motor is capable of vibrating 15,000 times per minute. It is made of highly elastic material that is durable and resistant to overheating. In the process of vibration, the device additionally performs self-cleaning from dirt, grease and hair.

Mijia Electric Shaver is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, which allows it to work on a single charge for at least 1.5 hours. For one shave, it is enough to connect it to the memory via USB Type-C for just three minutes.

It is also protected from false positives by a special blocking mode.

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is more comfortable

A few days ago, another unusual piece of sports equipment went on sale - the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 sneakers with automatic lacing.


The start of their sales was timed to coincide with the annual basketball holiday - All-Star Weekend. Therefore, the novelty was tested by some eminent basketball players.

At the same time, the manufacturer positions its product as footwear that is intended not only for athletes. Anyone can purchase them for $ 400.

The developer said that the new model has become more convenient compared to the previous analogue, especially with regard to the processes of putting on and taking off. The cushioning properties of the outsole have also been improved.

Adapt BB 2.0 control is available from a smartphone using a special program that interacts via Bluetooth. From time to time, sneakers need to be recharged. There is a special wireless mat for this.

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