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A new method of influenza vaccination has been created


Rospotrebnadzor has announced forecasts for the flu situation for 2018. According to statistics, last year, outbreaks of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza were recorded in 24 regions of USA. An increase in the disease was observed in people over the age of 15.

On the territory of our country, basically, there are two types of this disease - A ("Michigan" and "Hong Kong") and B ("Brisbane"). Most often they suffer from type A. For this reason, 8 schools and 15 preschool institutions were closed in the Samara region. Another 69 schools suspended the educational process.

Against the general background of an increase in the incidence of influenza, the situation in Moscow and the Moscow region was relatively normal. The incidence rate was almost 44% below the national average.

Health professionals associate these rates with several reasons. One of the main ones is running a successful vaccination campaign. More than 67 million residents of USA have undergone this procedure.

Types of vaccines


In our country, they have been used since the middle of the last century. The ampoules of the vaccine contain a weakened influenza virus. After the introduction, after a while, it begins to produce specific antibodies that prevent the development of a particular strain.

Two enterprises located in Ufa and Irkutsk are engaged in the development of vaccines in USA. They produce Grippol and Vaxigripp.

The vaccine is administered by subcutaneous injection.

New way of vaccination

This procedure is required every year. It can hardly be called pleasant. In addition, some residents of the country are afraid of injections.

Everything will change soon. There will be no need to give injections. A new method of vaccination has been created. All you need to do is stick the patch on your skin.


Approximately 30% of the population do not carry out this procedure due to lack of time. They do not want to visit medical institutions, stand in lines, wait for a doctor.

To recoup lost interest and increase the number of people protected from the flu, a group of scientists from the University of Washington created a newer type of vaccine. So far, it protects against several strains of the disease. You can carry out the procedure yourself, without involving doctors. Because - because a vaccine is just a patch. It is equipped with microneedles. Inside it are capsules with an active substance.

In order to vaccinate, you need to stick this patch for one day. The place of its application does not matter, but usually it is the shoulder of the left hand. This time is enough for the required amount of the drug to enter the human blood.

The patch is supplied with substances that allow you to minimize trauma. They relieve pain, disinfect and promote rapid healing of the vaccination site.

This method has already been tested on animals. They have shown that it is effective and gives the same results as the vaccine given by injection.

In order for this method to begin mass adoption, the appropriate structures must be resolved. This is what its developers are doing now.

What about USA?

Similar developments were carried out with us. However, for some reason their outcome is unknown. Probably, as is often the case in our country, funding has dried up.

Nothing is known for certain. But we firmly know that the existing developments of our scientists have saved more than one life. And it doesn't matter in what way you got vaccinated. The main thing is to pass it. After all, the degree of susceptibility of viruses to drugs decreases every year. It becomes more difficult to treat diseases.

If you want to live fully and not get sick, get vaccinated against influenza and SARS.

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Author: Jake Pinkman