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Walt Disney has closed Tokyo amusement parks


Walt Disney has temporarily closed its Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea amusement parks due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this decision was made after the Japanese government called for the cancellation of all public events for the next two weeks. Previously, theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong were also closed.

Note that, despite the small number of cases and deaths from the new virus compared to other countries, the Japanese government is taking urgent measures to prevent the spread of the disease. So, earlier all schools were closed until the beginning of April and sports competitions were canceled. The holding of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo remains questionable.

According to analysts, The Walt Disney Co. China's amusement park profits could fall by $ 280 million in the current quarter due to the current situation. The losses of Hollywood studios in the Asian region as a whole may be significantly greater, since all cinemas in China are closed indefinitely.

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Author: Jake Pinkman