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Comedy 2019: Top 30 Best, Part 2


In our tumultuous times, humor is the best way to maintain the psyche at the proper level. And the best comedies of 2019 will help us cheer up, the top 30 of which we publish right here and now. Welcome to the second part of our collection, which includes masterpieces from 11th to 20th.

Comedies in the top are ranked based on the KinoPoisk rating, which may change slightly over time.

11. Kholop (USA) 6.84

The second part of our top comedy in 2019 opens with a domestic film about the re-education of a difficult overgrown teenager using a method somewhat similar to the method shown to us by David Fincher in the 1997 supertriller "The Game".

There, I remember, the younger brother very much wanted to reawaken in his older brother the craving for life, for which he turned to a special company that turns the further life of this oldest brother into a solid genuine quest, the result of which was the very "rebirth "The main character psychologically.

Immediately, with the help of a quest, they decided to simply re-educate a person.

The tale is about a carefree major named Grisha, the son of one of the oligarchs, whom his father raised as a complete selfish, ignorant, mediocre and arrogant asshole (my mother died a long time ago, so there are no complaints about this with her). And now, when Grisha "organized himself" into a real cattle, a hamlo and a misogynist, dad grabbed his head. How could it be otherwise, after all, my son once again nearly ran over a policeman?

Another, in the place of his father, would spit on everything and say: “Yes, you put him in prison for five years. Let him sit and gain some intelligence. " But it is unlikely that the prison will correct his brains. Rather, it will make it even worse. And it will have a very bad effect on your own reputation. It was then that his friend advises him to turn to her ex-hubby Lyova, who is just engaged in the re-education of similar "imbeciles". True, his methods are slightly non-standard, but effective in almost 100% of cases.

Especially for the "re-education" of Grisha, somewhere in the forest, a landowner village of the middle of the 19th century was recreated (to be precise, in 1860, a year before Tsar Alexander II abolished serfdom), which was packed with high-class actors who performed the role of local villagers - landlords and their slaves. They set up an accident for Grisha, after which they put him to sleep, and when he wakes up, he finds himself in this very village, in a dirty stable, dressed in stinking rags.

It turns out that he is a serf groom here, and his past life, supposedly, was just a dream. Or is he in a coma now? No matter. The main thing is that there is - that is. Also, for the re-education of Grisha, special scripts were written, which in every way would have to awaken in his soul (if any) compassion for his neighbor, conscience and so on.

Only the local "project manager" did not even think that there are cases of such a degree of neglect, about which all his scripts will break like ancient incandescent bulbs on a tiled floor.

12. Shazam! (USA ...) 6.76

In the next best comedy of 2019, the main joke boiled down to putting the soul of a young asshole in the body of an adult superhero. The film is based on the comic strip of the same name from the DC universe. It is not clear what the author smoked when he invented and drew his supercomic, but the fact that in his heart he himself was never an adult ignorant schoolboy is one hundred percent.

But who pays attention to this?

Somewhere in the dungeons of Philadelphia there is a cave in which until recently the old man Shazam was slowly but calmly aging, guarding the seven deadly sins imprisoned in stone statues. But since the sins themselves will not be kept in prison, and in the DC universe, some wizards can also be mortal, it is time for the old man to look for a successor to whom he could transfer his magical powers, and with them his sacred "dining room outfit" .

It is not entirely clear why the old man was looking for a successor for himself precisely among the small, and therefore still dull-witted assholes, but okay. The main thing is that, for some reason, he only came across unworthy ones. Alternately pulling them to his cave from the local metro, he arranged for them a kind of "interview", through which he revealed the degree of their professional suitability. And yet none of them was lucky enough to pass his "exam" perfectly.

Plus, he acted rashly. At a time when meetings had to be held on neutral territory, without particularly revealing either the location or the power of his abilities, he put his magic on display, which is why he paid. Another petty asshole, disappointed that Shazam slapped him with "no credit", decided to take revenge on the old man, and, having matured, found his cave and helped to break free of sins.

I would like to ask, why did this Shazam with a package of superpowers worthy of Superman himself sit there and watch if he was shod by some mere mortal who had no inclinations for magic? It is also not entirely clear why the sins left the old man alive, because, whatever one may say, he posed a mortal threat to them. Probably, so that the comic does not end there. Well, okay.

In general, the choice of Shazam fell on the fourteen-year-old orphan Billy Batson. Having pulled him out on the Rock of Eternity (this is the name of the location in which Shazam lived), he sniffs his abilities to him and safely crumbles to dust. At first, the dumbfounded boy gradually comes to indescribable delight. Now, having said: "Shazam!", He turns into an adult pumped-up guy who crumbles concrete with his fists and has a bunch of all sorts of magical powers and skills.

If he had known that in the end he would have to face all mortal dreams in a crowd, he would not have been so happy about the unexpected happiness he had.

13. I'm going to look for (USA ...) 6.71

We are all already accustomed to the fact that the rich who live in ancestral mansions and have a bunch of relatives are presented in the films as people with a somewhat non-standard psyche and the same non-standard “family quirks”. The creators of the next best comedy of 2019, which is along the way and an action-packed mystical thriller with elements of an action movie, went even further. The family featured in this film had not a quirk, but a whole “bzichische”. But let's go in order.

Alex, one of the scions of the rich, well-born and numerous Le Domas family, decides to marry, for which he brings his bride Grace to the ancestral castle of his family, where he introduces her to her relatives at a wedding dinner. Everything is going well, and the bride is already looking forward to her wedding night in bed with the groom. But here, at the end of the dinner, as if in some hypertrophied "Field of Miracles", they bring in a casket, which should throw out the "surprise prize" - a card with the name of the game that the whole family will have to play. Moreover, "the whole family" must necessarily win, because if the bride wins, they, supposedly, all have their brains exploded. Well, or something like that.

And it would be nice if chess or some ping-pong fell out. But "hide and seek" fell out. Although, what's wrong with them? Well, they found you and found you, just think. But just starting to play their stupid and, at first glance, naive game, she suddenly, being in hiding, becomes a witness to the murder of a local servant. One of the stupid "relatives" of her husband confused the maid with her, which makes it clear the basic rule of the game - if you find it - kill, otherwise they will kill you.

Doors and windows are automatically closed. Cameras are everywhere. Where to hide and where to run? But it gradually dawns on our heroine that the best way to stay alive is, if not an attack, but at least an adequate response.

Well, and begins to "respond adequately" little by little. The ending will pleasantly surprise everyone.

14. Christmas for two (UK ...) 6.70

In the next romantic comedy of 2019, Daenerys Stormborn herself starred - Emilia Clarke. To see her in such a role is somewhat unusual, especially after she was stabbed by Jon Snow with a dagger in the last episode of "Game of Thrones", and Darth Maul himself bent under him in "Star Wars". But what is - that is. We will be content with this.

A girl named Kate lives in London. Although, the concept of "living for himself is doing well" is not quite suitable for her. Rather, it is she who survives, because, living in a rented apartment, she manages to drag the first fellows she meets, for which, in fact, she flies out of her. During the day, Kate moonlights as an elf in a Christmas store, and then loves to paw her collar at a local bar. In general, not life, but sheer hysteria.

Once, in the process of her “rich life-being”, she stumbles upon a strange guy who did not predictably frame her, but simply tried to arouse her interest in what is above her head. According to him, if you look up at least occasionally, you can learn a lot about the world. Kate looked and immediately got a bird's shit in her eye, on which their acquaintance with the guy immediately ended.

But then she all the time accidentally bumps into this guy, which is why she developed a persistent addiction to him. And maybe even something more. The guy's name is Tom, he volunteers at a local homeless shelter. Her audition failed, there is nothing to strive for now, so why not get to know him better?

Especially when, not being salty, I had to return to my home to my mother drinking blood and arrogant sister.

15. Deerskin (France) 6.62

Observing the behavior of the kooky is always fun. The next comedy of 2019 is just about a pretzel that went off the reels, whose brains one day suddenly took, and turned in the wrong direction.

Finding on the Internet (or maybe in the newspaper, - the story is silent about this) an advertisement for the sale of a rare deerskin jacket by some old man from the province, Jordis suddenly for no apparent reason lights up to buy it, because of what is going to hell on the middle of nowhere, having withdrawn from his credit bank account all the money that was available to him - seven and a half thousand euros.

Arriving at the address, he makes a purchase, giving the old fart all the amount he has without any complaints. Left penniless, he tries to get a job at a local hotel, pledging a gold wedding ring. Judging by his phone conversation, he and his wife were really fucked up, so what's the difference now.

Coming from the bar, where he casually met a couple of local young ladies, he goes to bed, before this, having a couple of words with his jacket. The jacket told him about her dream. She, they say, wants to remain the only jacket in the whole world. To which he replied that his only dream is to remain the only guy in the jacket. The jacket asked him how he was going to make their dreams come true, to which Georgis replied that he would come up with something.

And he came up with the idea of impersonating a director who makes a film about how everyone around them refuses their jackets. He's writing a script in which a dude who brought all his jackets says, "I refuse to wear jackets anymore," and then puts them in the trunk of Georges' car. He safely removes this scene, for which he gives the next actor found according to the ad 100 euros, closes the trunk and leaves with the jackets of this same sucker, leaving him standing with his mouth open in amazement.

Ridding the world of jackets is complicated by the fact that it has no money. His wife blocked his card, and a local sucker, to whom he hung cinematic noodles on his ears, could only loan him 500 euros. The jacket begins to run over him, they say, at such a pace he will not be able to rid the world of jackets in his entire life.

Then Georges decides to switch to more radical and cheaper ways to rid the population of outerwear ...

16. Zombieland: Control Shot (USA) 6.55

Who does not remember the story about Tallahasi, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock, who, having survived the zombie apocalypse, had to kill Bill Murray and withstand the zombie defense in the Zombieland amusement park at the end of the first part? And so, before 10 years passed, we were presented with the second part.

In this horror-adventure comedy 2019, over the past year - the best of its kind, the action takes place exactly 10 years later. They still live as a four of them, having moved into the real presidential White House and everything seems to be in order with them.

Zombies over the past time, oddly enough, did not rot, but became even more mother. At least - some of them, which the company christened as "Hawking", by analogy with the famous scientist, "ninja", by analogy with the fidgety Japanese assassins and "T-800", by analogy with the "Terminator". But the shooting of dead people has turned into the most routine for our heroes. Dealing with them casually, they lead a measured way of life, which, to be honest, everyone is already somewhat bored.

Well, maybe not to everyone, but to the sisters - for sure, which further events only confirm.

The last straw that prompted Wichita and Little Rock at night and secretly dumped from this almshouse was a marriage proposal made by Columbus Subtract. It is not entirely clear what she didn’t like, since they had already lived in the presidential bedroom as a couple for a long time already, but what is - that is.

The guys grieved a little, but did not rush after. Want? Let them fail. A month later, Columbus found himself a new woman who had been hiding all this time in the freezer of a local butcher's shop, and Tallahassee was fine alone. But one day, Wichita reappears in the "house", having stunned friends with the news that she ran away from Little Rock with some kind of post-apocalyptic cute hippie. There is no time for jokes. The company gathers and goes in search of her until the tracks are cold.

And although their first stop will be at Graceland, the estate of the immortal Elvis himself, after which they will have to visit a vast human community, Zombieland awaits them again in the end. Albeit a slightly different variety, but no less bloody-meat and cadaverous-diverse.

17. Fighting My Family (UK, Mexico, USA) 6.54

We didn't immediately dare to include this comedy in our top of the best of the best for 2019, since the film is primarily a drama. But overall, the picture was amusing, so let's just start describing.

The Knight Family is a real fighting family. Mom and Dad are up to their ears in wrestling, where from childhood they also introduced their children, of whom, by the way, there are three. The elder sits in a slammer and the plot mainly revolves around the younger ones - Zach and Paige.

Their father and mother, in the literal sense of the word, contain a regional "league", they themselves take part in fights in the ring, and attract punks from the side to the show. But suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, a manager from a major wrestling league arrives in their wilderness in order to select the best fighters to fuel their central show.

Zach and Paige are hopeful. Among others willing, they participate in qualifying fights and show the best results. But the manager selected only one participant for himself. And that was Paige, who never really got into the league and was never torn. It was her brother's dream. But ...

What will happen to the Knight family now?

18. Education (USA) 6.53

The next comedy of 2019 will tell about what happens when you get too hung up on education. High school students Molly and Amy learned the hard way about the downsides behind this loop.

The girls promised themselves that by all means they would graduate from school with honors, so that they could get into any higher educational institution without any help. Therefore, while their peers were playing with might and main at parties and “burning through” their lives in every possible way, they pored over textbooks, also engaging in social activities, because this will also count in the ending.

But, that's bad luck. Before graduation, it turned out that their peers, too, all as one get into prestigious universities. Who do not ask, after graduation, everyone is admitted to Harvard, then to Georgetown, then somewhere else. So what does it do? So it was possible to combine business with pleasure? But now it can't be helped. They squandered their younger years no matter what.

Although, there is still time. Why not get it all bad right now, when there’s nothing left before prom. There is only one catch. To get to the party of parties they will have to go through a bunch of other parties, some of which cannot be called parties ...

19. The craziest wedding (France) 6.52

Another comedy from the list of the best of 2019 is a sequel to 2014's Mad Wedding. Who does not remember, in that film, it was told about how difficult it was for Claude and Marie Verneuil to give their four daughters in turn never to French. Each of the first three sisters took turns choosing an Arab, a Jew, and a Chinese. It's time to marry the youngest. Her father has already found a great option for her from "his".

But she, as luck would have it, is also rushing into the family of an African American, completing the already extensive bouquet of nationalities.

The case in the last film was further complicated by the fact that the relatives of the former African-American groom did not get sugar. And after both sides finally managed to settle all their problems and disagreements and the wedding was still a success, they face a new test. Now all the children want to leave France for different countries and continents, leaving the elderly Verneuil to live out their old age alone, without filial and granddaughter love.

But Claude and Marie will not leave it that way. They will make every effort and financial means to show their kids how bad life is today abroad.

20. Jumanji: The Next Level (US) 6.49

From a simple restart, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" moved into the category of franchises. At least, the second film of the "series" has already been released, which, like the last one, was very successful at the box office. Judging by the fact that the "New Level" paid back the budget almost three times, it would be logical to assume that the third part is also not far off.

In terms of viewership ratings, of course, new films are inferior to the original version of 1995, but when in Hollywood they were chasing such a trifle as ratings on aggregator sites? The first place has always been and will be box office receipts. There is a fat - it is worth filming a sequel. No fat, it's time to tie.

This time, not only players from the previous squad were transferred to the magic virtual (or what is it?) world of Jumanji's game. In addition to them, a couple of grandparents were called to play a toy, who were also sucked into the console from the living room on the first floor (the game was in Spencer's basement).

As a result of this, a real confusion arose in the characters, since the bodies of some of them were occupied by the very same grandfathers. The porridge turned out to be the same. Subsequently, the minds of the players more than once jumped from the body of one character to the body of another, but this did not get worse. At first, of course, it was difficult to get used to who is who, but in the process of watching everything stunned into place.

This will be fun. Not worse than last time.


That's all for now. The rest of the comedies of 2019, or rather, the third part of the top 30 best of them, will be discussed next week. In the meantime, we will enjoy watching the above. If all of the "above" has already been revised earlier, we will enjoy watching what can be found in our freshmovie selections, fortunately, among them there are lists for every taste and color. Enjoy your mood, good health, and, as always, more cool films and TV series on the Internet. Without them in our harsh time - nothing!

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