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Review of the cartoon Forward. It's fun to walk together


I'll start with platitudes – in order to carry out our plans, we must take the first step. Sometimes it’s unbearably difficult to write the first sentence for a review, start jogging, sort out a family archive, and believe in yourself. Fear of failure stops many, and it is great happiness if there is someone nearby who will believe in you and inspire you to take this very step. Dan Scanlon's animated movie Onward will show how magic and more can change the world around and inside you.

"It must be difficult to have a brother," Forrest Gump reflected, citing the Kennedy brothers as an example. I don't know, I have no brothers, but I have a sister, and I agree, yes, it's difficult. So the elf brothers, Ian and Barley, sometimes find it difficult to find a common language. Ian, a notorious teenager, is like the hero of modern TV series about growing up. He is dissatisfied with his own life and himself, he is burdened by a noisy and optimistic older brother, and then there is also his 16th birthday, for which there is no one to call. And also these thoughts about his father, who died before his birth, and about whom he would like to learn something new, completely ruined the mood. This is hero # 1.

Hero # 2 – plump and loud Barley, a fan of all kinds of magic bells and whistles, a connoisseur of magic spells and historical artifacts and an activist for the protection of ancient ruins. He is sure that although no one has been using magic for a long time, preferring modern technologies to her, she is alive and ready to decorate her everyday life. Barley is kind, but his clubfoot often puts Ian in an awkward position. He shows his concern for his brother energetically, sometimes forgetting about delicacy.

So, Brothers different in nature and temperament must join forces and go through a dangerous quest to find a spell that will return their father for a day (just a synopsis of a detective story). Ahead of them awaits a lot of trials, deadly dangers, disappointments and happy moments. This adventure will give them new selves, reveal hidden talents and free them from old fears.

The Topic of Article: Review of the cartoon Forward. It's fun to walk together.
Author: Jake Pinkman