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Most anticipated games this February


January is over. Last month, we went back to our beloved police station in Resident Evil 2 remakes and tried to figure out what the hell is going on in Kingdom Hearts 3 and how to play it. For the most part, these were all high-profile releases of the beginning of the year, but the freight train of AAA games and other interesting projects has just begun its journey and already this month will bring us a whole bunch of usefulness in the form of the best and expected games of February. Introducing the February Release Calendar

The Occupation - February 5 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

And February will begin with a narrative project about the fight against British politicians. And we will fight with the help of journalism. It's 1987, England. Because of the terrorist attack, many people die and politicians decide to pass a bill on the fight against the enemy, which will restrict human rights and freedoms. And now you have four hours to prevent the adoption of this law. The action takes place in real time, and we, as a journalist, will have to decide what to do - radically, by eavesdropping, illegally obtaining information or adhering to ethics.

Ape out - February 7 (PC and Swtich)

Two things can be said about the game at once. The first is a Hotline Miami clone, and the second is that it fully lives up to its name. We are offered to play as an escaped gorilla, who takes revenge on her jailers for bullying. We will do all this from a top view in a minimalistic cover. It's not that the game is trying to be anything more than a bloody 2D Top-Down action, but it's safe to say that it will keep the brand of the genre.

Trials Rising - February 12 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch)

Continuation of furious motorcycle racing, where you will overcome steep trails and die, die and die ... Thought this feature is only FromSoftware games? No, the Trials series has long been famous for its complex level design. Not only do you need to go through a track that moves, turns and tries to kill you, but you also need to do a certain number of tricks. The game has multiplayer and many competition modes. Skill and technique upgrade - attached. In general, a classic of the genre with an updated picture.

Eastshade - February 13 (PC)

If you miss the meditative gameplay where you just have to walk, then you are here. Eastshade is the story of an artist who explores and paints various landscapes of the Eastshade Island, and then sells the paintings to local residents in exchange for various secret knowledge.

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm - February 14th (PC)

And now the most delicious has begun. The second DLC for Civilization 6 adds to the game the influence of the planet on the gameplay. Geology and weather conditions dramatically change the way you play. The expansion also introduces new engineering projects and conditions for a diplomatic victory. And participation in the world congress now affects the future of the planet's ecology, which will affect your civilization.

Metro: Exodus - February 15 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Eh, 4AGames, how many touched the transition of your game to exclusivity for the Epic Games Store! However, how long have we been waiting for the last part of the series about the domestic post-apocalypse. Critics called it "a game called Metro, but no metro." If the last two parts we spent all the time in the Moscow metro, now we have left our shelter to go on a long journey on the Aurora train. The game is now with an open world, which is full of other survivors, mutants, and no one has cleaned up tight dungeons with monsters. And despite the fact that some journalists scolded the game for a boring open world, we are still looking forward to the ending of Artyom's story.

Crackdown February 3-15 (PC, Xbox One)

Did you miss the crazy scuffle? Well, catch Crackdown 3, where we are promised completely destructible buildings, super weapons, jumps and multiplayer with a huge number of the same fans of crazy massacre.

Far Cry: New Dawn - February 15 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

And again post-apocalypse, and again Hope County. A stand-alone addition to the fifth installment of Far Cry continues its story and shows the world 17 years after the end of the world. To our surprise, it became not destroyed and terrible, but brighter and more colorful. The picture is only spoiled by the raiders, with whom we will fight, recapturing Hope County back. A drop of madness, homemade weapons and new crazy antagonists. If you don't like the thoughtful Metro: Exodus, this is the place for you.

Jump Force - February 15 (PC, PlayStation 4. Xbox One)

As I usually say: and where there is without Japanese. Jump Force is an epic crossover in which heroes from various manga meet and beat each other. It makes sense that the characters will have a corresponding set of abilities. We gather a team of three people and save the world from creatures that climb from another dimension. If you love crossovers, then when you finish playing Kingdom Hearts 3, you know what to do.

Yakuza Kiwami - February 19 (PC)

Yakuza is a Japanese GTA. Sorry for the rough comparison, but this is the best description. The series has a good story, characters, and a well-developed universe. And now she finally got to the PC. It's simple if you want quality third-person action in an open world, but with the flavor of Japan, Yakuza Kiwami is your stop.

Anthem - February 22 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

And the long-awaited game from Bioware closes our list. Anthem is not just a game about a hazy future, where people in super suits explore wild lands and fight monsters, but also a very important project for Bioware itself. The thing is, the studio is not doing very well, and they put everything on Anthem. The project promises to be loud and get the studio back on track. Those were all the big and interesting releases in February. Wait, play, and read our new content in between.

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