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February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar


Although we are not forecasters, we can assure you that February will be a really hot month for video game lovers. In the next 28 days, the developers will delight with projects for every taste: there is a large multiplayer game, a purebred single-coil AAA shooter, several unusual games on a smaller scale and, in addition, a pack of indies with non-standard solutions. We will highlight the best of them in our selection of the main games of February 2019.

The Occupation

Release date: February 5

An unusual project from the creators of Ether One will tell the story of a journalist who has to learn the details of one of the most tragic moments in the history of modern Great Britain, known as the "terrorist attack in Enniskillen". We will travel to 1987 and within 4 hours must have time to collect evidence and prevent the government from issuing a document restricting freedom and infringing on the privacy of British citizens.

The Occupation game does not encourage violence, rather the opposite - we have a three-dimensional quest in front of us, where most of the time you have to solve puzzles, compare evidence and, in the best traditions of Sam Fisher, hide in a dusty corner from vigilant guards. It takes 4 hours to complete The Occupation, but this is rather the advantage of the game, since the plot and actions of computer characters take place in real time and each action or inaction of the player will have tangible consequences. The Occupation is highly recommended for those tired of the dominance of AAA pipeline games and multiplayer fun.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

God Eater 3

Release date: February 8

The next game will appeal to fans of Japanese gamedev and dynamic role-playing action movies. God Eater 3 continues the history of human civilization, which is facing the threat of extinction due to mysterious creatures - arags. Only a select few who have received the loud name "eaters of the gods" can resist the monsters. The player will have to take on the role of one of these heroes, and then once again save humanity from death. Expression familiar to Japanese games, unusual plot and kawaii characters are included.

God Eater 3's gameplay can be compared to the recent Monster Hunter World, so expect hours of item grinding and grueling battles against gigantic opponents. Arags can be safari in co-op for four players, and there is also an opportunity to participate in assault missions with the simultaneous participation of 8 players.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar


Release date: February 13

Another unusual project in our selection of the main games of February 2019. If you are interested in fast-paced gameplay, multi-stage quests or cinematic plot - forget, Eastshade sets completely different goals for players. It is rather a simulator of walking and contemplation of stunning in its beauty pastoral landscapes. However, what else to expect about the game about the wandering artist.

The goal of the player in Eastshade is quite specific - to explore the island, find exciting landscapes and then capture them on canvas. Of course, the gameplay will not be limited to relaxing wanderings, and sometimes various travelers will meet on the player's path. They will be able to tell a few exciting stories and give small assignments, but we do not recommend waiting for any revelations. Still, Eastshade is not focused on the gameplay, this is a game from the category of those that are just nice to relax and forget about the chilly winter streets outside the window for a few hours.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

Catherine: Full Body

Release date: February 14

Catherine: Full Body is another re-release of the already cult Japanese game. With an inattentive look, "Katerina" may seem like another anime game for lovers of erotica and Japanese animation. In reality, the game Catherine is a psychological thriller that, through the story of the programmer Vincent Brooks, explores the topic of the relationship between a man and a woman, rare for the gaming industry, replete with references to religion and psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud. A work devoid of the usual cliches, where a deep history is hidden behind a frivolous appearance.

The gameplay of the game is a set of puzzles that will equally test both the player's reaction speed and his intellectual abilities. There are not many innovations in Catherine: Full Body, we will briefly list them all: a new character and lover of the protagonist Rin, the online Arena multiplayer mode and the appearance of the Joker, a famous character from one of the most highly regarded JRPGs - Persona 5.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15

Perhaps the main and possibly the best game of February 2019. The Metro series has always been a chamber adventure with a pinch of hardcore, focused on plot and survival in the harsh conditions of post-apocalyptic USA. Metro Exodus retains the distinctive features of the series, but at the same time pushes the boundaries and sends the player to gigantic levels. The increased degree of freedom is generously complemented by a significantly increased number of locations, mutants and characters.

Before the release of Metro Exodus, we have no doubts that Ukrainian developers will once again get at least a good game. In addition, we do not exclude that, with the right approach, indulging in modern trends in the form of open levels and the crafting system will be able to update the gameplay and increase the scope for tactical maneuvers. You can find out even more details in our material, where we talked about 10 reasons to wait for the release of Metro Exodus.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

Far Cry New Dawn

Release date: February 15

Another shooter that will compete for gamers' wallets on February 15th. "A New Dawn" can easily be mistaken for a large-scale add-on to last year's Far Cry 5: familiar locations of the now post-apocalyptic Montana, participation in the plot of the aged Joseph Sid and Pastor Jerome, all in a stylistic wrapper with 50 shades of pink. The basis of the gameplay also did not undergo significant changes: we have the same familiar Far Cry 5, where the open world allows you to approach with imagination to eliminate opponents, and you remember about the presence of the plot only after a dozen of played hours.

In reality, Far Cry New Dawn looks like another version of ... Fallout 76 with elements of Borderlands. We have a main base that can be improved and fortified with defensive buildings, a level system for the protagonist, opponents and weapons, and the focus of the game on the grinding of resources and the crafting system. One of the main features is the so-called "Expeditions", which are analogous to raids from MMORPG and will allow the player to find high-level loot. How the change in concept will affect the game, we will find out after the release of Far Cry New Dawn, but journalists who managed to play the release version of the shooter have already expressed fears that the plot aspect in New Dawn is paid little attention.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar


Crackdown 3

Release date: February 22

Among other expected projects in the top of the main games of February, we will note the long-suffering exclusive from Microsoft. After 5 years of development, Crackdown 3 will finally hit the shelves, sporting Terry Crews in the lead roles and a much-hyped system of total destruction. The choice is available as a story company in the open world, and a unique multiplayer mode. The storyline company will be limited in the destruction system, as the developers set themselves the goal of telling a story about the salvation, not about the destruction of the city.

But with multiplayer, everything is much more interesting. The main mode, called Wrecking Zone, will allow players to converge on completely destructible arenas. Anything can be demolished: both tiny objects and multi-storey skyscrapers. At the same time, unlike the Levolution technology known from Battlefield 4, destruction in the game from Microsoft is not limited to scripts. Overall, the numerous Crackdown 3 gameplay cutscenes do not give the impression that Sumo Digital will be able to get into the best games of February 2019. However, as a bonus for a $ 1 subscription on Game Pass, Crackdown 3 is just right.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

Release date: February 22

This month we may witness the triumphant return or even louder fiasco of the legendary RPG developers Bioware. Anthem takes players into a fantasy new universe and is touted as the first game to combine RPG elements with the familiar Destiny mechanics and emphasis on multiplayer battles in equal measure. Javelins are a distinctive feature. Combat avatars set the game apart from the crowd of clones and fully demonstrate how "vertical gameplay" should look like.

We have already played the Anthem beta and can fully imagine what the final version of the game will be like. Barring balance and loot issues, Anthem feels like adrenaline-fueled action with a strong emphasis on teamwork. But how the single player game Anthem does not yet compete with the cult games Bioware. In addition, the promises of the ability to complete the entire game in single player seem like a farce due to the unreasonably high level of difficulty for one player.

February 2019 Main Games - Release Calendar

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