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All Resident Evil 2 endings: how to get the real ending and what are the differences between the endings for Leon and Claire


Capcom has prepared a reference gift for the fans of the series with the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Not only did the developers find the optimal balance between the classic / modern gameplay formula and recreate the iconic moments of the game with fantasy, they also retained the main feature of the second "Resident" - the ability to complete the game for 2 different characters. Having two protagonists was a great reason to start replaying the game to see all the endings of Resident Evil 2. And in this article we'll tell you how the endings differ and how to get the real ending of Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 Ending as Leon (A)

Having received the last sample of the G-virus in the laboratory, Leon learns from Annette Birkin the reasons for the transformation of scientist William Birkin into a huge mutated biomass. It turned out that he drank a flask with the virus, and the remnants of the virus spread the mice down the drain, thereby causing an epidemic in Raccoon City. Then comes the battle with Birkin, from which our hero is expected to emerge victorious.

After the battle, Leon meets Ada Wong. The girl, of course, is glad to see him, but most of all she would like to get the last copy of the G-virus. The situation escalates at the moment when Leon asks about the real goals of Ada and is forced, instead of a detailed answer, to observe the threatening barrel of a pistol in front of his face. The bridge that suddenly collapses under their feet and Anneta Birkin's shot in Ada's shoulder add fuel to the fire. A sample of the G-virus falls into the abyss along with Ada, but Leon manages to grab the girl at the last moment ... and then drop her into the abyss. But this is not the time for the mourning and ending of Resident Evil 2. Let's move on.

The laboratory collapses and Leon has only 10 minutes to safely leave the scientific complex. And all would be fine, only on the way again meets the old "comrade" - the Tyrant, who chases Leon on the service elevator and mutates into a new version with a giant flaming hand. Before us is the final boss fight, ending with an epic shot straight into the chest of the Tyrant from the rocket launcher. After the battle, Leon manages to board the departing train and meets Claire with Sherry Birkin. After the final phrase "We did it," we see how the mutated Birkin got into one of the cars. So, this ending of Resident Evil 2 can hardly be called a happy ending.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Ending

Claire (A) Resident Evil 2 Ending

Claire manages to obtain an antidote from the G-virus, which she passes on to Sherri Birkin's mother. Then we take part in the battle with Birkin, already familiar from Leon's passage. A little suffering / effort and the boss is defeated. Claire returns to Sherry and sees that the antidote has worked, but her mother, Annette, dies from the wounds received from Birkin's blow and asks our heroine to take care of the little girl.

The process of liquidation of the laboratory has been launched, which means that the only way of salvation for Claire and Sherry is the departing train. We will go there. Over the course of a few, Claire finds a train that can only be started with a connector plug. Claire orders Sherry to stay on the train, and she goes to the control room and, as expected, meets the final boss - a new version of William Birkin, so it's just right to use the recently found machine gun for its intended purpose. After the fight, we leave Birkin's bleeding body and go on the train as soon as possible.

After boarding the train, Sherry and Claire breathe a sigh of relief and exchange jokes. The threat was over. And besides, a new carriage was docked to the train, from which Leon was leaving. It would seem that here it is, a good ending for Resident Evil 1, but there it was. As in Leon's scenario, the game finale ends with a scene of the once again revived Birkin entering the train.

Resident Evil 2 Claire Ending

The real ending of Resident Evil 2 as Leon and Claire (B)

How to get the real ending in RE2: This requires starting a B-walk with Leon and Claire. Nominally, we can say that there are 2 real finals in the game, depending on the choice of the protagonist. But in reality, they only differ in who will fight in the short final boss fight.

The real ending of Resident Evil 2 begins with the very scene when the new version of Birkin finds himself on the same train with Claire, Leon and Sherry. Another mutation of a scientist is even more terrifying - now we are playing against a gigantic mass, not even remotely resembling a human. With every second the creature devours the carriage and our goal is only one - using all the remaining ammunition to shoot Birkin's giant eye and finally plunge a knife into it.

Having dealt with the boss, the trinity of our heroes come to the desert and begin to look into the future with caution, but not without a fraction of optimism. The first thing they care about is whether the epidemic has spread outside the city. On the way, they see a truck and make a vain attempt to stop it. Instead of a friendly welcome, the driver only shows "fuck" in the face of our heroes. In principle, the expected behavior in a zombie apocalypse. The only solution is to continue on foot and stay together, and Sherri even talk about the possibility of having a puppy. Perhaps, here it is, a good ending, which our heroes fully deserve.

The real ending for Resident Evil 2

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