Death by Game Prank, Harry Potter GO, DICE's Apologies to USAn Players - game news digest from CADELTA this week. Part two (Topic)

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Death by Game Prank, Harry Potter GO, DICE's Apologies to USAn Players - game news digest from CADELTA this week. Part two


Also our in-game news will tell the sad story of a late Fallout 76 fan and a $ 20K steam bug.

SWAT prankster killed a man

Let's start the game news with a sad one. There are prankers in America who call people to their homes, streaming military shooters on Twich special forces, who knock the player's door and arrest him at gunpoint on the air. Recently, a man died because of one such pranker.

Such people for some reason think that it is very funny when armed policemen wring up someone they consider a terrorist. One such clever guy called a special forces squad on his friend, who is a Call of Duty streamer. He said that he had killed his father and was holding his mother hostage.

However, the comrade did not take into account that the address of his friend had already changed, and SVAT came to the house where another family had lived for a long time. The father of the family left the house and, at gunpoint, was ordered to raise his hands, which he did. However, perhaps out of fear or for another reason, his hand trembled, the special forces thought that he wanted to get a pistol, and shot him ...

The joker was detained, and as it turned out, it was already his 46th false call. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and games were accused of his behavior ...

Reimagining Draugen

This game should have been released a long time ago in 2013, but the development process was delayed. Now the creators have released a trailer with a complete rethinking of the game. Now she will tell about a traveler who searches for his sister in Norway in 1923 with his partner Lisi.

The developers said that they have worked out her character very much and although her adventures will take place in isolation from the GG, she will interact with us thanks to the dialogue system. We also have to reveal many secrets of the village, in which we will visit. The game will be released in 2019 on PC and next generation consoles.

In Fallout 76, it is not advisable to transfer your character from the beta test

To avoid the outrage when players find this bug themselves, the company announced it in advance on their twitter. As they promised to those who participated in the beta test, players will be able to transfer their progress, which they received in the release version of the game. However, the transfer of the old character promises that the story and some other achievements will become unavailable. The studio recommends creating a new character, which gamers didn't like very much.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Trailer

The game from the creators of Pokemone GO in the Harry Potter universe has got a trailer and will be released next year. It will work on the same concept as the studio's last game, and will certainly be a good warm-up for the release of an RPG set in the same universe that Warner Bros.

Left Alive Trailer

Square Enix has rolled out a trailer for a military drama about the confrontation in the city of Novoslav, where there is a war between Harmony and Ruthenia. We are offered to take on the role of Mikhail Shvarov, the pilot of the combat robot Ruthenia. The game will hit stores on March 5, 2019, and at first glance we will see a good war drama and a good shooter.

BFV developer apologized to USA players

Further in the gaming news is something that is directly related to USA. DICE apologized to USA gamers, as the studio made many inaccuracies in recreating the Soviet army. For starters, the gamers did not like that, according to the studio, adding the Union to the game is difficult, since he changed sides during the war, and there were also many inaccuracies in recreating the uniform and weapons of the Soviet army. Gamers flooded the game page with negative reviews. As a result, the head of the studio apologized for such inaccuracies.

There was a bug on Steam that cost the company $ 20K

Its essence was that it made it possible to endlessly grind keys to games. It was discovered by one player while testing a mobile application. He was able to obtain 32,000 keys for Portal 2. The problem was that they were not active, but they could still be used for bad purposes. The player did the right thing and reported it to Valve. For this, the studio gave him a reward of 20 thousand dollars.

Gabe Newvel

Valv said they did this because they value privacy and will not allow such bugs to exist. Therefore, we are ready to take any measures to prevent system failures.

Bethesda honors a late Fallout fan

Let's continue our game news digest with another sad story. A few months ago, Besezda was approached by a boy named Wes who was a big fan of the Fallout series. Unfortunately, he had a rare form of cancer and the boy was dying. His parents contacted the company, said that he was afraid that he would not live to see the release of Fallout 76. The company reacted quickly and its representatives came to visit him and presented him with the very first copy of the game along with a helmet from T-51 power armor. So the boy became the first to play Fallout 76 in the world, even before the beta test began.

Fallout 4

Alas, the doctors' predictions came true. On November 3, 12-year-old Wes still died before the release of the game, despite the fundraising campaign organized by the company. Besezda expressed condolences to a relative and made a statement that she would immortalize Wes in the next patch. She also made a large donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps sick children.

That was all of this week's gaming news. You haven’t heard about the new Half Life for VR or the broken idyll in BF1, we invite you to read the last digest.

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