$ 200,000 Cheat Penalty, New Facts About The Outer World, DMC V Demo - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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$ 200,000 Cheat Penalty, New Facts About The Outer World, DMC V Demo - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


$ 200,000 cheat penalty, new facts about The Outer World, V demo in DMC - this week's game news digest from WorldOfTopics. Part two

Manufacturer of cheats for GTA Online will pay a fine of $ 200,000

Take Two is no joke, especially during their active anti-cheating campaign in GTA Online. This fight is not very effective, and there are enough people to cheat in the game, but no one canceled demonstrative executions.

So the company won a lawsuit against Florida resident Johnny Perez, who was selling a hack called Elusive for the game.

The Elusive bundle was selling for between $ 10 and $ 30 depending on the content of the cheats. Hack, like typical cheating programs, spoiled the life of others in the game. It was removed from sale last year, after the corporation personally approached the creator. Take Two demanded financial statements or at least some documents from Perez that would help to understand how much he made from the sale, and also filed a lawsuit.


Perez, in turn, decided to ignore everything: requests for financial data, subpoenas and conversations. The lawsuit went completely without him, which helped Take Two to grip the hacker with its teeth tightly. The corporation insisted in court that Elusive caused significant damage to the game and Take Two lost $ 500,000, that it destroys the in-game market, prevents users from playing, and so on.

The court ultimately sentenced the hacker's grief to capital punishment for violating this law - a fine of $ 150,000, and also ordered him to cover legal costs of $ 66,868. There have not been such large fines in the history of video games since Blizzard sued a group of cheaters for 8 million.

New facts about The Outer World from the developer interviews blitz


Game informer reporters recently visited Obsidian Entertainment to create tons of exclusive content. They also conducted a blitz interview with the authors of the game, asking 131 questions in 12 minutes.

As always, we tell you the tastiest.

  • Donate and loot boxes are missing
  • 20% of the team worked on the first two Fallouts
  • The action takes place in our galaxy, but at a different time
  • There is no radio in the game
  • Change of day and night is present
  • There are two outer worlds. Lunar stations, ships, asteroids and dwarf planets are also available for research.
  • Slowmo will be available in battles
  • You can join factions
  • The developer hopes that the game can be completed without killing anyone, but we are sure that you can go through killing everyone
  • The game will have a reputation system like karma
  • There will be no analogue of power armor, but there is heavy armor and it is cool
  • The game will support 4K, but the creators have doubts about 60fps
  • No children
  • Hacking and mini games brought in
  • Companions will be available with their story quests, after completing which their abilities will improve. And yes, they call you "boss" or "captain"
  • There will be no cooperative
  • Classic bosses are missing, instead of them there are especially strong opponents
  • The ship cannot be upgraded
  • There are multiple endings in the game

All questions and answers you can find here.

Gameplay for V from DMC 5

Capcom recently gave journalists a chance to touch the gameplay of their new DMC, but if earlier it was possible to play only for Nero or Dante, now they were introduced to the third character V.

Compared to the hunters we know, the new hero is physically weak and in battle relies on familiars - three personal demons. A panther named Shadow deals damage in melee, the petrel Griffin - in a distant one. They always follow V, but the third special creature, Nightmare, a giant that deals great damage, is summoned separately as the Devil Trigger gauge fills.

They cannot finish off opponents, so the hero himself has to do it. The whole gameplay for him turns into dodging and getting at the right time. The health of "pets" is restored automatically, but V himself does not. If the animals are beaten, you will have to hold out for a while without their help until they recover.

During combat, V can read books and fill the Devil Trigger with it. At these moments, he is especially vulnerable. However, he can teleport to wounded opponents and kill them. It is important to always understand when to engage in combat and when to wait while familiars deal with opponents.

The game will be released on March 8th.

For Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Bastard Squad DLC has been released

This is the third paid add-on to the game. According to the plot, the roads around Ratay are full of bandits who rob the possessions of Pan Radzig. Pan turned to Baron Kuno of Richwald and his mercenaries for help. The main character will have to accompany and control mercenaries. Over time, the hero and his squad learn that his sworn enemies have returned to the lands of Radzig. This will lead to a clash and carnage between the two groups.

The addition focuses on battles. It also has several endings, the "Kuno Camp" location with new characters, as well as a new type of side quest, new items and a unique set of armor. DLC is now available for purchase on Steam and the Playstation and Xbox stores.

Resident Evil Director of Monster Hunter Coming In 2020

Monster Hunter is an important franchise for Capcom. The last part of World brought her special popularity. Not surprisingly, Paul Anderson, who raped the Resident Evil franchise, once again enlisted the support of Milla Jovovich, now switched to Monster Hunter. The date of the film adaptation has become known.

According to the plot, a group of people under the command of Lieutenant Artemis ends up in a parallel world inhabited by monsters and begins to hunt them. A mysterious hunter will also help them in the battle.


Milla Jovovich will play the role of Lieutenant Artemis, and Tony Jah will become her partner. Ron Perlman, Diego Boneta and others are also on the cast.

Chernobylite - a horror about Chernobyl from the creators of Get Even

Studio The Farm 51 recently released a full-length trailer for the Exclusion Zone with the first details about the game.

The main character is a former employee of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, who is investigating the loss of his beloved, and this leads him to the Exclusion Zone. The authors say the story is about coping with your fears.

The game is variable and seems to unfold in real time. Events take place even when the hero is doing nothing. There are many stalkers in the Zone with whom you can both cooperate and resist them. Survival must be planned as supplies are constantly depleted.

To fight the supernatural and ordinary people in the game, you will have to craft equipment and weapons.

Released this year, the game will definitely be released on the PC. Attached is an atmospheric Tili Tili Bom trailer with a terrible English accent.

This is how this week ends in the world of games, read our last digest if you have not heard that Andrzej Sapkowski was still able to knock money off CD Projekt Red and much more.

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