Interview with Ed Boone, Rage 2 cheats, Project Wight has become Darkborne - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Interview with Ed Boone, Rage 2 cheats, Project Wight has become Darkborne - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in the digest: censorship removed from DMC 5, gamers can learn what it's like to be an elephant, a game from the artist Undertale.

Easy fatalities, no loot boxes and collaboration with Marvel - the main thing from an interview with the creator of Mortal Kombat 11

Game Informer announced that this month will be devoted to Mortal Kombat 11. One of the first thematic materials was an interview with the creator of the series Ed Boone. We chose the main thing from the conversation.


MK 11 facts:

  • The game will have 25 playable characters on release, with plans to increase their number to 30+ later.
  • Light fatalities will return to the game - Boone calls this a necessary evil.
  • Liu Kang will be the protagonist of the game [Hah, what is serious?].
  • There will be no Quick Time Event in the game.
  • There is only one ending, no alternatives are foreseen.
  • Jax will not transform into a giant since he lost this ability in MK 3.
  • The storyline will be slightly longer than Mortal Kombat X.
  • The Antagonist Chronicle was originally a male character. She will be more important than the Elder Gods.
  • In the universe of the game, not everyone is sure of the existence of the Elder Gods, so there will be no religions dedicated to them.
  • No loot boxes!
  • Only three people involved in the very first game are working on the eleventh part: Dan Forden, John Vogel and Ed Boone himself.
  • Crossplay will be delivered to the game, but after the release
  • According to Boone, the Switch version pulls at 60 fps and looks great.
  • There will be no tournaments in Story Mode.
  • Several endings available.


About MK and Ed Boone:

  • Boone was in talks with Marvel to develop a fighting game with their characters. The developer did not disclose details, but hinted that it could even be Marvel vs DC.
  • Boone says he would like to work on an online project [not a fighting game] on new intellectual property, given the funds he needs.
  • If the developers introduce a new ninja into the game, they want it to be pink.
  • The developer does not exclude that the next game in the MK universe may come out based on real videos. So, the studio was already starting to do remasters of the first two parts, but gave up the idea.
  • MK Mortal Kombat: Armageddon car racing mini-game may return in the future, but as a mobile game.


As a reminder, Mortal Kombat 11 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on April 23rd.

Bethesda Shares List of Insane Rage 2 Cheats

The industry has long been debating the use of cheats in a singleplayer project. But while everyone thinks, the creators of Rage 2 decided that since their game is crazy, there will be cheats in it, and even appropriate to the style.


There are 5 cheat codes in Rage 2:

  • "It burns!" - commentator Tim Kitzrow, known for the sports games NBA Jam and MLB Slugfest, appears in the game, who will describe all the actions of the hero.
  • "Nub-boosting" - all opponents die with one hit.
  • "Son of Thor" - the hero becomes electrified and all enemies take shock damage when they approach him.
  • "Clegg to the rescue" - a certain Clegg Clayton will be your partner. The developers call him "that still a goat". Nothing else is known.
  • "Anti-catapult" - reverse bailout. While driving, it is not you that is thrown into the air, but your car. You are standing still.

If your eyes light up, I will please you more. After the release, we are promised to have even more such cheats. These can be accessed by purchasing the Deluxe Edition. Cheat "It burns!" can be obtained for pre-ordering the game. In a simple game, you can buy them with in-game currency in the Mega Wasteland.

Everyday Monster - Project Wight Becomes Darkborne

In 2015, game designer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, BF3 and Payday 2 David Goldfarb founded The Outsiders. In 2016, he announced the game Project Wight, after which it literally disappeared from view. This week, the developer announced that he renamed the project to Darkborne and posted a gameplay demo.

In the game, we can look at the conflict between monsters and people from the side of monsters. The main characters of the game are monsters called dark-born. They are constantly pursued by people, killed in the name of their rituals, using corpses as sacrifices to the gods. The developers do not want to show the hunters, but the victims. We have to play as some of the generation.

In the game, we will control both a cub, which needs to rely on stealth, and an adult, capable of tearing several people apart at once. The game has implemented the Deathly Hallows mechanic - by interacting with dying relatives, we can get new skills.

Also in the gameplay video, we were shown a battle with a special boss. It resembles a bit the Nemesis system from Middle-earth.

The game has neither a release date nor a platform list yet. However, the developers mentioned PC.

Censorship is down! Trish's fifth point can now be seen in DMC 5 on PS4

As we already wrote, DMC 5 on PS4 succumbed to censorship, and in one frame, the sun glare of morality appeared and covered Trish's bare bottom. And this was not the case on other platforms. They are now gone with the release of the Bloody Palace expansion.

Other moments, when the sun glare cover the spicy moments in the game, remain. So the nakedness of the Lady, who found herself with Trish in an identical situation, is still obscuring the glare.

There were no comments from either Sony or Capcom, and it is impossible to say for sure what all this meant.

Feel Like an Elephant - Shelter 3 Announcement

Shelter is a series of indie games where you have to survive in the skin of an animal. The past parts of the game made us feel like a lynx and a badger.

Now we can feel ourselves in the skin of an elephant mother. In the everyday life of trunk owners, we have to walk with a herd, swim with elephants and travel through the jungle. However, the idyll in the life of elephants is rare. You constantly need to look for food and share with relatives, to be on the move in order to survive.

The developers cite motherhood, social harmony and legacy as the key themes of Shelter 3. The release is scheduled for 2020.

Undertale has released a game about loneliness and surrealism

Toby Fox made his Undertale on his own, but artist Temmi Chang helped him create the visual part of the game. She recently released her own short game.

A project called Escaped Chasm tells about the loneliness of a girl connected with the other world, which she sees in her dreams. Western journalists praise the game for its visual style, and note that the main themes are: isolation, strange dreams and the clash of the surreal and the mundane.

The game will also have elements of horror - the developer warns about sharp loud sounds of different frequencies, which are needed to create an atmosphere in the game. Escaped Chasm contains four endings, one of which the creator calls creepy.

The game is assembled in RPG maker and takes just 20 minutes. It is distributed free of charge. Fox himself took part in the creation of Escaped Chasm - he wrote the soundtrack. This is Chang's first project, and in the future, she plans to create other games. If you like Escaped Chasm, you can donate money to the developer for the game pages.

Download game

These were all the most interesting gaming news of the second half of the week. Stay tuned.

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