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A real battle royale, hints at the new Splinter Cell, DMC board game - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Read also how a real politician was banned from EVE Online, about the new gameplay video for Rage 2 and cheats for Resident Evil 2.

Millionaire has a real battle royale on the island

The popularity of battle royals reached such proportions that they got out of the game space into reality - an anonymous millionaire decided to conduct such a battle live.

This information was published by the site HushHush, which specializes in selling items to wealthy people. The site's client is looking for an island to rent and organizers to host a 100-man full-scale battle royale.

No - they won't use real weapons. Instead, participants will be given airsoft rifles, and hits will be recorded using sensitive armor. The message does not specify whether the participants, according to the canon, will go down to the location with the help of a parachute as naked bums and look for weapons on the island itself. However, they will definitely be provided with provisions.


All this is naturally not without a prize. For three days for 12 hours people will fight for the main prize - 100 thousand pounds. The millionaire offers the organizers 45 thousand. Applications from the organizers are accepted until May 10.

The head of Ubisoft explains why the new Splinter Cell has not been available for so long, and hinted at the development of a sequel

The last part of the game, subtitled Blacklist, was released six years ago, after which the French did not share new information about Sam Fisher. Studio head Yves Guillemot spoke about the reason for the long hiatus in a recent interview with IGN.

If you believe Yves, the studio planned to return to work on the franchise when they could come up with something completely new. The work on the last part was given to the developers with difficulty, as they were pressured by the fans. They asked to keep many of the classic elements of the game, so the developers have postponed the series until the time when they can bring something new to it without changing the old one. It seems that those times have come, because the head of the studio said that there is already a department that is engaged in the project under this license.


Other projects of the studio were also the reason for the long pause - primarily Assassin's Creed.

Remind me that rumors of a new Splinter Cell have been around for a long time. So in January of this year, actor Luca Ward, who voiced Sam Fisher in the Italian versions of Splinter Cell, changed the cover on his Facebook page - there appeared the famous three-eyed night vision device. And in May 2018, some yet unannounced projects appeared on the Walmart website, among which was Splinter Cell.

DMC will make a board game

Video game board company Steamforged Games has announced that their next project will be Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace. The game has already been approved by Capcom.

Steamforged Games assures that the game will be easy to learn, dynamic and fast-paced. Style plays an important role. The task is to score as many style points as possible by building the coolest combination of attacks. We will play for Dante, Neuro, Trish and V.

Steamforged will launch Kickstarter fundraising for the game in Q2 2019. They are also going to publish a book with rules and thematic videos.


The team has previously made "board games" for Dark Souls, Resident Evil 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Politics banned from EVE Online forever for violation of authority

If you didn’t know how serious EVE Online is, now you will definitely understand. The game has a Council of Stellar Management that helps game developers improve outer space. One of the seats in this council was occupied by the real Washington politician Brian Schuneman, who was democratically elected there. He was recently kicked out of there and banned forever.


He was accused of violating a non-disclosure agreement. Brian allegedly passed on confidential information to members of his in-game alliance. This data was used by members of the alliance for illegal transactions. The rest of the council members considered this a serious violation and reported to the developers. As a result, the politician lost his place and accounts, and two other players involved in this story got off with a one-year ban, as well as confiscation of money and resources obtained illegally.

Shunemann himself, as it is not difficult to guess, denies his guilt, which he writes on Twitter:

“For those who are asking, I don’t know why I was banned from EVE. I asked for specific explanations, but received none. I categorically deny my guilt and look forward to cleaning up my reputation. ”

In a post on Reddit, Schunemann went further and accused CCP Games of being opaque and blowing his dignity. He claims that the incident had a negative impact on his real career. The player will fight for his right to be on the Council in the future.

This isn't the first time Brian has made the news. This first happened when he was just running for CSM. Journalists seized on the fact that in real life a gamer is a lawyer and a professional lobbyist for the largest union of US maritime workers.

Capcom has started selling cheats for Resident Evil 2 that unlock in-game bonuses

In the game, different bonuses are unlocked for in-game achievements. But for especially lazy or busy players, the studio began selling cheats that open the following bonuses [the bonuses themselves are described below, and what you need to do to open them]:

  • Fourth Survivor Scenario - Complete Scenario 2 as Claire or Leon.
  • Tofu Survivor Scenario - Complete the Fourth Survivor Scenario.
  • Costumes - Complete Leon and Claire's main scenario on Normal and Hardcore.
  • All Weapons with Infinite Ammo - Complete Leon and Claire's S + S + scenarios on Hardcore.
  • Models and illustrations in the gallery - complete various achievements in the game.


For you to understand, weapons of rank S + [rocket launcher and minigun with infinite ammo] can only be obtained by completing the game in 2 hours 30 minutes, having survived no more than 3 times and do not use weapons with infinite ammunition. Now you can skip this by entering cheat.

A collection of cheats is sold on Steam for 360 rubles ., and PS Store for 359 rubles.

Rage 2 gameplay with cars and BFG from Doom

For those who are not satisfied with Rage 2, IGN posted 11 minutes of gameplay, where the site's journalist managed to drive a car, fight the boss, while killing other enemies at the same time. He also showed us the Big Fuсking Gun from the Doom series.

Who doesn't know Rage 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One May 14.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned and read our latest stuff.

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