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Shadow Of the Colossus - Best Remake Ever


On each gaming platform there are projects recognized as masterpieces and timeless classics, real works of art. Such a game is Shadow Of the Colossus, which for more than 13 years has not ceased to appear in the TOPs of the best games of all time and is often cited by nostalgic oldfags as an example of the fact that the grass used to be greener and games were better.

Therefore, it is especially gratifying that SONY did not forget its iconic project and gave the green light to the development of a complete remake of Shadow Of the Colossus on PS4.

Vander Giantslayer

Shadow Of the Colossus

For modern gamers who grew up on AAA projects in the 2010s, a remake of the famous game by Fumito Ueda may seem like a strange, awkward and endlessly outdated game. Here, although there is a formally open game world, there is no map, and the target indicator shows only an approximate path to the task. The game can cause additional headaches due to unresponsive controls. Even the game world here is deliberately empty: you can't talk to anyone, you can't craft objects, you can't even grind the skins of wolves in the nearest forest. Minimalism is the foundation on which all elements of the game are built.

Shadow Of the Colossus

The plot of the plot is not replete with characters, expensive cutscenes, but extremely simple: a boy named Vander, trying to resurrect his companion Mono, turns to a mysterious spirit. He sets him the following conditions: you will kill 16 colossus for me, and I will breathe life into your bride ... Or just a beloved, or a sister - this is unknown, almost the entire plot, the origin and motivation of the heroes are not explained. We do not argue that for many players such an arthouse technique can only cause irritation, for others it can become a real treasure of deep meaning.

Shadow Of the Colossus is a game about emotions, most of which will be negative, leaving a residue on the soul. Vander is not at all a prince from Disney fairy tales, because in pursuit of good goals, he will kill innocent giants. Centuries-old colossus will frantically scream in pain and, with their unhurried, absurd movements, try to throw off, escape from the merciless killer, and then be silent forever.

Shadow Of the Colossus

Even with a meager plot, Shadow Of the Colossus in 2018 raises even banal, but relevant moral dilemmas. “Is your own life worth saving a loved one?” - each player will answer this question for himself.

Atlas will no longer straighten his shoulders

Shadow Of the Colossus

Another element that made Shadow Of the Colossus a cult game is the unusual gameplay that, 13 years later, remains unique and unparalleled. As well as the plot, the gameplay is minimalist, because in all 10-15 hours of the game you will meet only 16 opponents. The open world of the game does not look like modern projects, since you will not meet a single standard mob or characters, you will not even meet animals other than birds and rare squirrels. The world is completely empty and serves only as a background and for relaxation before meeting another colossus.

Sometimes even finding a colossus is more difficult than fighting it, since the direction of the boss will be indicated by the magic sword of the protagonist. In this case, you will only be shown the location of the giant, and in order to get to it, you will have to look for ways to bypass and carefully explore the environment. We admit that the navigation system is rather controversial, so it would be nice to simplify this aspect in Shadow Of the Colossus Remake.

In Shadow of the Colossus, colossus is the main feature of the game. Each of them differs in appearance and habitat: there are both leisurely giants and aquatic, or even winged creatures. With each of them, the battle can drag on for an hour, because hacking them with a tiny sword will not work, you will have to find a personal approach to each colossus. Sometimes it is necessary to use the environment, for example, to fill up an angry colossus into the abyss. Of course, after many modern games, the scale of the colossus is no longer so impressive, but thanks to the unusual gameplay, each meeting with the giant will be unforgettable.

Shadow Of the Colossus

We strongly advise against using guides when passing Shadow Of the Colossus, since bosses in the game are a puzzle, solving it on your own always brings much more pleasure than a peeped answer in advance.

In addition, the game can hardly be called hardcore: falling from a height or hitting a colossus inflicts minimal damage, which motivates you to use different approaches to kill the boss.

Brave old world

Shadow Of the Colossus

At the time of its release in 2005, the game fascinated with the beauty of the surrounding world so much that the question arose: "How the hell did Shadow Of the Colossus start on PS2?" Thirteen years have passed and the game, thanks to the efforts of the Bluepoint studio, still looks great. No, the graphics are not striking for their technological effectiveness, rather the emphasis here is on realism and beautiful, pastoral landscapes.

Hot deserts, ancient temples, pacifying plains and wild forests - each location looks amazing and realistic. This is one of those games where you will surely use Photo Mode and stop occasionally to just enjoy the surroundings.

If you are ready to put up with an understatement of the plot and unhurried gameplay, then we recommend downloading Shadow Of the Colossus from the PS Store or buying it on disc to the collection. A dozen hours of unusual gameplay and a touching story are provided for you.

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Author: Jake Pinkman