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Top 10 MOBA Games


Let's try to figure out which Moba are worth playing.

MOBA (Massively Multiplayer Online Combat Arena) is a separate genre of online games that combine the attributes of RTS and RPG. This direction is rooted in the well-known to every self-respecting gamer "Dota", a modification of the brilliant third "Warcraft".

In every MOBA game, there are at least two opposing teams who will have to measure their strength on a special map. Players take command of one character from the list of available heroes, who throughout the battle gain experience, become stronger, acquire equipment and improve their unique abilities. The main goal of the MOBA is to destroy the main building of the enemy with a well-coordinated team of living people and computer creeps.

League of Legends

In 2013, the United States Department of Sports declared professional League of Legends players to be real athletes and began issuing special "athlete visas" to them, which, in addition to them, are received by NBA, NHL and NFL players, which in itself is a breakthrough in the world of esports.

During the game, each gamer will have to control one so-called champion, who, in a team with his allies, is destined to enter into battle with a team of rivals. The point of the game is to destroy a specific crystal called "nexus" located at the enemy's base and protect your own from destruction. Each player has the opportunity to upgrade his champion, collect gold and buy equipment for him.

Dota 2

A sequel to the classic MOBA game, considered the official progenitor of the genre, based on the good old Warcraft.

According to a long-standing tradition, two teams of five people each take part in the battles. Each has its own base, two defense towers and barracks for the production of combat units moving along a strictly defined route towards enemy territory.

The goal of the players is to go through the entire map in victorious formation, destroying human enemies, "crypts" and towers along the way. The main task is to destroy the main building of the enemy. Dota 2 is one of the few games awarded international tournaments in which esports athletes from all over the world are eligible to take part.

Heroes of the Storm

As with most MOBAs, in Heroes of the Storm, the main task is to destroy the enemy base. All players are divided into two teams of 5 people and control one pre-selected hero. But in Heroes of the Storm there are exceptions to the rules that draw the attention of gamers around the world. So, for example, one of the heroes, called the Lost Vikings, is in fact three characters at once, which the gamer will have to control separately. There is also an unusual unit called Cho'gall, a kind of giant two-headed orc, which must be controlled by two players at the same time. Another difference in Heroes of the Storm is the lack of independent experience for the characters. Everything earned by overwork goes to the common pot, or rather, to the expense of the whole team.

Golden Rush

Unlike most MOBA games, here four teams participate in the battle at once, trying not to destroy the main building of the enemy, but to establish control over certain points on the map, fight each other and with numerous monsters guarding treasures, try to kill a giant a toad, from which "tasty" bonuses fall out, and so on.

At the same time, there are no specific paths in Golden Rush that players should move along - you can go wherever they look, but at the same time do not forget that the game time has some limitations. In Golden Rush, there are six classes of heroes to choose from, each of which has specific skills and magical abilities.

Shards of War

Fantastic online shooter, where there are all the components that are appreciated in MOBA games - incessant fights, a lot of weapons and equipment, the ability to work not only with your hands, but also with your head, applying knowledge of tactics and strategic thinking.

Shards of War is set in a world that was formed after the merger of several independent dimensions. The races inhabiting them decided to start a bloody war in which no one can win a decisive victory.

There are as many as ten classes in the game, among which each gamer will be able to choose a hero suitable in terms of parameters and skills. One of the main advantages of Shards of War is its low system requirements, which allows even owners of weak computers to take part in battles for life and death.


A multiplayer third-person shooter. The game takes place in a world where gods from mythologies of different countries and eras met in a bloody duel on the same arena. In total, there are 84 gods in SMITE, divided into five classes (guardian, warrior, shooter, mage and assassin), each of which has certain strengths and weaknesses.

The opposing teams, depending on the selected mode, include from 3 to 5 gods, whose goal is to destroy the enemy titan. On the side of each team, there are also numerous "crypts" fighting with certain tasks - some go on the attack, others are on the defensive.

Players will also have to share their responsibilities - someone must go to destroy the enemy titan, and someone must stay to guard their own.


Created by USA developers, the online fantasy shooter Panzar was rightfully recognized as the best MOBA game of 2012. Panzar takes place in a world inhabited by several warlike races, among which the main ones are four - elves, dwarves, humans and orcs.

A gamer can choose from eight classes of characters - Tank, Paladin, Minesweeper, Sister of Fire, Inquisitor, Berserker, Ice Witch, Cannoneer. The battle format is 8x8. The game has a developed clan system, which greatly helps gamers during tournaments held by developers, where the winner receives not only game currency, but can also earn real money.

Prime World

A unique online game that has managed to harmoniously absorb such genres as MOBA, RPG and RTS. The plot of the game takes place in a fairy-tale world inhabited by two militant races - Andornians and Doctors, each of whom is trying to get power into their own hands.

Gamers will have to take on the duties of a powerful Lord, who is responsible for hiring heroes, constructing buildings and winning the upcoming battle. There are six modes in Prime World, the main one being the classic MOBA battle.

The rest of the modes exist, most likely, only in order not to let players get bored and leave the project, adding a little variety to it. By and large, something similar could be adopted by other MOBA projects, so as not to annoy their users.


MOBA game with RPG, strategy and action elements. It was created as a competitor to the famous "Dota", but had a number of features in its arsenal, which made Demigod a truly original and distinctive project. In one big world, the gods became too bored.

Wanting to have some fun, they created hero demigods with tons of unique abilities. But, unfortunately, immortality was not among them. It is these demigods that are destined to be responsible for the "entertainment" of higher beings, fighting for their amusement in the battle arena. In total, there are 10 heroes in the game, divided into two main types - commanders and assassins.

The former have the ability to summon allies into their ranks, using witchcraft scrolls for this, while the latter have colossal strength and an enviable supply of health. Demigod has four modes - Conquest, Fortress, Dominion and Total Annihilation.


The developers have tried to combine genres such as MOBA, third-person shooter and card game in their multiplayer project. And they did it!

By and large, Paragon is not much different from standard MOBA games - there are three lines you can move along, in the center there is a draw base, on the lines there are towers shooting at players, and so on. The difference between the game and other similar counterparts lies in receiving a certain set of cards upon completion of the battle.

With their help, you can get a number of advantages in the game - potions, equipment, upgrades, and so on. After the deck is assembled, you can hand it to your hero and send him into battle. And the more cards you have, the more advantages in battle.

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