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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses. Part 1


Bosses in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice are a real art of sadism, gamer nightmares and a resounding slap in the face for everyone who is used to complaining about the trend of ubiquitous rendering of the gaming industry. Each of the bosses will test your abilities, nerves, and will certainly make you want to throw the gamepad towards the developers after another defeat. If you are having problems defeating one or another boss and you feel that the game is treacherously difficult, then do not rush to abandon the passage, because today we will tell you in detail where to find and how to defeat all the main bosses in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Immediately, we note that in the first part we will talk about 10 bosses, which are listed in the text in chronological order. Also a little advice: in the first meeting with each boss, do not try to hit the enemy with your own skill, rather use defensive tactics, learn the patterns of boss attacks and only then proceed to ruthlessly exterminating them.

1. General Naomori Kawarada

Location: Ashina Outskirts - road near the gate

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The first really difficult boss in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, which still has weak points. The first thing we have to do is to sneak up on the buildings on the left side of the boss and inflict a fatal blow. Thus, you immediately take away one cell of life from him and twice simplify the battle.

The tactics of fighting the boss are quite simple: block or counterattack his series of attacks, and then immediately unleash a flurry of your own attacks. Sometimes Naomori will be forced to retreat and recharge, creating an aura of white around him. This is your chance to land a few hits without fear of backlash or take a short break to regain your health.

2. Chained Ogre

Location: Ashina Outskirts - not far from the Death Ladder idol

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The boss is surrounded by smaller opponents, so the first thing we do is deal with the soldiers and only then proceed to the duel with the ogre. Be extremely careful when capturing the ogre - a red hieroglyph appears above Sekiro's head, meaning that in a second the ogre will attack him, take with huge paws and inflict several extremely strong blows, and as a bonus, it can even be thrown into the abyss without the possibility of resurrection. Therefore, you see the hieroglyph - immediately dodge to the side.

We propose the following tactics: wait until the enemy tries to capture you, then dodge in time and inflict several blows on him until he gets up. Thus, you can kill the boss without the slightest loss of health and nerve cells. Also note that the ogre is dreadfully afraid of fire, so it is advisable to find the Fire Valve prosthesis before meeting him. We will tell you where to find all the prostheses in the end of the article.

3. Tenzen Yamauchi

Location: Ashina Outskirts - next to the stairs on the wall

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The boss is surrounded by a galaxy of smaller opponents, so we advise you to deal with them first, ignoring the general in armor. Eliminated his army of henchmen? Wonderful! Now go out of sight of the boss and pay him a second visit. This time he is not surrounded by opponents and seems to have forgotten about your existence. The tactic is obvious - sneak up on him and deliver a critical blow in the back. The only thing left to do is to block and counterattack the boss's attacks in time. In general, almost identical to the huge scenario of the battle, except that we did not find any obvious vulnerabilities in the general.

4. Gyoba Oniwa

Location: Ashina Outskirts - near the main gate of Ashina Castle just after the Great Serpent

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

We meet a Japanese general with a long spear and riding a horse - everything suggests that our enemy has turned out to be extremely difficult. The extremely high speed and long range of sweeping attacks are the main danger that befalls the player. But there is an opportunity to greatly simplify the battle. To get started, you will have to acquire the Shinobi Petard Prosthesis, which you activate any time the boss is next to you. For 3 seconds, explosives disorient the horse, so you can safely hit the boss several times.

In addition, from time to time the game allows you to pull yourself up to the enemy using a hook, and at this moment you have a few moments for a hasty attack and tactical retreat. We recommend that you reach out to the boss, deliver two hits, detonate a firecracker next to him, and deliver another series of well-aimed attacks. In general, nothing difficult, just remember to block the boss's attacks in time.

5. Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen

Location: Hirata Estate - follow the road leading to the estate up to two opponents with shields, the boss is right behind them in the Garden

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

Ensign with its small size does not inspire fear, but the battle can be significantly complicated by several opponents next to him. As you may have guessed, first we need to deal with simple enemies: we get to the first one with a torch secretly and attack in the back, after which we switch to an archer and two soldiers. Having dealt with the soldiers, we leave the territory, so that the Ensign boss from Misen in Sekiro will lose sight of you.

We turn on a quiet gait, sneak up to the boss and with a critical hit remove a cell of lives from him. The most winning tactic with the boss is to try to go behind him every time during his attack, deliver a couple of punches, retreat, repeat until victory.

6. Juzo the Drunkard

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guide - how to defeat everyone bosses

Location: Hirata Estate - near the bridge with two shield guards, jump into the water, swim up the river, catch a branch and climb up the path to the burning buildings

First of all, you have to start a dialogue with the samurai, who is waiting for you along the path leading to the boss. Enlist his support and head to Juzo. There is little sense from the fellow traveler, but he will take over the soldiers while you can concentrate on the main protege. To defeat the boss Juzo in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, concentrate on him and dodge in a forward direction with each of his attacks to find yourself behind the back of this hulking drinker. When you can go behind him, boldly attack, then retreat and repeat the actions until you defeat Juzo.

7. Lady Butterfly

Location: Hirata Estate is the next location immediately after Juzo the Drunkard. Head to the pressure plate behind the archer, activate it and head down the steps to the gate

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

Perhaps one of the most powerful bosses due to the impressive movement speed. If you know how to parry attacks well, then there should be no problems with the boss, but if you can't catch the rhythm of the Lady Butterfly's blows, you will have to work hard. You have to dodge a series of attacks, then inflict your own blows (it is best to use the Whirlwind Attack) and retreat. Repeat the actions until you take the first cell of lives from the boss.

Now the second phase of the boss fight begins. The first step is to stand behind the spot where you first noticed Lady Butterfly. Wait for the boss to reappear and critically hit with a backstab. We continue the battle using the above tactics to kill Lady Butterfly in Sekiro. Just beware of the illusions and glowing balls that the boss summons. You can hide from them behind the columns, so try to fight closer to the walls of the room.

8. Flaming Bull

Location: Ashina Outskirts - immediately after the victory over the samurai Gyobu Oniwa

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The Flaming Bull Boss in Sekiro may seem at first glance to be a dangerous enemy: it rushes across the battlefield at reactive speed, has a wide amplitude of blows, and an attack accompanied by a rasp of a horn on the ground can even kill with one blow! But, not everything is so scary. First, let's outline the main vulnerabilities of the boss: it has a susceptibility to fire, is afraid of firecrackers explosions, has one cell of lives, and is clumsy.

Focus on the Ox and use prostheses at every convenient moment. After each hit from acceleration, the boss needs a couple of seconds to recover - this is your chance to land a couple of hits. Also, do not forget to go behind him before starting the attack, because the animal has an unpleasant tendency to turn sharply and beat with horns. Following the indicated tips, it will not be a problem for you to defeat the Burning Bull and the only serious opponents in this battle will be the eternally naughty camera. Old FromSoftware project issues persist in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

9. Karanosuke Matsumoto

Location: Ashina Outskirts - up the stairs from the area where the Burning Bull was killed

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The boss will meet you with 4 soldiers, so we act according to proven tactics: first we deal with opponents with a smaller caliber, hide from the boss's field of vision and stab him in the back. In general, the assortment of boss attacks is almost completely identical to that of Naomori Kawarada, so serious problems should not arise. Unless we recommend attacking Matsumota with the Whirlwind Attack ability.

10. Shikiba Toshikatsu Yamauchi

Location: Ashina Outskirts - outside the gate after the first turn left from the Ashina Castle entrance, then jump down to the idol with two huge soldiers armed with hammers and climb the stairs to the temple

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - How to Defeat All Bosses

The boss is in many ways non-standard due to its somewhat cheating ability to hit the player with blows at the time of dodging. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to master the timing and parry attacks in time to fill the enemy's concentration bar. Also, do not forget to learn how to use Mikiru's counterattack, which allows you to reflect the boss's attack, which is accompanied by a red hieroglyph.

Do not forget about the use of prostheses with firecrackers and shurikens, use the former to stun, the latter to kill Shikiba at the moment when he has a minimum of health. And most importantly, at the beginning of the battle, fight the boss unnoticed in order to inflict critical damage with a stealthy blow.

You can find out about the location of all prostheses in our separate material. Stay tuned to, because soon we will publish the second part of the guide with instructions on how to defeat all bosses in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

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