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Sekiro Shadow Die Twice's Critics - First Reviews and Opinions of Western Game Media


The announcement of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has raised concerns among many FromSoftware fans. A complete overhaul of the combat system along with the abandonment of many role-playing elements, an emphasis on a more understandable storyline campaign for the average player, a fixed hero, a setting of medieval Japan instead of dark Fantasy and a publisher in the person of Activision caused a number of concerns in the gaming community. But, as it turned out, the fears of fans of hardcore FromSoftware products were unnecessary and the first reviews on Sekiro Shadows Die Twice confirm that we have a new masterpiece by Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The PS4 version of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has the most reviews so far, with a total score of 89. The owners of other gaming platforms reacted more favorably to the game, putting "Sekiro" 92 points on the Xbox One and 91 for the PC version of the game. Basically, almost all reviewers agree that the resurrection system hasn't really made the game any easier and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is the most difficult game in FromSoftware history, so if the Souls game series whipped you up with extremely difficult trials, get ready to watch hundreds of death screens in Hidetaka Miyazaki's new creation.

Highlights from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Reviews:

IGN - 95

Sekiro transforms FromSoftware into a stealth-action adventure that focuses on crisp and demanding combat mechanics. The game skilfully alternates deliberate and unhurried stealth sections with dizzying fights. By applying multiple creative choices, the game offers a more story-focused gaming experience that gets rid of some of the overly cryptic and obscure decisions in FromSoftware's games without losing an air of mystery. Sekiro is an amazing game based on familiar ideas and able to take its own place on the podium along with its predecessors.

COGconnected - 88

Overall, I still haven't been able to get enough of Sekiro even though I've spent an awful lot of time with her in recent days. This is a beautiful evolution of Soulsborne's ideas with impressive new movement and combat mechanics in a world filled with strange characters and challenging foes. I'm looking forward to running Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for the second time to find new areas and bosses I might have missed while improving my shinobi tools and combat skills.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice review and ratings

JeuxActu - 85

Sekiro is as powerful as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, once again showcasing FromSoftware's impressive talent. With unmatched art design and original combat system, this is definitely one of the best games out there.

Hardcore Gamer - 80

Set against a backdrop of great Japanese aesthetics, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice brings together all that makes FromSoftware projects special into a beautiful game that many Japanese developers will love. Death in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can be mundane, but there are always reasons to rise from the dead and continue the adventure.

After a series of reviews on Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, we can confidently say that FromSoftware did not disappoint fans and tomorrow, on the day of Sekiro's release, each of them will be able to go on an intriguing and dangerous adventure. And if you're still thinking about whether to buy the game, then we suggest that you read our review of all the currently known features of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

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