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Most Anticipated Games of 2020


Winter is not just close, but has fully come into its own. On the threshold of 2020, along with all its new games, around which the attention of the gaming community, both gamers and the press, will revolve.

The next gaming year can be called the year of comebacks, because about 60% of the games in 2020 are sequels to both old and modern classics. For example, a Final Fantasy 7 remake, which fans have been waiting for since the beginning of the coming decade, will finally creep before release. Although it will not do without new projects, and the same Cyberpunk 2077 will burst into us to break our systems. In her new video, Alice has collected for you the most anticipated games of 2020, which you definitely should not miss.

In general, next year will also become a cult year due to the expected release of new consoles PS5 and Project Scarlett. This means that a new graphics era begins, for both developers and casual gamers. In other words, we have arrived - stop the technological future. So get out of your cyber clunkers from Elon Musk while enjoying the new video.

And here is the text version, for those who like to read rather than watch.

Hello cats, 2019 has almost passed, the technological future of 2020 is on the verge of. And besides the god-like Elon with his low-poly jalopy, no one even tries to make cyberpunk. And it makes me so sad. Previously, 2020 seemed like something so cool and unattainable, where people are either in space, or enslaved, well, or a nuclear war, and we all drink and steal as always, and there have been no good games for a long time. Well, let's hope that the masterpieces of the year 20 will please us.


Yes, cats, it's time to look into the future and smear ourselves right from head to toe with promises of what cool games await us next year. Here are the 10 most anticipated games the Khajiit is encouraging you to play in 2020.

Final Fantasy VII Remake. Part One - March 3

This is a remake of the 1997 cult game. On this, in general, it was possible to end. But fortunately this is Finalka and she can be given another chance. If you constantly heard that there was something about Final Fantasy VII, but in your heart did not know where to stick it, rejoice, you now have the opportunity to catch up, as is often the case with the cult Japanese games, which were played by evil irony. everyone is around, but not you.Image

They started talking seriously about the remake back in 2005, when only the PS3 was in use, but it so happened that only now the game got to release, and even then not completely. Due to its large size, the game will be split into several parts, each with its own storyline, and even then it will be divided into 2 Blu-ray discs - this is for you to understand more than 100GB of information. Only the first will be released at the beginning of spring.

The game has been completely redesigned from scratch, and this is not just a remake, but rather an extended version of the original. In the first part, on the territory of Midgard, we have to fight the evil corporation Shin-Ra, taking control of a closed mercenary working for the ecoterrorists from the Avalanche group. A rich storyline campaign, side activities and a classic combat mode are included.

Watch Dogs: Legion - March 6

To be honest, I played almost all assassins and even wildlands with breakpants, but I haven't seen more garbage than Dogs on the watch. Part 1 is just a bad parody of GTA, without GTA. And part 2 is even worse, but more tolerant. If Yubiki does not do a hat trick here, I will be very surprised.


The main feature of the game is that we can play for any NPC in the game. Watch Dogs Legion takes place in London, where extremists have seized power, bandits walk the streets and wreak havoc, and the DedSec hacker group is trying to return the city to the people, recruiting a team of civilians. It was always interesting what kind of addict writes stories for Yubiks? I hope he is at least in a cage. Because judging by the plot of the game, this is a terrible person. Before we hacked traffic lights, and now people. Well, I always dreamed of becoming a fat biker. Thanks for the chance.

The only thing that intrigues me personally at least a little is that having ripped the hero, we will not be able to resurrect him and the plot will move along a new path. This is pretty interesting. Although this is Yubiki, so you shouldn't really hope.

Doom Eternal - March 20

Doom Eternal was supposed to be released this fall and the Khajiit had already prepared their paws in order to dip in the blood and spank demons on their hot hellish butt, but Bethesda decided differently and postponed the game to March 20.


In the role of the Doom Slayer, we will again mow down demons, continuing what we started in the game in 2016, but only on the new id Tech 7 engine. In general, developers are going to expand the world and make their own thoughtful universe. A new multiplayer will also be delivered to Doom Eternal, where we can play as demons against a player playing the role of Doom Slayer.

Here's an interesting fact. As part of the advertising campaign, Bethesda has released a special DOOM vodka made with beef bones. It is not cheap - about 4 thousand rubles, but if you are really a fan, you can buy and screw up every time after killing a cacodemon.

Cyberpunk 2077 - April 16

10 paws out of 10 game of the millennium. And the Khajiit wasn't brought in at all. I just love Polyakov with all my heart. Poland Strong Well, this game also has Keanu. In short, the boys should be taken. When you can still discuss something on Twitter with Elon Musk. Such chances to miss out on the bottom.


The contender for the best game of 2020 is going to visit us in mid-spring, and I don't even know what to add, we already know so much about it. This is probably the most ambitious game in the last few years. Let me remind you that we choose our hero's origin, starting point, orientation and character class, after which we will go to the night city of dreams. There, in the role of a militia from a gang of cyber punks Samurai, we will get involved in the intrigues of the corporation and bandit formations, in search of an answer to the main question, how did Joni Silverhand get into our head?

Marvel's Avengers — May 15

1 I don't like comics. Kajit loves manga. 2 Games based on comics, except for Batman and Spiderman, some kind of noble dregs.


According to the plot, during the celebration of Avengers Day in San Francisco, in which a team of superheroes is located, a terrorist attack takes place, due to which part of the city remains destroyed, and many people die. Everyone blames the Avengers, and they disintegrate, after which an artificial intelligence called AIM takes over the protection of society. According to the classics, such an AI goes crazy and tries to enslave people, and tries to destroy everyone with superpower.

The team is gathered again by the young Miss Marvel, strong and independent, so that they save the world once again. In the game we will have gameplay for Miss Marvel herself, as well as for the Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow. The game has both single and co-op. And you know, so far this game looks surprisingly good and maybe I will add 2 exceptions and 3. Well, if Miss is not too independent and strong, making her frankly bored.

The Last of Us Part 2 - May 29

Part 2 of the already cult game. I am very optimistic. If the developers are not too carried away with the correct meanings and other leavishness and do not forget about the plot, then the game will be a masterpiece. Well, a game that takes up 2 disks is smaller in general and does not deserve. In general, let's move on to what is known.


The first game was about the relationship between a child and an adult, the second explores rage. Ellie loses something as the game progresses, but what exactly the developer is keeping secret for now ..

The developer is silent about what kind of tragedy Ellie will endure at the beginning of the game, but it is she who will make her take the path of revenge. In the second part of this story, we'll see how Ellie punishes those who hurt her. In general, we have a classic cinematic reception guys. And it always works great. And if we add to this the gray morality and the fact that our enemies will react to our actions, almost like living people. If they get upset that they killed their friend or a dog for example, this should add drama to the game. Which I personally think is a big plus.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2


But when we will have to sharpen our teeth and plunge into the world of Seattle at night is unknown, since Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 was postponed to the end of the year. Plak, plak, plak.

The first part is called the best role-playing game for a reason. I would argue with this, since the first KOTOR in my heart will definitely not displace 1 position. But the fact remains: Part 1 was very good. But there is always a but. It was full of bugs, it just consisted of almost 100% of them on release 2 back in 2004. 2004 Karl do you understand what this means? This is old age. And in order not to sit in a puddle 2 times, the developers moved the release of 2 parts to polish everything to a shine.


The main advantage here is that everything we do or don’t do changes the world around us. OK. Doesn't sound bad. The game will have several vampire factions that will have unique abilities and we will be able to join any of them and make full use of all the capabilities of each of the factions.

Dying Light 2


Briefly: 2 part of parkour about zombies. The first part was good. The difference is that the card is larger and you can equip your own shelter or not. All sorts of famous Polish gentlemen and ladies help to make the game.

According to the plot, due to the apocalypse, mankind returned again to the dark ages, cruel and merciless. Writer Carolina Stahira, best known for her work on the Blood Baron storyline in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is currently working on the script.

Details about the plot were not disclosed to us, but they hinted that 15 years after the events of the first game, you, playing as the virus-infected Aiden Caldwell, must find a technology that will radically change the situation in this world and affect the future of humanity. And what is it? A cure for the virus? A source of clean water? Or is there any way to get Wi-Fi back?


Parkour and the combat system have acquired a new variety, and zombies will turn into a formidable crowd, from which you will run away faster than conscripts from conscripts.

By the way, Chris Avvelon completely helps in the creation of the game, who does not know, this is just a world uncle, one of the fathers of the original Fallout from Black Isle, as well as the writer of such games as Prey, Divinity: Original Sin II, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and System Shock.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord


Somehow, there are too many sequels coming out next year that make me shed oldfag tears when I remember how I played the originals. Let them pour, because how can you not cry, especially when the sequel to such deliciousness as Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord comes out.

Work on Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord began in 2012 and has been crawling for 8 years. And while volume 20 is just early access and the final release deadline is still a mystery, we're not going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

This time, developers have two big advantages. It's a big team and a lot of resources. In the second part, we use much more advanced technologies.


Combat is, in fact, the basis of the game, its center. You are not obliged to command an entire army, but to lead, for example, one squad of cavalry, and with its help lead an attack, protect other formations. In addition, there is a strategic component where you need to engage in politics, make the right decisions and support the right people in order to move up and occupy higher and higher positions in the kingdom.

According to the concept, it will be near the sandbox and we will not have a linear plot experience. Instead, there is one specific goal to be achieved.

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon


And finally, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't remember Japanese. Next year we will also see the next chapter in the Yakuza series. Yakuza 7 tells a new story, a new hero, in a new genre of action RPG. Many fans did not appreciate this decision and it raised more questions on the topic.

The main character Ichibana Kasuga - a geeky mafioso, a lover of Dungeons and Dragons, agreed, at the request of his family, to serve in prison for another person, in exchange for a luxurious life after he was released. However, after serving his sentence, he does not receive either fame or wealth, even worse, everyone pretends that they do not know him. Yakuza 7 is a full-fledged numbered part, which according to developers is a true continuation, although it is not related to the history of Kiryu. Seven games later, Ryu Ga Gotoku wants to prove it can create something other than an adventure game.

We will have JRPG-style fights like in the Persona series, which take place in a dynamic environment, a bunch of side activities that will help us swing, for example, the opportunity to pass a test on Japanese history and get a plus to certain skills. You are assembling a loyal team for yourself, where everyone has their own work, reflecting the class of the character. For example, a pop idal is a direct analogy with a druid. Each character has their own quests, by completing which you will unlock their special attacks. In short, it will be bold.


Overall, Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon tells the story of rising from scratch to the top of Japan's criminal underworld. And all this in the new area of Yokohama, which is 4 times larger than Kamarucho.

Such big games are waiting for us in 2020. Consider this list as a Khajiit masthead. But finally, there are other smaller projects that are also worthy of your attention, these are: Wasteland 3, System Shock Remake, Death Stranding on PC, Lego Star Wars: Star Wars Saga, Dragon Ball Kakarot and Destroy All Human Remake.

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