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Modern IT technologies will help to restore Notre Dame Cathedral


Notre Dame Cathedral was severely damaged by a recent fire. Technologies of the 21st century will come to the rescue to eliminate the consequences and further restore the building, including accurate 3D images and the popular computer game.

The flame, subsequently taken under control, did not make allowances for the venerable age of Notre Dame de Paris, seriously damaging its appearance. The internal wooden decoration did not survive, the clock, the central spire, the ceiling, the roof, the supporting pillars of the 18-19 centuries were damaged. The burnt down historical monument is sent for restoration, which, according to various estimates, will take 10-12 years.

Modern technologies and painstaking work of historian Andrew Tallon, who created a digital model of a Parisian landmark, close to reality, came to the aid of the restorers. Tallon developed a 3D map of the cathedral several years ago. To do this, he applied the method of laser scanning, which he used to create volumetric projections and other world monuments of architecture.

The 3D scanning method, which was taken as a basis by Dr. Andrew Tallon, is able to recreate the most accurate digital models of any building. The technologies used in the XXI century have helped to obtain fairly realistic panoramic images. Tallon went to great lengths to take photographs from dozens of locations in and around the cathedral. As a result, the historian collected over 1 billion data points.

Reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

Another source taken to illustrate the burnt-out Notre Dame de Paris is the famous Assassin's Creed: Unity game. When creating the video locations, the project designer Caroline Mizse studied all the details of the design of the French landmark for two years. She used historical information, old photographs and managed to recreate a virtual version of the cathedral of an earlier period, which at the time of the development of the game no longer existed in reality (the game takes place at the end of the 18th century). Computer Notre Dame, familiar to many gamers, will also be used to recreate the actual building.

Unity was the first game in all Assassin's Creed, where graphics recreate architectural structures at a 1: 1 scale. Thanks to the drawing of the details, the appearance of the virtual Notre Dame Cathedral is rendered taking into account the smallest features and details. The applied technologies of the 21st century made it possible to accurately draw the textures of wooden and stone parts with maximum accuracy, which can provide considerable assistance in the restoration of an architectural monument of France.

Renovation of Notre Dame Cathedral

There is a lot of work to restore the cathedral. The building's central spire, built back in 1860, fell victim to the fire. The roof of Notre Dame, damaged in a fire, is considered one of the oldest in the world, it was built using wood from the 12th century. And yet, several hundred firefighters, thrown to extinguish the flames, were able to save many items of the interior decoration of the cathedral. Lucky and 16 sculptures of saints, which were placed next to the fallen spire. They were removed a few days before the accident for repair work.

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