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What to see from the movies at the weekend: ”Little Joe”


The topic of hybrid and genetically modified plants has been discussed in society for a long time. The problem is really topical, and today for those who cannot choose what to watch from the films, we decided to recommend watching the joint work of filmmakers from Austria, Great Britain and Germany - the fantastic thriller "Little Joe", which is just "on the topic".

Why is there such a fuss around genetically modified plants

We will not go into the jungle of scientific reasoning, we will explain the problem in our own words, as most Greenpeace supporters, conspiracy theorists and other green people see it. But first, why do entrepreneurs hire breeders, as well as breed and breed GMOs.


In particular, breeding and genetically modified organisms:

  • Stored for a longer time, which prevents product wastage "from bed to counter".
  • They are larger, which is more attractive to the client and easier to collect.
  • They look prettier, which means, again, more competitive.
  • Does not contain seeds. For example, who is not in the know, a real banana in nature is not so sweet, and the body of the fruit contains a large number of seeds. Seedless bananas are the fruit of selection.
  • Without seeds, it means they do not multiply, which is beneficial to those who build their industry on their cultivation. A competitor will not be able to plant the same seeds after picking up the same seeds.
  • Often GMOs contain more of certain nutrients, like, for example, the same "golden rice" rich in vitamin "A".

The Greens trumpet the following:

  • Once the plantings of natural ordinary plants are cut down for GMO plantations, it means that the species will soon become extinct, since the seed material may be lost, and natural ones will no longer exist, since they were destroyed for the sake of genetically modified ones.
  • GMOs are excreted with the help of various kinds of microorganisms that can mutate in a plant and become dangerous to humans, causing the most that neither is Armageddon.
  • The bred plant itself can mutate and become dangerous for the consumer, which the entrepreneur may hide from the client.

Ordinary farmers are also fierce, because their natural, but quickly perishable, more tasty, but nondescript product cannot compete with cheaper and more attractive-looking GMOs.

What Little Joe is about

In the movie "Little Joe", "biotechnicians" went even further. Let's take a look at the USA-language trailer first, and then we'll discuss the whole matter.

Something remotely similar to the film is another "reincarnation" of Jack Finney's "Body Snatchers". Only if plants there completely replaced the bodies of people, here plants simply release pollen and zombify a person in a peculiar way, forcing him to work for a plant.

In the department for the development of new species of plants, it is not clear which company it is not clear which city is carrying out a bold and ambitious project. Local bioengineers are going to create a flower that will hardly replace a person's friend, as a kind of "bio-tamagotchi", and will also save him from stress and make him happy. The smell of a bioengineered flower will contribute to the production of special hormones of happiness, and encouraging a person to be more cheerful, kinder and more positive.

The plant was bred incapable of reproducing, so that competitors and other particularly cunning gardeners-entertainers, having stolen seeds, could not cash in on the company's invention. The plant didn't like it. It mutated, beginning to emit a peculiar, suppressing will and mind of a person, pollen, forcing him to "work for himself".

Some, having solved the mystery of the "pollen", try to open the eyes of those around them, but they are either not listened to, or considered crazy, or ignored, because they are already under the hood of the plant, christened "Baby Joe". But the main intensity of passions is only ahead.


And, as usual, one of the main characters managed to quietly secure one flower home and give it to her son. I wish she hadn't.

Pros and cons of painting

I liked everything in the picture. Yes, it can be seen that the movie "Little Joe" is budgetary. There is no crowdedness and atmosphere. But this is not particularly necessary in such a picture. The actors, of course, could have played better, but, and so it suited.

We saw the disadvantages in the excessive stretching. It could have been more compact. And also strains in some places non-standard music. If you watch, you will instantly understand what we are talking about.

But overall, the pros far outweigh it. The Golden Palm will not be given for nothing.


Anyone interested in our advice on what to watch from movies on Sunday evening, we suggest that you follow the following link to the online cinema for free viewing.

Watch Little Joe (2019) movie online

Others can try to find a painting to their tastehere. We are saying goodbye to you, we wish you a great mood, an easy working week and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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