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An operating system has been developed in case an apocalypse occurs


An unusual project is being developed by software developer Virgil Dupras. Its new operating system, according to its creator, is capable of working even after a possible apocalypse. Dupras came up with an appropriate name for it - Collapse OS, because he considers "collapse" one of the options for the development of the future. In his opinion, Collapse OS will be able to run on computers assembled from parts that people will have to look for in landfills.

Preparing for a logistics disaster

To spread his idea, Dupras created a special site where he looks for like-minded people and invites other developers to join his project. In the same place, he explains what is unique about his version of the OS and why it is needed at all. According to the developer, by 2030, the world will face difficulties with logistics, some of the world's supply channels will simply disappear.

All this will cause the reduction and then the closure of the production of components for microelectronics. As a result, people will have to search for all the necessary parts for computers everywhere, including in city trash cans. The main problem after such a "apocalypse" Dupras sees in the lack of microprocessors. They can be found on the motherboards of various devices, but they will be difficult to reprogram.


The main feature of Collapse OS

The developer specially created Collapse OS for simplified microcontrollers. Its new OS can even run on 8-bit microprocessors, which are more often used in simpler structures than computers. For example, they can be found in calculators or cash registers. According to the developer, after the world "collapse" such microcircuits will be easier to find than 16- or 32-bit systems.

The system that added the new OS 2019 is still at the development stage, but it already has basic functions. Collapse OS supports a number of familiar interfaces, can do simple operations: sees files from external media, copies data, works with text documents, reads SD cards. According to the author of the development, the new operating system will be able to run on computers made from improvised means. In addition, Collapse OS is compatible with game consoles like Mega Drive. In this case, a joystick or a special keyboard is suitable to control the system.


Project plans

The developer is not going to limit his OS to basic functionality. He plans to bring the system to a full-fledged state. On the Github site, Dupras published the source code of the system to find other specialists who want to participate in the project. According to Dupras, he is able to complete the system on his own, but wants to find like-minded people to make it "more fun". He wants to find people who also believe in the coming "apocalypse" and know how to work with electronics, although he admits that there are not so many such individualists.

According to the further scenario, Collapse OS should soon run on programmable calculators of the late 90s - early 2000s. Then it was tested on a TRS-80 model 1 microcomputer from the early 1980s. For this, support for various floppies will be added to the operating system.

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Author: Jake Pinkman