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Marvel Universe: An Introduction


There is hardly a person who has not heard of the Marvel Universe. Although it is fictional, based on Marvel comics and not even a universe in general, but many universes, the main reality that interests us most is Earth - 616. We will focus our attention on it.

Marvel Universe


The Marvel Universe is known for the presence of fantastic superhuman creatures, they have supernatural powers and abilities, they are from Space, and the universe itself has the same qualities as its heroes. Some call it "the highest reality" in which events of a universal scale (and indeed of a mega-universe and even an omniviverse significance) take place. Although other creatures from cross-dimensions argue that what happens in the Marvel universe is no more important than any other reality in the general scheme of events.

Abstracting from who is right in this dispute, this reality is numbered 616 ("Earth - 616"). So it was designated in order to distinguish it among the endless variety of other alternative realities and universes.

Beginning of the Universe


No one can say with certainty what events led to the emergence of reality or Earth - 616 . The fact that a large number of individuals experienced or witnessed the origin of the universe only increases the difficulty of documenting this fact.

One of such cases of actual evidence of the origin of the universe may be the case of how Siz-Neg became Genesis. (Siz (e) Neg is an anagram, the reverse reading of the word Genesis - creation, creation). He was a 31st century mystic who found a way to draw in mystical energy. But since this energy was divided between various wizards and mystics of that time, it was not unlimited.

In order to find the source of eternal, ever-increasing power, it was necessary to travel through time, into the past, when there were significantly fewer mystics who knew how to use such magic, and therefore there was more energy available. Thus, our hero plunged deeper and deeper into the past, meeting Doctor Strange on the way until he reached the mark of the very beginning of time and realized that he was finally filled with "almost infinite" power.

So, he actually found out that he is the god Genesis, who is responsible for recreating reality. He realized that it was in his power to create the Big Bang.

A similar story happened with Reed Richards and an alien from the future when they traveled together to the beginning of the universe. While Richards was studying the origins of the Fantastic Four, the idea came to him that the cosmic rays that gave power and strength to the Four could be an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence.

The moment the exact combination of beams was recorded again, Richards made contact with an extraterrestrial Entity. This Entity was called a heretic for its thirst for knowledge, and the Fantastic Four helped her fend off her brethren who wanted to destroy the heretic. Richards and the Entity later realized that they were drifting in time and space, and that they were drawn by a thirst for knowledge to the very center, the beginning of the universe.

Reed Richards

The question stood in this way: how life, existence, came from non-existence. This question was a fire born of the desire to understand, and it also became the spark that ignited the fire of the universe. The Essence merged together with the energies and forces that turned into the process of Creation, but since the Essence was looking only for Truth, all of this lacked Knowledge to form something more than just chaos and destruction.

Richards, being in a timeless state, was always in search of knowledge, so the couple was able to balance the creation process before he returned to the void. The universe was created. She was endowed with intelligence and consciousness, which led to an attempt to understand herself. This attempt at cognition in turn spawned growth, struggle and life.

Space Pantheon

Perhaps there is only one entity from the Marvel universe that really knows about the origins of the birth of a new universe. And precisely because this humanoid was there before the universe that we are talking about appeared. Before the universe that we all know as the Marvel Universe was created, another existed and it self-destructed. A character named Galan flew into space to find a way to save the world where he lived. But he was unable to stop this self-destruction, so Galan did not find anything better than to make the decision to fly on his ship to the very center of the universe - the "Cosmic Egg". The moment the Space Egg exploded became known as the Big Bang. The Marvel Universe was created in a giant explosion, and mass and energy combined to form a new universe.

After this explosion, Galan was able to survive, but now he is known as Galactus. Eternity and Death came into the world almost at the same time. A large number of intelligent races appeared, which soon disappeared, and only a few representatives of these races were able to survive. The survivors banded together and formed a brotherhood known as the Elders of the Universe.

Greatest of All in the Marvel Universe

Probably the fact that numerous creatures / entities have experienced the moments of the birth of the universe anew means that reality 616 is in a state of constant development and change, as if rewriting itself, and meanwhile the passage of time is continuous. However, there is one important piece of evidence that there is a greatest, most powerful entity, which the Living Tribunal calls "The Greatest of All." The Fantastic Four recently met him when they stormed the gates of heaven to save their friend Ben Grimm from death.

This Greatest of All has taken the form of an artist who creates. He expressed his praise to the Fantastic Four for their perseverance in exploring and mastering the Marvel universe and promised that in the future they will see more incredible wonders hidden in the universe.

Create other races


The mystical cosmic beings, known to us as the Celestials, began their experiments on the evolution of various intelligent races in the universe, which led to the birth of such communities as the Kree and Skruls. Continuing their experiments, the Celestials flew to Earth and conducted experiments with the ancestors of the human race. This in turn led to the creation of Eternals and Deviants, and also endowed some people with the ability to develop superpowers.

We will tell more about the universe and the heroes of Marvel in the next article, where, of course, you will meet with Captain Marvel and Thanos. And who else can we talk about if we are talking about the destruction of the universe? But it is not all that bad! Thanos is not as omnipotent as it seems at first glance and is looked after, even if he himself does not know about it. Patience, friends, in the second and final part of the article you will find out everything!

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