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Marvel Universe Expands to Universe

Image It looks like the phrase "Marvel Universe " will soon acquire an even more voluminous meaning. And geographically. According to the portal Avclub , producer Kevin Feige, who oversees all studio projects, shared his vision of future films.

At the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 meeting, Feige touched on the next installment of Marvel comic book movies. The producer said that as many things will happen in space as on Earth. This practice will kick off with Thor: Ragnarok, which is slated to premiere this November. It turns out that in the triquela about the son of Odin , only three scenes will take place on Earth. All other events of the tape will unfold either in Asgard, or generally outside the nine worlds.

Earlier it was reported that the plot of the film is partially borrowed from the comic book Planet Hulk .The plot of the project will focus on the imprisonment of Thor on one of the planets in a distant corner of the Universe. There, this valiant Avenger will play a kind of survival game, where he will have to win a sophisticated gladiatorial tournament. One of the opponents of Thor will be the incredible Hulk himself.


In addition to the picture "Thor: Ragnarok" , in support of the words Feige are two more upcoming projects of the cinematic universe Marvel . First, the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy will only touch Earth tangentially. Secondly, the Avengers triquel, in which the world's strongest heroes will join forces against the villain Thanos , will not be limited to the borders of our planet.

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Author: Jake Pinkman