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Thor and Hulk are gladiators

Image It looks like the old fan question, who is stronger - Thor or Hulk , will soon be answered. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Asgardian King of Asgard triquel Thor: Ragnarok will feature an epic battle between two powerful superheroes.

The film begins with the imprisonment of Thor at the other end of the universe. He does not have his magic hammer, moreover, he also has almost no time. He urgently needs to return home to stop the destruction of his homeworld and the civilization of Asgard in general. The threat comes from the almighty and ruthless goddess of death Hella . But before getting out of captivity, he needs to win a kind of gladiatorial battles. It is there that he will face his former ally in the Avengers squad - the incredible Hulk ...


In the presented synopsis, there are at least two references to existing comic book adaptations. The idea of gladiatorial fights was present in the animated film "Planet Hulk". True, there was no place for Tooru . And the fight between two giants was demonstrated in the 2009 cartoon "Hulk vs. Thor". In the game "Avengers", the heroes also met in battle, but then Thor had his hammer.

In Thor: Ragnarok Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston will reappear as Thor, Hulk and Loki respectively. Beautiful Cate Blanchett will play the role of the antagonist of Hella , and the great Anthony Hopkins will reappear in the role of the all-father Odin . Recently it became known that viewers will also see in the film Doctor Strange performed by Benedict Cumberbatch. The parade is commanded by Taika Waititi, a New Zealander, who has a wonderful mockumentari called "Real Ghouls".

The release of the movie "Thor: Ragnarok" is scheduled for November this year.

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