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Marvel Universe: Universe's End


Continuation of the article about the Marvel universe. In the previous issue, we talked about how the Marvel Universe was created. Rather, about many theories that exist on this score. Now is the time to talk about the destruction of the universe and its rebirth.

End of the Universe

As you have already seen, there are several conflicting points of view on the creation of the Marvel Universe, but there are no less of them when it comes to the final chords of the Universe. However, due to the fact that in the end the universe is remade or it is reborn according to the principle of infinity of creation, thus the universe retains the status quo.

The most obvious example came when Capital Marvel (Genis Vell) literally led the world to its finale. He has long been influenced by the incarnations of Entropy and Epiphany, abstractions that have taken on human form, so that Captain Marvel and his adversary Rick Jones could come into contact with them. Entropy considered herself the heir to Eternity, the embodiment of the Marvel universe, and drove Captain Marvel into a deranged state so that he would destroy the universe.

Although we do not know the detailed details of how Genis was able to destroy Eternity, we know what was left of the universe, or rather, when nothing of it remained and there was only emptiness, nothing, only two protagonists survived, Genis and Rick. as well as all the same Entropy and Epiphany. In the current situation of Entropy, there was nothing left but to follow Rick's recommendation and recreate the universe, although this contradicted the very principles of Entropy.

Thus, Entropy created the next Big Bang and the Marvel Universe was revived. (Although it should be noted that the universe was trying to immediately recover itself, but some details of this process probably went the wrong way before it returned to its original state).

Marvel Anchor Entities

It is also known that the existence of the Marvel Universe depends on the so-called entity-anchors. Since the time of the Roman Empire, one such creature is Altez. It acts as an anchor for the universe, holding it in a fixed position, thus preventing the universe from falling and falling into absolute emptiness and ultimate oblivion.

A group of genetic copies of the crazy Thanos, who shared the nihilistic point of view of their original, decided to find Altez in order to find out from him the secret of final oblivion and end with everything living in the universe. And indeed, while they were in search of the Warlock, Pip Troll, Gamora and others, including Thanos himself, counteracted duplicates, and at this time void regions in the universe were already beginning to appear.

Our heroes also learned from Altez that he himself involved the duplicates of Thanos in the game, because Altez wanted the Warlock to also take part in the conflict and look for a replacement for Altez as the "anchor" entity of the universe, because he was born too early, in order to fulfill this role. When the duplicates of Thanos were defeated, and Altez was replaced, then the universe was finally able to recover and regain its original state.

Akhenaten in the Marvel Universe

These events were followed by the equally interesting appearance of the powerful Akhenaten, the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who was looking for a mysterious object known as the Heart of the Universe. From it emanates both physical and metaphysical energy, which gives its owner unlimited strength and power. Several heroes tried to stop Akhenaten. Thanos, Galactus and other cosmic beings were drawn into the conflict. While all this continued, Thanos stole the Heart of the universe, merged with it, which allowed him to become a god. First, he defeated Akhenaten in ancient Egypt, and then remade the universe as if Akhenaten had never existed, and the Marvel universe was safe again.

Nevertheless, the most powerful cosmic entities such as Eternity and the Living Tribunal decided that the all-powerful Thanos must be stopped. They rallied nearly every superhero, god, and cosmic entity like Galactus and the Celestials to overthrow Thanos. But that was not enough, because Thanos has grown much stronger than they expected. He could kill the Celestials at a glance. In turn, Thanos decided that the ultimate proof of his absolute power would be the destruction of the universe. Then he will be able to become the sole supreme being in the entire universe, its absolute ruler.

After he managed to destroy the universe, Thanos realized that the role of the sole ruler now does not make sense for him. He realized that being the only ruler when there is no one around simply does not make sense. This is unnatural and after all this he recreated the universe anew and destroyed the Heart of the universe. So, at one time he not only deprived himself of his strength and power, but also led to a zero point a chain of numerous events in the universe.

What are the Marvel Universes

And in conclusion I would like to add a few words that clarify the state of affairs in the MCU and Marvel comics. Many readers and viewers have wondered what is the difference between concepts such as the multiverse, the mega-universe, and the omni-universe. In this article, you will receive an answer to your question.

The multiverse refers to a group of related realities. Usually the multiverse and its realities are inhabited by the same higher-order entities (for example, Eternity).

Megauniverse is a term that denotes a group of realities, usually semi-universes or entire multiverse. Often these multiverse are considered close to each other in some way, so traveling between them is much easier than if you were not traveling inside the same mega-universe.

The Omni-universe is any reality, any universe or multiverse that has ever existed.

With this article, we conclude our short overview of the creation of the Marvel Universe. We hope you have learned something new for yourself. Stay tuned for updates on MCU articles.

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