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Who is Morbius? Trailer Premiere


Little by little, Sony is eating into the seemingly monolithic Walt Disney Company, gnawing significant heroes from the depths of its Marvel universes. So, earlier, Spider-Man was removed from its bins, the year before last, Marvel Studios lost Venom, and now Morbius was also removed from it. But who is Morbius and why haven't we heard of him before?

Morbius in the Marvel Universe and his difference from Blade

In the global comicMarvel Universeof superheroes - a dime a dozen. Try to come up with some kind of fintibober and it turns out that an analogue of such a thing has already been traded for a long time on the pages of overseas magazines with pictures, or, as they now call them, "Graphic novels".

But why did we know about Blade, but didn't know anything about Morbius? Everything is simple. A number of films have been made on Blade, but not on Morbius. Remember, anyone before the first "Blade" heard anything about him? That's the same.

What's the difference between Blade and Morbius? Blade is a half-blood vampire. It so happened that he is half human and half vampire, which gives him the opportunity not to burn out in the sunlight and overpower his thirst for a long time.


Morbius is an artificial vampire, which became such not as a result of a bite or mixing blood with another vampire, but as a result of the experiments of Morbius himself, who tried to cure his rare blood disease through biochemical experiments on his own body.

What is Morbius?

Morbius is the real name of the character. His name is Michael. He is a Nobel laureate in chemistry - a one-of-a-kind biochemist. He was sick with a rare blood disease, and everything went to the fact that soon, if nothing was done, he would simply stick his fins together.

And he began experimenting with the blood of vampire bats. He extracted some substances from the plasma of these mammals, and added them to his bloodstream, as a result of which, one fine (or vice versa, depending on which side you look at), the moment did not mutate into something wild and uncontrollable.


Having lost his temper, he tore apart his assistant and research fellow named Niko (not to be confused with the character of Seagal), after which, recovering a little, he decided not to tempt fate and retire somewhere to a secluded place to fine-tune the experiment.

But, as time went on, and it was not possible to find the necessary means to stabilize the state and stop the "effects of spontaneous vampirization", that is, the cuckoo drove off. Subsequently, Spider-Man found him in this den. And, in general, they have conflicted a lot throughout the history of comics. Were also enemies. Were friends too.

But specifically to the question of who Morbius is, comics did not give. He is unambiguously a vampire, endowed with all the powers of an ordinary vampire:

  • Superhuman muscle strength.
  • Super speed. Within reason, without the out of sight, like the Flash from the DC Universe, but quite impressive.
  • Fast regeneration. Not comparable to Logan - Wolverine, but also impressive.
  • Hypnotic abilities.
  • Levitate.

In addition, he is very smart and capable of quick and sane thinking. So, dealing with such a superhero will be very, very difficult.

Morbius in the movies

Let's immediately watch the trailer of the feature film, the release of which in the premiere grid is scored on the date "July 30, 2020".

The trailer clearly shows who Morbius is. The image we have drawn does not differ in any way from its cinematic hypostasis. Unless Michael's opponent here will not be Peter Parker, but someone else who also wants to possess his super powers.

Although, if "Morbius", "Venom 2" and the future "Spider-Man" show themselves well in increasing the capital of Sony, their heroes may very well be brought together in subsequent sequels.

And, whether they knock their heads together or make them partners - it's up to the management of the corporation.


Moreover, SONY intends to continue to pull heroes from Marvel in order to enrich itself. Films based on the comics "Black Cat", "Silver Sable", etc. are being prepared for filming. But their future is directly related to the success of Morbius. So Morbius is not just another living vampire. It's also the future of Sony's Marvel Comics movies. Let's wish him stable levitation and global morbization.

Otherwise, all those Cat Women, Night Guards, Silver Sables and the rest of the population of the Marvel universes were crying, trying to infiltrate into our dimension through the screens of cinemas. Here - how Morbius and Venom will lie.

And that's all for today. Go to the movies, feel good and visit us more often, where you will find even more reviews of cool and not so cool films and TV series!

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