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5 canceled anime film adaptations


Recently we learned that Netflix is realizing an old dream of anime and will release a series based on Cowboy Bebop. As with Death Note, it will hurt if it fails and sucks, but the main thing is that we will see it, possibly as early as next year. It would seem incredible, but, as in the case of the film adaptation of "Alita: Battle Angel", it is very pleasant to be wrong. Plus, add the fact that work is already underway on the Hollywood film adaptation of "Your Name" based on the anime Makoto Shinkai. It's good when great anime hits the big screens. However, we have a bunch of anime films that were planned but never made it to release. Bloggers from AnimeNewsNetwork just remembered 5 canceled anime film adaptations that people were really looking forward to. We have translated and expanded their thoughts.

5. Lament of the Lam

Unlocks Top 5 Excellent Western Adaptations of the Lament of the Lam Anime. This dark vampire story once had plans to turn into a horror movie for the big screen. The story tells of a brother and sister suffering from a genetic disorder that makes them want blood. At one time, Kei was separated from his sister Chizuru for a long time, but as soon as the symptoms of vampirism begin to show, they find each other again as Chizuru tries to help his brother cope with the blood craving. In 2006, Tokyopop 's Stu Levy acquired the rights to film the work. They said that the script will be written in Hollywood, they will put a Japanese on the director's chair, and the film itself will be filmed in Eastern Europe. These plans could not come true, as the company soon became interested in 3D films.


Takahiko Akiyama, formerly the visual director of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within's, has been named director of a 120-minute film called Love Is Blood [as the adaptation was called]. But even with a budget of less than $ 6 million, the project did not work out.

4. Voltron

One of the worst things that can happen to an anime adaptation, other than not making it to theaters, is that investors are demanding to pay back the lost funding. This partially happened in 2007, when 20th Century Fox and New Regency were trying to pull off a deal to film an anime from Toei Animation, Voltron with Mark Gordon Co.


The following year, the American company World Events Productions tried to sue Toei Animation, because the two companies did not agree on who had the rights to film the film in the first place. After that, the studio made a statement that, given the current situation, the film adaptation from New Regency was canceled due to a lawsuit. It looks like WEP won out, as the company returned to the film three years later, but this time with Atlas Entertainment. The last news about the film appeared in 2016, when it became known that Universal Entertainment had joined the creation, and the screenwriter will be the author of X-Men and the voice actor of Solid Snake David Hayter.

3. Tiger & Bunny

Bankruptcy was the final nail in the coffin for the Hollywood movie Tiger and Bunny. Film studio Global Road Entertainment was one of the partners of the proposed film, but in 2018 it filed for bankruptcy and began selling its rights to unreleased films. The company has accumulated nearly $ 500 million in debt. If some other studio does not find the strength to take the initiative to create this picture, we will never see Kotetsu's goatee in all its glory.


2. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion recently aired on Netflix, and Hideake Anno is working hard on the latest movie in the Rebiled of Evangelion series. However, there was once a huge chance that we would see Shinji whining about the fact that he could not get into Eve on the screens of cinemas. Studio ADV has filed a lawsuit against Gainax over problems while working on a live action for Eva. ADV argued that the Gainax would stop the project and trample all work in the mud. For example, Japanese producers resisted because of the age of the main characters, which they did not want to change, and Hideaki Anno himself demanded specific actors for the main roles, for example, Daniel Radcliffe for the role of Shinji.


Legal issues also surfaced in 2011, eight years after the ADV scandal, when Gainax and Weta Workshop announced plans for yet another attempt to create a film adaptation at the Cannes Film Festival. As for the film itself, Weta Workshop's concept art has revealed plans to westernize the plot.

In more detail, we wrote about how the film adaptation of Evangelion died, revived and died again separately.


This film has a long history of being filmed a mile long, so grab some popcorn as it could be a separate film. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio initiated the adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic manga. Numerous contributors joined the project, but the cost of recreating the destroyed and re-established Tokyo 3 was too high.


Combined with numerous rewrites of the script, no one was able to take a picture and finally start filming. The short films, Ruairi Robinson, were originally directed and written by Gary Witt, but later it was decided to change them to director Albert Hughes and writer Steve Cloves, and then changed them again. Directed by Jome Collette-Serra.

Collette-Serra ruined everything fans expected by describing the original Otomo characters as "boring" and the supporting characters as purely Japanese and impossible to recreate. For this reason, according to the script, the entire action was transferred to New Manhattan, and Keanu Reeves was proposed to play the role of Kaneda.

In 2014, Warner Bros. officially stopped production. In 2015, the project showed signs of life again, but this time with a new director. Negotiations on production plans began this fall, with a premiere scheduled for May 21, 2021. But what a surprise, those plans also fell through. Although Thor 3: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi said this month that the film will still be filmed, the script is still being written, but we probably won't hear about the film for a long time.

Hopefully there will be some movement and at least one of these 5 canceled anime films we will still see.

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