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Inside # 10.01: PlayStation 5; Samsung Galaxy Buds +; Xiaomi Mi10; HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro; Huawei + TomTom


The inside issue with a nice serial number 10 will be about several news items. First, let's discuss the design data for the PlayStation 5 console and its interface. Then let's talk about the appearance of Samsung's new gadget. After that, we will find out the features of the charger, which will be equipped with the flagship smartphone Xiaomi. In the last information block, we will talk about the nuances of the equipment of the yet unannounced HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro and the conclusion of an agreement between Huawei and the Dutch developer of mapping programs and systems TomTom.

Data has emerged that can be used to judge the design and interface of the PlayStation 5

A few days ago, one of the online sources posted pictures of the PlayStation 5, which will begin selling at the end of this year.

It can be seen that the Japanese manufacturer has again used the "two-layer" form factor. The console is similar to the previous model, but there are differences. The main thing is that the blocks are located at an angle to each other.


Another shot showed the device's user interface. It has barely undergone any changes compared to the PlayStation 4. No breakthroughs or innovations are visible. However, it should be borne in mind that there is still time before the release of the console. It is possible that the developers will change something in the design of the interface.

It is known that the presentation of the PlayStation 5 will take place on February 12th. This will most likely happen during a special PlayStation Meeting.

New renders reveal the design of Samsung wireless headphones

One of Samsung's forums is scheduled for mid-February, during which the announcement of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones is planned. It is possible that it will show another product of the Korean developer - Samsung Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones. Photos of this gadget appeared on the network, about which almost everything is now known.


The design of the device almost completely repeats last year's version of Samsung Galaxy Buds. The new headphones will be the same miniature earplugs that feature silicone ear cushions for better fit in the ears. They will start selling in black, white and blue body colors. No bright yellow versions are foreseen yet.

Experts suggest that the "+" in the model name means an increase in battery life by 50%. This is relative to the 2019 version.

Rumors were also actively circulated that the product would receive active noise reduction functionality. However, they did not find confirmation.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + will be announced on February 11.

Xiaomi Mi10 line will receive a charger of different power

Earlier, the network discussed insider information that one of the flagship smartphones from Xiaomi Mi10 will be equipped with a 65W charger.

This data has been updated recently. An authoritative source under the pseudonym Technology B said in one of his publications that the Mi10 will receive a 48-watt charger. The 65W device will be used only in the top model Mi10 Pro.


The most interesting thing is that the advanced version will receive a 4500 mAh battery, and the modification is simpler - 4800 mAh. It turns out that a more capacious battery is supposed to charge a lower power.

HUAWEI Smartphone Can Get Eight Cameras

Recently it became known that the Chinese company HUAWEI received a patent for the development of a smartphone that will be equipped with eight cameras at once. And three of them will be placed on the front panel, and the rest on the back.


Experts believe that here we can talk about the product HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro. Its announcement, according to some sources, is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Huawei gadgets will start equipping TomTom instead of Google Maps

The trade war between China and the United States has subsided a bit.

However, one of the largest companies in the Celestial Empire, Huawei, still does not have access to American products that are in demand in smartphones.

That is why the Chinese manufacturer continues to search for key services and applications that can replace counterparts from Google.


One of the most demanded programs - Google Maps, seems to be replaced by an application from the Dutch TomTom, which confirms the fact of the conclusion of an agreement between Huawei and this developer of mapping systems.

As a reminder, the Chinese tech giant is prohibited from using all parts of the Android software. Finding an analogue to a service that offers a set of maps for navigation is the easiest way. There are many companies in the world supplying such functionality. However, it's worth noting that Google Maps has a significant advantage here. It lies in the fact that this company provides the most extensive and accurate data that is deeply integrated with Android.

It is noted that the choice of the Dutch TomTom is not accidental. This company has been on the market for over twenty years. It is noted that recently this manufacturer has shifted its focus from hardware to software licensing and selling services.

The deal has not yet been officially announced and it is not known how this news will be treated in the United States. It is only clear that the Americans will do their best to harm their main competitor from China as much as possible. To do this, it is possible that they will try by any means to put pressure on the government of the Netherlands.

It is known that new Huawei mobile products come out with domestic operating systems. The company is looking for a replacement for Google services by all means, since without them new items are badly bought. The company has not kept its word, promising to equip its devices with new applications by the end of 2019.

It is possible that the Huawei P40, which is expected to be announced in March, will come with all the applications that are in demand.

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