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Inside No. 7.01: Xiaomi Black Shark 3; Xiaomi Mi10; Qualcomm vs. MediaTek HUAWEI P40 Pro


The new insider will focus on a few news items that have come recently. First, let's talk about two products from Xiaomi. Then we will discuss the price confrontation between two manufacturers of components for computers and gadgets - Qualcomm and MediaTek. At the end of the article, let's talk about the equipment features of one of the HUAWEI flagships.

Xiaomi gaming device will receive a large amount of memory

Recently, a leak appeared on the network, according to which the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 5G smartphone will be equipped with 16 GB of RAM.

If this device starts selling in the near future, it will become the first product with such a record amount of RAM. Therefore, it is no wonder that for such a device there will be a line of gamers and gamers. Many of them are constantly looking for a well-equipped device to use its capabilities in one of the many cloud games streaming services.

Last year, Google launched the streaming service Stadia, which is currently running on a cut-back basis. It is available only for those who own smartphones from a limited list. For example, such as the Pixel 4, but there are also nuances here. This service does not work with Pixel 4 on mobile due to low 4G data rates.

Experts believe that due to the rapid spread of the 5G protocol around the world, Google by the end of 2020 will open a new service for mobile networks. In addition, competitors - Nvidia and Microsoft - are not asleep. Their services, GeForce Now and Project xCloud, will also launch during this year.

Therefore, it is important for any self-respecting gamer to have a smartphone with a 5G module and a large amount of RAM for work and entertainment. Xiaomi Black Shark 3 5G fully complies with these requirements.

An opinion about the manufacturer of this model has already been formed. It developed thanks to its predecessor - Black Shark 2, which is still successfully sold.


The device's competitors include several smartphones, the development of which is still little known. This is the ROG from Asus, as well as the Razer Phone 3. However, there are rumors that Razer plans to leave the smartphone market, focusing on other products.

Insiders posted photos of the unannounced Xiaomi flagship

In the near future, the announcement of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi10 is expected. Its exact date has yet to be announced. There is little information about this device. Everything is limited to images of components, accessories and scanty descriptions of its capabilities.

Insiders from the PRC decided to rectify the situation and posted high-quality photos of this device on the Internet.


They show that the product will be equipped with a display curved at the edges with thin frames. In its upper left corner, the manufacturer has placed a selfie camera. You can also understand that all management processes in the device will be carried out using the MIUI 11.0.2 shell.

In the upper left corner of the rear panel is the main camera of the device, consisting of four vertically oriented lenses. There is no exact data on their characteristics, but it is expected that the sensors will receive a resolution of 64, 12, 8 and 2 megapixels. An LED flash was attached next to the block.

From previous leaks it became known that Xiaomi Mi10 will be built on the platform of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset with 12 GB of RAM. They also use a 4500 mAh battery.

Nothing has been announced yet about the pricing of the new product.

Qualcomm cuts prices for its products in opposition to MediaTek

Recently, the results of sales of 5G modules of its own design by MediaTek became known. According to financial data, the company receives less profit. The main reason for this lies in the policy of the main competitor - Qualcomm, which is cutting prices for its analogues.

Renowned analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that the Snapdragon 765 series processors sold in the mid-budget segment are capable of working with 5G networks. The manufacturer has reduced their cost by about 30%, to $ 40.

The analogue of this product - MediaTek Dimensity 1000L costs at least $ 60, with a cost price of about $ 45-50.


An interesting fact is that this chip is more productive, but this factor only manifests itself in some demanding games.

Now the Chinese manufacturer MediaTek has orders from OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi for the supply of about 25 million of these processors. It is possible that customers can opt out of them, as Qualcomm offers a cheaper analogue.

Developers from the Middle Kingdom can strengthen their positions with the help of a new model - Dimensity 800. Its sales will begin in the spring, at a price of $ 40-45 per copy. The cost of this product is between USD 30-35.

HUAWEI P40 Pro display will receive an arched profile

HUAWEI will soon reveal its new flagship device, the P40 Pro. This is preceded by many leaks of various nature, revealing the features of the smartphone.

Recently, an image of a protective glass for the display of the device appeared on the network.


It can be seen that it is arched, which indicates that the device has the same screen.

Now we know that HUAWEI P40 Pro will not have bezels, its front camera will be located in a modest hole. It is also claimed that the main sensor of the main camera will receive a resolution of 51.2 megapixels.

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