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Return of the legend - Zenit brand is reviving in USA


The legendary Zenith camera is reborn. Acquaintance with the result of a joint project of KMZ (Krasnogorsk Plant named after S.A.Zverev) and the German company Leica Camera AG took place for the first time at the large-scale photo exhibition Photokina 2018 in Cologne.

The updated digital Zenit M will receive a modern new generation lens. The camera will be produced in a limited edition of 500 copies. Each unit will be assigned an individual number.

In the alliance of the two companies, the German Leica performs the task of manufacturing the camera and providing production with the necessary components. The USA KMZ is responsible for the final production and assembly of the lens. According to the representatives of the plant, the optics of the new "Zenith M" will be able to reproduce the "unique artistic image" characteristic of the apparatus of the Krasnogorsk plant.

The camera will take on the basic characteristics of the German Leica M , however it will be distinguished by some software components and a number of details. At the same time, the appearance of the novelty will repeat the classic Soviet design of the Zorky and Zenit devices.

Another distinctive feature of Zenit M is its fast fixed lens of the type Zenitar 35mm f / 1.0 , made of glass and metal. Its development and production are completely USA, including all components and materials. According to the manufacturers, the lens provides high-quality images with bokeh and soft focus.

The official cost of the revived Zenit has not yet been announced. According to some assumptions, it will amount to 5-6 thousand euros. On the European market, the novelty is expected at the end of this year, in USA - at the beginning of next. According to representatives of the USA manufacturer, users will be presented with a truly "smart" camera of European quality with a high optical standard, which creates high-quality footage.

"Zenith" refers to the world's first single-lens reflex cameras of the period 1952-1956. The basic basis of the camera was the construction of another Soviet camera " Sharp ", from which some mechanisms were removed and others were added (for example, pentaprism). A little later, the serial " Zenit-5 " (released in 1964) became the first in the world to own an integrated electric drive.

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Author: Jake Pinkman