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What to see from the films: ”Mafia only kills in summer” (2013)


Going to cinemas, theaters and other "mass gatherings" are prohibited. The Ministry of Health advises to stay at home staring at TV screens. That is why the question of what to watch from films has become one of the most pressing today. On this occasion, we decided, digging a little deeper, to bring to light for you a kind of crime-melodramatic comedy film of 2013 release "Mafia only kills in summer", produced by Italian filmmakers, which will cheer you up in these gloomy days without any. >

The film was not shown in our cinemas, and it was translated into USA relatively recently, so for many it will be akin to the same novelty.

About what the film "Mafia only kills in summer"

The film tells the story of growing up and the first love of a boy from Palermo named Arturo. By strange twists and turns of fate, the main milestones of his life were somehow influenced by the mafia, although he himself was not even close to its ranks. You can see the trailer, unfortunately - in Italian.

And this "influence" began from the very moment of his conception, because the orgasm of his parents coincided in time with a bloody showdown between local mafiosi, as a result of which it was that inhibitory sperm, which became Arturo in the future, and was able to penetrate into the mother's egg .

The way one connects with the other is shown in detail and vividly in the film at the cellular level.

As persistent parents of the kid did not teach to speak, he said the first word very late, and this word was not “mom” and not “dad”. This word was "mafia", and it was said to the local priest who was really involved in the mafia business.

Thus, the guy became a kind of detector of evil, since he could automatically recognize the mafiosi in the oncoming people, which, for example, happened at the moment when his younger brother was born. Then he recognized in one of the visitors to the hospital Salvatore Riina - the main local mafia, according to the police, who personally killed about 40 people.

Then everything went relatively smoothly, until a new girl named Flora came to the class of the elementary school that Arturo attended. Flora drove the poor boy crazy. Not knowing how to please her and confess his love, Arturo came to his father for advice. But he refused to discuss love affairs with his son.

At this time, an interview with Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti was broadcast on TV, and the presenter just asked him the same question that his father just refused to answer "How did you confess your love to your wife?" The Prime Minister explained to him that his confession was somewhat extravagant. He offered the hand and heart of his beloved in the cemetery.

From now on, Giulio Andriotti has become Arturo's idol. He even dressed up for Halloween.


And, of course, he invited his beloved Flora to the cemetery. Only she refused to go with him. Why? You will find out for yourself, as our further story will turn the extended synopsis into a huge spoiler.

In the future, mafia showdowns did not stop having a direct impact on the boy's life. In particular, it was they who became a consequence of the fact that his beloved Sophie went to live in Switzerland. After all, it was calm there, and no one killed anyone. But nothing. She'll be back soon, and hopefully the matured Arturo will stop slowing down and catch up.

Unless, of course, the mafia once again puts a treacherous bandwagon on his fate.

Pros and cons of painting

The advantages of the painting are in its lightness and clarity. The narrative is conducted without any puzzling twists, the plot is rather uncomplicated, but it is interesting to watch its development.

The film is very atmospheric. All significant milestones in the fight against the mafia pass before the boy's eyes. In some, such as the funeral of Carl Alberto Dalla Chiesa, he even participated personally, with the help of the local special effects masters, in the footage of the local chronicle.


Cons? They certainly exist, but for everyone they will be their own and not so critical as to somehow affect the overall pleasant impression of the picture.


Anyone who wants to immediately plunge into the life of the Sicilian teenager Arturo, we advise you to immediately follow the link below.

Watch the movie "Mafia only kills in summer" online

For the rest, we propose to rush throughour tops and selections, in which everyone can choose a masterpiece to their liking. We wish you patience, good health, impenetrable immunity, and, as always, even more cool films and TV series in these gloomy days of pandemic!

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