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Matt Damon vs. the Mafia. Suburbicon Trailer

Image George Clooney starred with Ethan and Joel Coen four times in his career, and then he thought about it and decided to direct the film himself according to their script. We present to your attention a dubbed trailer for the crime comedy "Suburbicon" , which many reputable film publications have already registered as participants in the future race for prestigious awards. At the moment, the tape managed to enter the competition program of the Venice Film Festival . The main role in the film was played by Matt Damon, and he was accompanied by Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

The action takes place in the 50s of the last century in a cozy sunny town called Suburbicon. The plot focuses on an exemplary family going through a terrible tragedy - the death of his mother. Following the formula “we must live on”, the father of the family finds himself a new life friend, but troubles continue to pour on him like from a cornucopia. It turns out that the main character owes a large sum of money to the mafia, and now he will face a severe reckoning. Well, or the mafia will lose its people one by one ...

Dubbed trailer

Fans of the Coen brothers will immediately notice in the trailer the trademark black humor inherent in all their works: the antagonist, splattered with blood, calmly eats a sandwich, has ridiculous conversations with the police, makes high-flown speeches to his son and flees from an explosion on a children's bicycle. Matt Damon looks great in the role of an innocent family man who got into trouble, but intends to fight to the bitter end, and Oscar Isaac is extremely suited to the image of a gangster with a stylish mustache. And a bunch of corpses is attached.

In USA cinemas the new creation of the Clooney -director will open on 23 November .

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Author: Jake Pinkman