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Charlatan Matt Damon

Image Matt Damon has already played real people, and the actor is familiar with the genre of comedy. Now his list of plans for the future has a project that combines both aspects. According to the Variety portal, Damon will star in the movie Charlatan ("The Charlatan" *).

The film focuses on Dr. John R. Brinkley, who worked in the first half of the 20th century. He convinced his patients that he had made a discovery and found a cure for male impotence, but in fact he was simply engaged in a goat gonadal transplant. Sometimes the patients started rejection, but more often the transplanted glands simply did not function and turned into ballast for the human body. However, advertising did its job: Brinkley amassed a huge fortune on the gullibility of people. As a result, they even tried to bring him to court for fraud. In addition, Brinkley, as it turned out, had no medical education, but only bought a fake diploma.

The film will be based on a nonfiction novel by Pope Brock and adapted by Brian Koppelman (Billions) and David Levin (Ocean Thirteen). It is noteworthy that the film has a competitor project: Robert Downey Jr. and Richard Linklater are working on a film about Brinkley based on an episode of the Reply All podcast.


At the Venice and Toronto film festivals, two new films with Matt Damon in the title role were presented at once - "Suburbicon" and "In short". Also next year the actor can be seen in the crime comedy Ocean's Eight.

* - preliminary translation.

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